Finding Android apps for those hooked on games

If you are an avid gamer on the Android platform, but find searching the Android Market for games that suit your gaming preferences a bit of a bore and time consuming as there are over 200,000 games on the market, how about an app that will suggest free and paid Android games personalised to your gaming tastes?

Well then you might find the Hooked — best games for you app useful, as Hooked recommends games to the user based on the users gaming preferences, social mapping and game playing stats to deliver personalized game recommendations along with advanced search features.

Hooked — best games for you for Android can take the hassle out of your Android Market experience by suggesting the best games tailored to you and features a personalised dashboard so you can keep track of all your stats, show how many games you have played and how much time spent on each game.

The Hooked app also features access to all your installed games, the ability to create a game queue so you can save games in your account to install and play later, discover what others are playing and their likes and dislikes, and connect with your gaming friends.

So basically if you are spending most of your gaming time searching the Android Market for games you like, the Hooked — best games for you app can cut out that search need by recommending the best games for you based on the type of games you love to play.

For those Android gamers out there that would like to download the Hooked — best games for you app you can do so for free by hitting up the Android Market.

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