Foldable dual-screen Samsung tablet patent looks promising

Now it’s not the first time we have seen a tablet that has the ability to fold, as the Sony Tablet P has that ability, however we haven’t seen a foldable slate from the Samsung camp just yet, but that might soon change if a recent Samsung patent is anything to judge by, so perhaps we could soon see a folding Samsung Galaxy Tab.

According to the guys over at Crave, the Sammy parent shows a tablet that folds in the middle with the display divided by a middle hinge, and possibly could show a single picture across both displays or differing on each screen.

Furthermore this new Sammy slate would resemble the Samsung Galaxy Note in as much as the device would come with a stylus, and according to the patent the the stylus come pointer would be housed in the hinge in-between the two displays.

However of course although old Sammy has patented the dual-screen foldable tablet, it doesn’t actually mean that we will be seeing a Samsung branded foldable slate in the future, but it does let us know that Samsung is looking at other tablet form factors other than the usual straight up standard design.

Of course if a table of some size can be folded to reduce that carrying size then it might be a promising design, but does anyone actually want a foldable tablet, and would a foldable Samsung tablet be a big success, well that is a big question.

So we’d like to ask our readers if they would be quite happy to purchase a foldable tablet from Samsung, presumably an Android slate like Sammy’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, or would you rather see tablet makers stick with the more traditional shape when it comes to tablets?

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