Hg2 Travel App: A Hedonist’s Guide for Nokia

If you happen to be a frequent traveller that loves to roam this world visiting numerous countries obviously a travel guide would come in handy at times. Well if you own a Nokia N9 that is now a mobile apps available for your MeeGo handset that might be of value to you and is called the Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide.

The Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide app delivers the Hg2 travel guide series to the Nokia platform and includes a collection of 41 individual cities and sky resorts in a single application offering over 12, 000 reviews and images on the most interesting sights, clubs, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and spas across the globe.

The Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide for the Nokia N9 covers cities as London and New York to out of the way destinations such as Almaty and Baku and takes in the likes of the ancient ruins of Aleppo to the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

With the Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide app all images and content are native to the smartphone so the user incurs minimal roaming charges whilst the app enables the user to check out the websites for further info or contact venues with the simple swipe of a finger.

All of the travel guides in the Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide app have been compiled by writers who have lived in each city so the user gains insider knowledge to wherever you visit.

For those frequent travellers that use a Nokia N9 and wish to take advantage of what the Hg2: A Hedonist’s Guide app offers you can download the application at a cost of £13.00 by hitting up the Ovi Store.

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