Back the Flip Steady iPad 2 case

Owners of Apple mobile products have a vast choice of accessories to choose from to supplement their device, and for the iPad 2 there are a number of cases available besides the Smart Cover. Today we have news of the FlipSteady iPad 2 case from Kickstarter.

We have reported on a number of products from Kickstarter in the past and the FlipSteady case continues the company’s trend of clever but quality products to protect and enhance your treasured device. The case is made from quality 0.4-inch aluminium stiffeners that are precisely laminated between a layer of Toray Ultrasuede soft fabric and Majilite Marine grade upholstery fabric.

Combined the fabrics are not only light but strong and durable to last for years, and the FlipSteady is stain resistant so cleaning is also easy. The case is extremely versatile as besides protecting your iPad 2 it has been designed to stand in a variety of positions, while offering good balance and stability.

Users can free up their hands to communicate while enjoying Facetime with perfect viewing and screen angles, and the FlipSteady Pro even allows you to place your iPad 2 on the refrigerator to create the perfect fridge magnet.

There are two versions of the FlipSteady iPad 2 case with the Grip costing a pledge of $65, while the magnetic FlipSteady Pro is $75. The case is still a working project and needs consumers to pledge to purchase once it is available, and the team behind the idea will be adding video updates showing new positions for the case as they develop.

The case was invented by Isaiah Coberly who used his experience working for an industrial equipment manufacturer to come up with the FlipSteady iPad 2 case. To find out more click here and check out the video below.

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