New Gresso Grand Monaco phone waste of money

There’s a new luxury phone out there for those with a large enough bank account, as Gresso has now launched the latest addition to the Gresso Grand Monaco range in the form of the Grand Monaco Pure Black handset, and design wise looks much the same as the original but is black rather than silver.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Grand Monaco Pure Black has been inspired by leading edge super cars, and is constructed in light titanium alloy and then the device is coated with ceramic layers, and is completely black with round steel keypad buttons.

Apparently there are two versions of the luxury phone, the Pure Black Carbon that features Italian carbon leather and the Pure Black Cayman that features crocodile leather with both sporting hand polished 42-carat sapphire glass screen.

Currently there aren’t many specs known for the Grand Monaco Pure Black, don’t go expecting any high-end specs like a quad core processor as apparently the luxury devices is a Symbian S40 handset, which seems to be somewhat of an odd choice considering what other mobile operating systems there are out there today.

So if you are one of those rich people that might consider picking up the Grand Monaco Pure Black obviously it would be for its luxury exterior and not for what is inside the device, so could be basically a waste of money if you are looking for high-end specs, the body comes with stunning materials but is that enough to spend this amount of money.

However if you are looking for a luxury phone, these are a limited edition as only 100 have been made, so one can presume that is the reason for the hefty price of the Pure Black, which will hit your bank account for a tidy $2700 from Gresso.

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