BlackBerry Beta Zone new changes and improvements

There’s some good news today for BlackBerry owners, especially those who enjoy using the BlackBerry Beta Zone, as some new changes and improvements have been made to the experience. The BlackBerry Beta Zone is used by people who want to try out the latest software and apps before the general public get hold of them and the latest additions should please many regular users.

Users of the Beta Zone offer a valuable role as once they test out new initiatives their feedback gives BlackBerry some idea of any changes that need to be made. BlackBerry appealed to the Beta Zone community to find out exactly what improvements users would like to see for the Zone and the company has now digested that information and made some enhancements. Basically those changes fall into four categories.

First up is a completely new interface, which is more user-friendly and gives the Beta Zone a fresh new look. As well as being more interactive it is also more intuitive, making it faster and simpler to find relevant information.

Next there is more of a divide between the Consumer and Business beta programs. This is a great idea as many consumers are not so interested in the business aspect of BlackBerry use. There are now two distinct programs, the BlackBerry Beta Zone and the BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business (here). The latter has its own URL so that those interested in enterprise use can access exactly what will interest them the most.

The new Beta Zone is also more engaging for the user as a blog-style newsfeed has now appeared. Users can share their experiences with each other and comment on what others think, as well as seeing all the latest news regarding the site. Also, there will be polls and surveys to gather even more feedback from Zone users.

Finally the mobile aspect of the Beta Zone has also been improved, taking into account just how many people now access it from their mobile devices. The mobile layout has been enhanced with several new features and the download process had been made easier.

You can check out more about all of the changes at this Blackberry page. Also, to access the BlackBerry Beta Zone itself head here where you can see there are now over 320,000 members. Are you already a Beta Zone member? If so what are your thoughts on the new interface and the other changes made? Let us know by sending your comments.

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