Official Samsung Galaxy S3 full specs and photo gallery

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) reveal is taking place right now as we speak and we’re bringing you all the information as we hear it. So far initial impressions are good and now we want to bring you details of the Galaxy S3 full specs and a photo gallery so you can get a good look at this new smartphone that so many have been waiting for.

We’ve already given you details on a hands-on look, news on LTE for the US and a video about the software but we know that many readers will be waiting for the full specifications and features. First off we’ll give you the news that many had hoped for regarding the processor of the Galaxy S3 and yes…at least one variant will feature an Exynos quad-core processor. The HD Super AMOLED Plus display did not appear though but it does have a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display that looks pretty good, with resolution of 1280 x 720.

There’s also an 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, flash, zero shutter lag and 1080p HD video capture along with a 1.9-megapixel front-facing shooter, 16/32GB of internal storage (expandable to 64GB via microSD), NFC support, a 2100mAh battery and the physical home button still appears although in a smaller form. It runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (to be fair it really had to or there would have been major disappointment) and there’s also a/b/g/n WiFi, WiFi HT40 and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Dimensions are 136.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.6mm and it weighs in at 133 grams. The Galaxy S3 also features all the usual Google services such as Search, Maps, Gmail, Latitude, Play Store, YouTube and much more and additional features include Direct Call, Smart Alert, S Voice voice integration, Tap to top and Camera quick access. You can see even more details at Droid-Life along with the official Samsung press release.

It will be available in Pebble Blue or Marble White and a release will come to Europe in late May although those of you in the US (where it will feature 4G LTE connectivity) will have to wait for a release later in the summer. After the long wait and build-up for the Galaxy S3 we’d love to hear your initial impressions on this flagship device. Does the Galaxy S3 offer everything you’d hoped for? Are there any aspects about the Galaxy S3 that disappoint you? Let us know with your comments.


60 thoughts on “Official Samsung Galaxy S3 full specs and photo gallery”

  1. Reply
    Migz21 says:

    Very cheap design. Such a big disappointment! You cannot outstand iPhone. it is better to be called iSheep than using this cheap phone.

    1. Reply
      Dtown362000 says:

      Right… So the iPhone is better pls. Android take over I’ll take 64GB, a removable battery, 4.8 inch screen, and Android 4.0 anyday over the almighty iPhone. Bwahahahaha hater! Its always somebody trying to rain on the parade.

    2. well as an iphone for over 4 years, ill be moving to this. It may not look as good as say the one x but the features alone makes this the best phone at the moment.

    3. Reply
      LG says:

      iPhone has ugly edgy design, not even close to a beautiful round-shaped phone from the 21st century plus it has left-sided Nintendo-like buttons… and I’m talking about those from the 80s, you know. The space between the upper edge and the screen is too big which makes the phone to look stupid. The same is with the lower edge.
      SO tell me WHAT in that phone is stylish? Or attractive to customers? The answer is nothing! And I’m even not talking about the software which locks all phone resources  when trying to access them from PC.
      So you have to spend at least half an hour to upload the ringtone you’ve just created or half a day for a video. VERY convenient and handy…
      So no, thanks, I don’t want to hear anything about iPhone!

      1. Reply
        The truth says:

        Not enough of an upgrade from the s2….. A 12mp camera would’ve been nice aswell as a super long life battery……. And there is no mention of 4G compatibility……. Will stick with the s2 for now.

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    Bakershouse says:

    I love it… I really do… However we have been disappointed many times in the past with the US carrier versions of blockbuster phones… No doubt Big Red and the like, may try to water down, or fill with Bloatware an otherwise beautiful machine… Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this bad boy comes to the US looking as sweet as it does now…

  3. Reply
    Aitch says:

    Its better than the OneX which is all that matters – it will sell like crazy!
    Shame they didn’t improve the camera to 12Mb and include the wireless charging option as standard.

  4. Reply
    Oldschool71 says:

    Will this have GSM capability? It would make it the perfect phone if it is also global ready.

