New iPad yellow fever Retina display problems

With the arrival of Apple’s new iPad it appears there is a whole new set of issues, as we have already heard about the 3G and Wifi problems the new iPad is experiencing, but there’s a new problem arisen with Apple’s latest iOS tablet to do with the slates Retina Display.

According to the guys over at Cult of Mac, a thread was started yesterday over at Macrumor forums, which users are complaining about a yellow, pink and blue tinting, blotching, backlight bleeding, dust and dead pixels on the Retina Display of the new iPad.

Apparently the thread is rapidly growing with quite a long list of complaints by new iPad users who are somewhat unhappy with Apple’s revolutionary display, and apparently the person who started the thread is on their 13th new iPad, and every one of the slates had issues with the Retina Display.

Also numerous posts are from users that have decided to give up on the new iPad for the time being, after experiencing similar problems with several faulty units, and apparently the same thing is going on over at the Apple Support Communities forum with one thread detailing a “yellowish hue” that has had 410 responses and over 43000 views.

It would appear that the most common problem with the new iPad Retina Display is a yellow fever, and it is quite apparent that the new iPad or at least a batch of the iOS slates have poor displays that need to be replaced. Apple is though happy to replace your device if you are unhappy with the Retina Display, or even give you back your cash.

So we’d like to hear from any of our readers that own the new iPad and lets us know if your iOS tablet is suffering from this yellow fever, so feel free to shout out to our comments area below.


One thought on “New iPad yellow fever Retina display problems”

  1. Jim Hollender says:

    Mine has it too. Also other problems like not being able to turn on the display after the unit is powered off. And even another new symptom … being in an iPad dock connected to the computer and the device managed to almost completely discharge the battery. I caught it was it was at 1%. I’ve complained about the not turning on at 2 different Genius Bar appointments. Apple is reluctant to exchange the unit.