Design Apple iPhone 4S with ‘old school’ case

Since the new Apple iPhone 4S arrived October of last year, we’ve have given you a multitude of news be it, comparisons to present and forthcoming phones, news if any of problems experienced with the handset and accessories many being of cases.

There are plenty of designs with prices out on the current market, but a range that caught our eye today are that of Apple retro or old school cases, depicting designs from older Apple products, be it the original Macintosh and that of the iPod.

The cases designed by Schreer Delights consist of varying designs, such as the first being the Apple Power Mac G4 with the case incorporating built in speaker and slot loading drive, looking at Apple’s Mac G4 which was used from 1999 until 2004 which was later taken over by the G5.

Other cases from the retro range include the iMac G3 in a range of bold colours, a case designed from the first Mac PC and the first iPod. The iMac G3 as pcworld.com explained was a Mac with a CRT monitor, whilst the first ever Mac computer has been remembered from the eighties with as I can still recall, the rainbow coloured Apple logo with SISC parallel port clad in an off white colour.

Our favourite out of the four has got to be the iPod case, with the back of the iPhone 4S being seen with the iPod frontage, all for a price of $45 and this applies to all the above cases.

Tell us your favourite? Would you be tempted to spend out on one of these cases to protect your iPhone 4S handset and perhaps stand out from the crowd?

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