  5. Reply
    Manobahar says:

    didnt think much of the design either(home button is ugly, and the shape makes it look more like and tablet). i thought some of those fake design on the web looked nicer!!!
    and 1gb ram was a little dissopointing, i thought it would be more,,
    and agree wireless charging should have been included!!!
    hopefully the battery life will be good!
    now the ball is in apples court, and i kinda get a feeling they wont do the same mistake twice as they did with 4s.

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    S2 User says:

    I’m an S2 user and a bit disappointed with the new design and color options based on the photos above. Seems like there’s nothing distinct about the design. Nothing much to be amazed about. Just mediocre. Other new features are cool though. Highly likely will opt for Galaxy Note instead. 

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    Sid A669 says:

    I have no doubt this phone is going to be a hit, New Samsung devises have been great in terms of performance. If only they took a leaf out of HTC’s book when it comes to build quality and design. 
    Stop comparing this phone to the Iphone, If you want to compare devises than do so with Andriod vs Android. I believe the HTC one X is the only phone that can compare to the S3. I’m a HTC fan and am very disappointed that the One X doesn’t have a micro Sd card slot or the option to change the battery should you have the need, as the S3 gives the consumer the choice this is the reason The S3 will continue to grow ever bigger globally.

  8. Reply
    TC says:

    No Wow factor, feels more like Iphone 4s over iphone 4 update. 2100 MHZ battery wont even last a day, Razr Maxx gives 3300 MHZ  for the same thickness. 

    1. funny 1800 in s2 epic 4g touch lasts all day and most of the night with heavy usage? apple propaganda and spam bots go away or wake the hell up!

      1. Reply
        Abdul Kishnachandra Nath Gomes says:

        where are you lost? i gave away my s2 cause the battery didnt last more than 6-7 hours of usage. And, this is probably quad-core, so should be even lesser.

  9. Reply
    Guest says:

    I’m disappointed.  The specifications do not surpass anything else on the market.  The hope was that the Samsung S3 would be far superior but only to find out it’s pretty much in line with the HTC One X.  That’s not to say that I don’t support Samsung.  It’s a step forward but I expected more from them.  By the way, the Quad core processor would have been appealing if it wasn’t going to get crippled coming to the United States.  Alass, once you put it in the same class as other dual core processor phones, it’s not as impressive (my opinion). 

    I won’t be waiting for this phone and have just put my order down for the Galaxy Note.  Big phone…here I come!

  10. Reply
    Rishabh Somani says:

    How much ever the world loves Samsung (by which I mean how much ever Samsung is selling in the market), I simply never get impressed or even feel a slightest of attraction/inspiration towards them! After being questioned by many of my friends, I could just give them 1 answer, ‘ It doesnt make me ‘feel good.’ The hardware is good beyond doubt, but feel good factor is intangible! the hardware of my school days phone, the old generation Sony w910i was no where in comparison to this samsung s3, but that walkman phone I simply loved! I hold these Samsung products, I feel eh! (Earlier I use to sanitize my hands after touching a samsung phone!) ‘

    For a company, as big as Samsung which is now the market leader, is coming up with an ORIGINAL, FEEL GOOD, Dazzling design not possible? They got the hardware, but somehow I would ride a feel good comfortable bike than a bike, than 1 which is simply more powerful n looks hideous and feels depressing! 

  11. Reply
    Guest says:

    A disappointment for me.

    I wanted to see:

    4.8″ 1080P non-pentil HD SAMOLED+ screen
    2GB RAM
    2GHz A-15 Dual/Quad Chi[
    3000+ mAh Battery
    No home screen button
    Minimal bezel

    The tech for the above already exists… In my mind this is a direct analogue of the iPhone 4 -> 4S. I was hoping to finally upgrade my 3GS but I’ll now be waiting for the iPhone 5 with baited breath.

    1. Reply
      Jimmy says:

       dude stop living in fantasy world.

      Do you have any idea what sort of technology do you need to implement 1080p and extra GB ram right now????????

      You can’t have everything. Plus I am eager to see how HTC will beat this spec. Considering galaxy s3 will be out 2 months after htc one x.

