Apple iPad MacBook Air thanks to new keyboard

I’m sure the iOS faithful out there that have an Apple iPad know there are many Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad; however if you would like your iOS tablet to look more like a MacBook Air there is a new keyboard project running and looking for funding that does indeed turn your iPad into a MacBook Air look-a-like.

That project is a Kickstarter project called Brydge, and has been brought to our attention by the guys over at Gigaom, who say that unlike other Bluetooth keyboards for the Apple iPad, Brydge appears to be more secure due to using a patent-pending hinge to secure the device to the iOS tablet and enables the device to be opened up a full 180 degrees.

Brydge is a full size keyboard that is specific for iPad use with an ergonomic design and has hot keys that correspond with iPad use, along with optional integrated stereo speakers and made from aerospace grade aluminum, and when you close it both the iPad and Brydge go to sleep.

Apparently Brydge will work with both the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad, and battery consumption will of course depend on speaker use, but the device can be charged via a microUSB.

The Brydge Kickstarter project is looking for an $80,000 goal to get off the ground and has thus far gained pledges of $73,875 with 39 days still to run, so if you would like to see Brydge get off the ground you could make a pledge if you wish by hitting up here.

We have embedded the promotional video of Brydge for your viewing consideration below, along with a shake test video so you can see just how well Brydge holds your iPad, so don’t forget to mash those play buttons and check out the footage…enjoy.


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