New iPhone 5.3-inch display via case

A lot has been made in recent weeks about the screen size of the iPhone 5 with many fans of the device wishing for something slightly bigger than the current model. In the meantime while we wait for the new iPhone we have news of a display case that will give you a 5.3-inch display.

If you spend a lot of time browsing the internet, reading emails, or watching movies on your smartphone the size of the display can sometimes put a strain on your eyes, but this is where the clever MagniCase comes in. The case will protect your iPhone like many other similar products, but the difference is the flip-out magnifying Fresnel lens that will enlarge the Retina Display by 1.5 times.

It uses a high quality Fresnel lens that has a 250 grooves per-inch density, which is being claimed, will provide a resolution equal to the new iPad Retina Display. Once flipped out the lens enlarges the display, and for the iPhone 4/4S provides a viewing display of 5.3-inches that is the equivalent to comparing a 35-inch TV with a 52-inch one.

The special Fresnel lens and extension arm does not interfere with the handsets functions, allowing you to touch, type, and swipe the screen as you would normally do. It can quickly be folded away to the back of the handset, and also it can be used as a stand in portrait or landscape mode.

Being only just a little bigger than the iPhone screen but a lot closer to the eyes it makes content look a lot bigger, and by magnifying the display makes everything a lot clearer as well. The team behind the case is looking for orders to help get the product onto retail shelves, and the MagniCase 1.5x is priced at $40 with replacement Fresnel lens costing $10 each.

It comes in six colours that are Black, Blue, Clear, Grey, Pink, and White for more information click here.


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