BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 in Beta Zone, adds Voice Guidance

Phones Review Quickie: For the BlackBerry faithful out there, are there still any? Anyway if you are a fan of BlackBerry and use BlackBerry Traffic navigation on your smartphone, you may like to know that BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 in now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

According to the guys over at Crackberry its been a while since BlackBerry Traffic has seen an update however BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 does deliver on a much needed feature and that feature is voice guidance, which enabled the user to now navigate hands-free.

So here’s what the BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 update now adds, the voice guidance which delivers audible turn-by-turn directions and can run over the vehicles speaker system or via Bluetooth and can be set up with varying levels of detail.

Along with voice guidance comes additional road information, whereby a BlackBerry user can now find out if a road is under construction, is closed and notes toll routes that lie ahead.

Other than that there’s not much else available on BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 unless you are a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone where you can pick up BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 if you wish as a free navigation on the go solution for BlackBerry devices.

Of course if you are a BlackBerry owner and do pick up BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 feel free to let us know how you get on with the new voice guidance by dropping us a comment below.

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