Google Drive to rival Dropbox next week release

A few days ago we gave readers some pre-launch information about Google Drive, a new cloud service to rival Dropbox and rumored to be coming next week. Further details have emerged which reinforce a release next week and the fact that Drive appears to have been spotted on a developer’s phone has to be a promising sign.

Google Drive will launch with 5GB of free storage available with the option to purchase more storage and changes made to files synced across all your devices. It’s thought that Drive will work in desktop folders for Mac and Windows as well as iOS and Android devices and users will simply be able to add Drive to their existing Google accounts, as reported here.

Now it appears that Google Drive is certainly imminent with reports of it being glimpsed on a developers phone as reported by Android Community. Google Drive showed in a video about an app with sharing options, that has been being streamed although sadly not in HD. Nevertheless the video is just clear enough to see the Android Drive triangular logo on the phone. As you would expect Drive will be able to be used for sharing photos, videos and more.

Release is still being touted for next week although nothing is yet confirmed. However if that is the case we would imagine Google will be making this official very shortly, in which case we’ll let readers know. The fact that developers now appear to have access to though does seem to imply that Google Drive is ready to launch.

The Verge also reports on the Drive video spot and informs that it was shown on a Galaxy Nexus at an Android Developers Hangout. It’s also noted that Google has already leapt into action to make the video private but thoughtfully The Verge has already clipped the relevant section, which you can see on the above link. Let’s hope then that the speculation regarding a possible launch of Google Drive next week turns out to be accurate. Are you eagerly waiting to see what Google Drive has to offer? Do you think it will be able to credibly rival Dropbox?


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