T-Mobile Android 4.0 ICS Update roadmap, Galaxy S2 & more

If you’re a T-Mobile customer in the USA and still waiting for news on when your device might receive the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update then we have some interesting news for you today. A leaked T-Mobile roadmap has come to light with various dates for the update for smartphones such as the Galaxy S2 and more.

We must stress that these are leaked details so as always we caution readers that this is not set in stone. However, the leaked roadmap is enlightening and also gives away some info on other devices. First off those ICS updates and owners of the Galaxy S2 (S II) will be pleased to learn that the upgraded OS should be headed your way on May 14, so not too much longer to wait. Two more devices are also scheduled for the ICS update on the roadmap and they are the HTC Sensation 4G and the Amaze 4G. The release date of ICS for both of those phones is June 16.

The rest of the roadmap concerns new devices to be released and those include the Huawei Astor (low-end phone) on May 9, the Huawei Buddy (myTouch QWERTY) and Phoenix (myTouch) and Samsung Gravity TXT (new color) all on July 11, the Samsung T159 Cacao (low-end phone) on August 1 and the Samsung Apex Q (unknown device) on August 15. News of the roadmap came to us from Tmo News.

Equally as intriguing are the devices NOT shown on the leaked roadmap. If you were hoping for the Galaxy Note variant, Galaxy S3 or HTC One X then they are all noticeably absent which will be very disappointing for some of you. T-Mobile carried the Galaxy S2 but it looks as though the Galaxy S3 might be missed. Of course don’t take this as read just yet. As we said, this is a leaked roadmap so we cannot confirm this but if may give you some food for thought.

Are you waiting for any of the ICS updates detailed above? Maybe you’re more concerned that the Galaxy S3 doesn’t appear on the leaked T-Mobile roadmap? We’re always interested to hear from our readers so send your comments to let us know your thoughts.


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