New Archos Child Pad is a must have tablet

Are you fed up with not being able to use your tablet because your kid has it all the time? If so perhaps it is time to think about getting your child their own tablet so you can regain your expensive mobile slate for yourself. So there’s a new Android tablet coming out that is for children that you might like to consider.

According to an article over on Hot Hardware, Archos have now officially announced the aptly named Child Pad, an Android slate specifically with children in mind with an engaging UI and packed with an abundance of games and apps for children including Angry Birds.

Furthermore if you think a tablet for kids would be somewhat behind the latest adult orientated tablets out there you’d be wrong because the Archos Child Pad runs the latest operating system from the Google guys, Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Archos Child Pad is a 7-inch tablet powered by a 1GHz processor with a compact and lightweight design, 1GB of RAM, has parental controls for keeping your child safe when surfing the net, and delivers access to AppsLib’s Kids App Store.

The Kid’s App Store has 14 friendly categories and 10,000 apps to choose from including sport, entertainment, books, multimedia, comics, communication, games and more.

Also the Child Pad Android tablet has been designed to comply with COPPA and CIPA regulations to ensure a safe environment for children.

The Archos Child Pad tablet will become available in stores at the end of this month and commands a reasonable price tag of $129, not a great deal to regain control over your own expensive tablet is it.

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