iPad 3 to include possible 8-inch Mini?

News of Apple’s iPad 3 tablet has been circling for the past year now and it’s difficult to gauge what’s likely and what’s just pure nonsense. Specs wise, this changes weekly which we will give you a brief rundown of, along with its possible release date.

The tablet is rumoured to be announced the first week of March with a release around the 9th, this would tie in with last year’s iPad 2 release. We reported just the other day that in the US, some retailers were dropping the iPad 2 price in preparation for the new tablet with the hope to lower some of their stock levels.

Today the news according to 3g.co.uk, is that the new iPad 3 will pack a smaller 8-inch screen to that of 9.7-inches, along with a new name of the iPad Mini.

Specs wise, the tablet is rumoured to incorporate a quad-core processor that of an A6, Retina display, better optics for a rear camera and so on.

Tell us if you are waiting for the new iPad 3 and what you would like to see?


One thought on “iPad 3 to include possible 8-inch Mini?”

  1. I can’t see the new iPad3 having a smaller screen. It just doesn’t make sense. It would mean revamping everything. Although I would like a smaller screen, I would want a smaller price to come with the smaller screen. I would give up some things if it they did do it. Like I wouldn’t mind if upgrades didn’t come along with it. But I seriously doubt this is what they are doing because they need to come with 4G before they go smaller.

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