Must have Incredibox phone app release

There are a number cool applications available for smartphone platforms but one that isn’t available yet but is a must have smartphone release is an Incredibox application. For those of you that don’t know what Incredibox is you are in for a treat, as it is a web app that allows visitors to create music by dropping different items onto the Incredible Polo.

The Incredible Polo is a one man band in the style of singer Bobby McFerrin, which users drag special effects, beats, melodies, choruses, and voices onto the artist that then provides a bunch of animated versions of the artist performing the chosen sounds.

As you progress and beat each level users get to hear another part of the song as the animated video plays, and beating the first level will require you to use at least seven of the sounds that are presented by a symbol in each of the categories. Once on to the next level you will need to use all the available sounds.

The idea behind the web app is to promote its new release and is a really clever way of doing such a thing, and at the time of writing the site had 192,000 Facebook Likes and 153 +1s via social networking site Google+. You can even record your own version of the song by pressing the record button on the top left of the screen.

Have a go of the site yourself and tell us how you did and what you think of the idea behind it. As this new website is going viral surely it would be a great idea to provide an app for users to play?


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