HTC Android Dropbox 5GB storage, take that iCloud

HTC has just announced on its dedicated Facebook page that they are now in partnership with Dropbox, the two combining will off Android customers with a nice 5GB of online storage. Normally if the customers want more than the basic 2GB storage for free they have to pay a fee.

If you visit the HTC Facebook page you will see that they have said “We’re happy to share the good news with you here, first. We recently partnered with Dropbox! So, now Dropbox will come pre-installed on all Android phones, giving you 5GB of storage!”

It says it will the Dropbox app will come pre-installed on Android devices, that means new ones releasing, and many customers are asking what about existing customers. Well this is simple, just head on over to the Android Market and install the Dropbox app, it’s that simple.

We would like to point out that HTC are lazy on its Facebook page, do they ever answer their followers? You see so many comments and no replies to them via HTC, tut-tut is all we say.

HTC partnering with Dropbox to offer 5GB of storage to Android users is brilliant, this could be the case of “Take that Apple iCloud”. We all know that the Apple iCloud offers 5GB as for free and then on afterwards you have to pay a fee for more space.

If you do not have DropBox on your Android device please visit the Android Market and install now.

Dropbox app features include: Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are, Share your photos and docs with family and friends, Easily edit docs in your Dropbox, Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox and Save photos and videos to your Dropbox.

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