ICS update for T-Mobile Sensation 4G delayed

If you are one of the many that own the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile that were expecting T-Mobile to roll out the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to your smartphone today, unfortunately it looks like you’ll still have a bit of a wait on your hands, as the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Sensation 4G has been delayed.

According to the guys over on Ubergizmo by way of Phandroid, T-Mobile has announced a delay to the rolling out of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to the HTC Sensation 4G on their official Facebook page.

Apparently, although the Android 4.0 update had been delivered to T-Mobile from HTC, the update failed to pass T-Mobile’s quality checks, and as a result has been returned to HTC so it can be fixed, which of course means T-Mobile will not be pushing out the ICS update to the Sensation 4G.

Once HTC has fixed the update to hopefully pass the T-Mobile quality checks then T-Mobile will again go through the ICS update to make sure it passes, otherwise it will no doubt be returned again, but if it does pass the second time then T-Mobile will roll it out to customers.

So there you go, if you have the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G you wont be seeing that Android Ice Cream Sandwich update just yet, and T-Mobile hasn’t said how long the delay will last, so it could be quite a while before you do receive ICS on your handset.


16 thoughts on “ICS update for T-Mobile Sensation 4G delayed”

    1. tmo-customer says:

       From the looks of the urgency of people wanting ICS, I am more convinced Tmo is delaying ICS on sensation to push the crowd into buying the HTC One S.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had been running the European version of ICS that was released a couple weeks ago Ion my sensation 4G.  It was incredibly buggy and had more issues than a stock Gingerbread Sensation.  I’ve now unrooted and went back to stock and will gladly wait until a usable version of ICS comes out. 

    1. tmo-customer says:

       Using a rooted ROM not designed for the particular SCU is not a path to success, it’s not really a good indication of how ICS runs on the sensation.  A rooted generic ROM will work fine on the sensation, there’s no reason why Tmo should have issues if the right tweaks are made to the ICS for the sensation 4G.  Worrying about releasing ICS on sensation 4G ruining the sales of the new HTC One S may be the real reason behind the delay!!

      1. Hoodderek says:

        And you were right. I was looking at the One S, but heard that ics was on the way. just updated last night and I see as I text now that this has slowed down this phone. runs ok but 2.3.4 was better as goes the speed of text and net. now text can’t keep up and I see lag on the net. I’m always in 4g and I did speed test before and after tested faster after but the rendering is slower, so it takes longer to post on screen. I will wait and keep useing ics and report EVERYTHING automatically. did find that in settings under develop tab DO NOT CLICK KILL TASK AS I LEAVE, damn thing resets phone every time you leave a app. hoodderek@yahoo.com

  2. Msg4pj says:

    it just goes to show that maybe from now on generic is the way to go. the providers are constantly fiddling with the software and branding it make for really buggy devices. buying mine from now on then sim only.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …… I want ICS so bad ………. and of course it will take till December now, T-Fmobile wont send the update . any soon . 

  4. tmo-customer says:

    T-mo just pushed out the HTC One S, my guess is updating sensation 4G in March will step on the toes of contract updates for all of those owning the sensation 4G, I am seriously considering jumping the Tmo ship as the wife has been wanting an iPhone for a while now!!  This is just not right, I’ve been a loyal Tmo customer for more than a decades now and was with Voicestream before then!!

  5. This phone is incredible and I am so happy I did not choose an iphone instead. Some people post negative comments about this phone but so far so good, nothing can beat it.

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