2012 March Madness NCAA apps for Apple devices

For the iOS faithful who enjoy NCAA basketball, as in previous years the NCAA division one men’s basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness will again be streamed online and of course to basketball fans that own the Apple iPad and iPhone; however unfortunately unlike previous year watching the Big Dance will cost the iOS faithful.

According to the guys over at MacRumors by way of AllThingsD, both Turner Sports and CBS will be broadcasting NCAA over 4 TV stations whilst if you wish to watch on your iPhone or Apple iPad it will cost you a one off fee of $3.99.

Apparently games shown on TBS, TNT, and TruTV are available to authenticated viewers via certain pay-tv providers whilst Mac users can watch all games broadcast by CBS for free by hitting up CBSSports.com.

Apparently the one off $3.99 fee is for all iOS devices so you wont have the hassle of authentication and covers the entire tournament, and when you hand over that $3.99 all 67 games will be streamed to your iOS device over 3G or WiFi.

Last year apparently Apple iPad users could watch March Madness for free, but this time round it’s going to cost you that 4-bucks, which to be honest if you are a big fan of March Madness isn’t that expensive considering you get to watch the entire tournament.

March Madness kicks off on the 13th of next month and apparently the NCAA March Madness iOS apps will go live in the App Store as of the 7th of March or you can hit up the NCAA website and register for notification once the iPhone and Apple iPad apps are live.

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4 thoughts on “2012 March Madness NCAA apps for Apple devices”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just can’t imagine getting excited to watch these epic games on a 4″ screen.  I have Sling technology through my DISH subscription, so if I chose to I absolutely could watch March Madness on my iPad or phone.  I’d much rather watch the games on my 60″ plasma screen though.  I have HD with DISh and love that each of the four channels broadcasting the games are featured in HD.  DISh has the most HD channels of any pay-TV provider, and since they recently extended their HD Free For Life promotion, I can enjoy the games at home, in HD, for FREE!   A few DISH coworkers and I all signed up around the same time, and we love saving $120/year on the best HD in the business. 

      1. Anonymous says:

         Hey Patrick….I do work for DISH….I put it in my
        post….I’m not besmirching anybody’s Smartphone or anything, I actually really
        like to take my TV with me on my iPad…I was talking more about HD, and how
        some people only get their content online when it’s available.  I’m a huge
        sports fan, and get the sports any way I can….it’s just that since I can take
        my TV anywhere I go, I choose to go that route, through DISH, rather than rely
        on a link someone posts online.  Have you had success watching events like
        these online?  Who is your provider?

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