Samsung Galaxy Note accessories for car and multimedia

The Samsung Galaxy note has been out a while now, and we have not really gone into accessories for this smartphone/tablet, ok we will call it a phablet, so we decided to have a look around and think these are the best two on the market.

The two accessories include the Samsung Galaxy Note navigational mount charger, and the dock wall charger. The vehicle navigation mount & car charger via the Samsung website is priced at $49.99, this accessory allows you to place your Galaxy Note the cradle securely; it can be fitted to the windscreen or the dashboard. It comes with fully adjustable angle neck for the perfect viewing pleasure; this mount will also charge your device as well as give you perfect viewing of GPS navigation via apps. Just so you know, this is a little cheaper via Amazon at $40.86. (Picture below article)

The next accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note is the “Galaxy Desktop Dock & Wall Charger”; this works great as a charging dock or a multimedia dock, which is great for the home or office. This means you can get full access to the Galaxy Note whilst providing it with power, watch videos and play music whilst charging at the same time.

This device also comes with built-in 3.5 mm stereo audio port, and is highly functional with or without a Flip Cover installed. If you visit Samsung you will see a price tag of $39.99, you could opt for Amazon with a lower price tag of $25.77.

Both of these devices if purchased on the Samsung site comes with a free micro USB dual male 6 in Y adaptor, basically can charge 2 devices at any one time.

Please do let us know if you use any of these products above, or if you know of any other great accessory for the Samsung galaxy Note.

Vehicle Navigation Mount & Car Charger

Galaxy Desktop Dock & Wall Charger

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