Do we really need iPhone 5 or iPad 3?

For the past year, Apple fans have been keeping a close ear to the ground with news of the new iPhone 5 smartphone and iPad 3 tablet devices. Rumours have been a constant flow with news of their possible specifications and when they will actually arrive. News is still pointing to an iPhone 5 announcement in June at the company’s WWDC event, whilst the iPad 3 is destined to release the second week of March.

When the iPhone 4S officially arrived in October 2011, many hoped that it would include a new appearance as well as specs and name change to that of the iPhone 5. One feature to come out of the new iPhone was that of Siri voice recognition, something many are hoping will arrive on the iPad 3, that’s if the new tablet will be called this and not the iPad 2S.

With rumoured specs for both, we wonder whether at this stage we really do need the iPhone 5 or iPad 3? As cnet.com reported, the feature of Siri is not a completely new concept but one that Apple on incorporating it onto their current smartphone has made it a fun idea. As for the idea of another Apple handset, when we cast our minds back before the iPhone arrival, BlackBerry devices were already being used.

As for the iPad tablet, Apple’s introduction paved the way for others to follow, but with the MWC event in Barcelona at the end of this month in which new devices will be showcased, we wonder whether the iPad 3 will be enough this time around to tempt existing and new customers?

What do you think? Is the iPhone 5 or even iPad 3 really needed?


2 thoughts on “Do we really need iPhone 5 or iPad 3?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    technically, we don’t need any of this things. but as long as they keep selling the way they do,i don’t see apple not continuing to keep up the work. i guess when you looked at them individually, you could say that a new ipad may not necessarily be needed every year, because the ipad has a hold on the market similar to what the ipod has on mp3 players. but the iphone needs to be refreshed every year in order to keep up with, and in some ways, surpass android

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