iPhone 4/4S Cellhelmet case, insurance add-on

On purchasing a new Apple iPhone, the next decision is what protection you are going to give your device, an accessory that will prevent it from getting scratched when dropped or bumped. In the past here at Phones Review, we’ve given you a whole host of information surrounding phone accessories, but none quite like this next one, bring on the new ‘Cellhelmet.’

Courtesy of company ‘Cellpig,’ the new case fit for the iPhone 4/4S, is made from thermoplastic polyurethane rubber, which Cellpig promises to give the ‘ultimate protection’ for your device. As well as the company developing Cellhelmet which is set to protect more than the average case cover, what makes this even more tempting to users, is in fact the free insurance called ‘Kickstarter’ thrown in covering accidental damage to your device for the next 12 months.

Kickstarter provided from Global Warranty Group, gives your iPhone free cover in the next year should you need to get your phone repaired, providing the device has been in a Cellhelmet case. According to cultofmac.com, the policy during the year covers you to claim as many times as you need to should your iPhone break with Cellpig promising to replace the device if needed.

If this isn’t enough to tempt you, then perhaps if we tell you that the new case also comes with two interchangeable backplates allowing you to change the color at any given time.

Give us your thoughts on the new Cellhelmet case and free insurance? News to your ears?

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