Paying the price for an iPad 3 4G?

As time moves on, so do the rumours of the forthcoming Apple iPad 3 tablet, from its possible specs to its release date. From what we’ve reported on so far, the slate is expected to be announced the second week of March with a release date on or around the 9th March, giving it a year old time frame from the iPad 2’s arrival. Recent news is that some US retailers have already started to drop the price of their iPad 2‘s to lower their stock levels in anticipation for the new iPad 3.

Specs wise, the iPad 3 is suggested to arrive with an A6 quad-core processor, better optics for a rear camera, 8-inch Retina display and even voice recognition feature Siri. Today the news is centred around the tablet incorporating 4G, which as technewsdaily.com reported, will make it the “first Apple device to run on fast 4G cellular networks.”

Users of the iPad tablet have up until now been able to buy 3G iPads should WiFi not be accessible, now with the possible introduction of 4G this could change peoples’ buying habits but with a higher cost attached.

In a short statement from a technology analyst Peter Misek he said, “Most people aren’t using the 3G feature, but buy it as a security blanket in case they ever need to jump on the web but don’t have WiFi.”

One feature that entices is the inclusion of 4G and many people for different purposes feel the need for devices to have fast speeds. 4G connectivity on the tablet works slightly differently to the data plans that you will pick up on a smartphone, rather than signing up to a two-year contract, AT&T and the big red give the option of a pay monthly setup for the iPad.

This means that for the 30 days that you would have the 4G power, you would have to keep in mind that without cancelling you would see the extra cost on your bill each month.

Would you pay extra for an iPad with 4G?


One thought on “Paying the price for an iPad 3 4G?”

  1. Cburd63 says:

    I do not want to pay extra for an iPad 3 with 4G. Apple has $90B in cash. They DO NOT need to increase the price. They may plenty of money off of us the way it is.

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