    2.  No it doesn’t exist at all haha.  You really need to do some research.  Samsung is the leader in AMOLED.  So when there is 720p like dpi on super amoled+ they will be the first to have it.

      Ram chews up battery, so not worth it at all since you run like 2 apps at a time on a phone.

      There are no A15 processors on the market right now.  The closest is the Qualcomm S4, but it’s not that close to A15.

      Battery, I mean wtf.  You don’t think they put the biggest battery you could fit in your hand?  These phones are essentially all battery.

      I’d rather have people that didn’t care about specs, than people that take their current phone and double the specs and expect that to be in their next phone. Ignorance.

  12. thinner than the isheep
    better BIGGER screen than the isheep hd super amoled plus looks 10x’s better than retina (samsung makes both)
    light years faster processor than isheep
    better camera faster camera-better front camera than the isheep
    apps are free unlike isheep 
    less expensive
    who does not put a protective cover on their phone? certainly not isheep glass menagerie owners?
    it is just better- your flock is out to pasture without a shepherd(-;

  13. Reply
    ????? says:

    what a big let down,,I wanted to see so much more on this phone,,,, looking forward to the sgs4 now ??,, like me, and i bet 10,000,000 other people, have had the same thought,,, IM GOING TO STICK WITH THE SGS2

  14. Reply
    Buaba28 says:

    first of all 
    i love the Dispaly and The Proccesor 
    but the one that let me down is the 
    -camera isnt is supposed to be 12 Megapixel even Xperia S have it
    -casing(ceramic body) ok is not that i hate the casing but i think the body looks so old like old ceramic
    -notification light well i love galaxy nexus not. light but why galaxy s3 dont have
    -The design i prefer HTC One X if for the design galaxy s3 design it looks so plain
    -The Home button i really really really wish to see a button like galaxy nexus i don want a button end like my SGS2 whenever i press one time it jump to Voice Talk
    -A Camera Button like Nokia Lumia 
    -LED Flash i waill buy if it had Double LED flash 

    Im so dissapointed with SGS3 🙁
    maybe i will stick with my SGS2 or HTC one X 🙁

  15. Reply
    Angelmo says:

    Its a fantastic phone for all iSheep and other smart phone users. But if your already an SGS2 or OneX user it a very small step up. Just its faster and with some . S2 with the new ICS is a dream.

    Atleaset this release will bring the SGS2 prices down. Thats a Very good thing.

  16. Reply
    Ashmid Ahmed says:

    Ok I have to say whilst the phone does offer some great features and advances in technology the design itself is a pure shame!!!
    They had a good formula with the S2.. Should have retained a similar look rather than choosing such an ugly design.

  17. Reply
    Ee says:

    Imagine getting a Bugatti Engine and placing it in a Volkswagon. This is what they’ve done here. Samsung have developed a powerhouse and built it within a very girlish, flimsy, roundish, cheap body. It is such a let-down to go from a sexy looking S2 to this. One thing I give to Apple is their design team seems to get it right.

    I am a Blackberry owner and I was dying to see this phone as I was certain it was going to be the be all end to my mobile needs. I am left unconvinced however, I will go to the store to have a hands-on experience.

  18. Reply
    norman says:

    before launch, i was waiting!!! 1 day before launch, i was YES!! YES!!!. Launch day, I was NOOooooo!!! Now, i say forget it and stick to SGS2

  19. Reply
    SpEaKeRb0xXx says:

    im soooo dissapointed. after waiting so long and this?? damn ill stick with my note. G.Note is waaay much better than that.

  20. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Just need one tiny bit of information:

    Can you update the battery or is it sealed in like the new HTX One X?

    If the former, I will buy, if the latter – NO WAY!

    If I am paying that sort of money, I WILL NOT BE RESTRICTED.

  21. Reply
    Dickykuo1 says:

     i really dont like this new samsung s3 physically, the design is UGLY and just makes me sick keeping what this stupid rounded shaped.

    i already got one samsung note, and i loves it so much. S3 is suck..

  22. Reply
    Ishan says:

    Go get hands on experience, i bet you all gonna like it. I viewed all the you tube reviews and no one said its ugly

  23. Reply
    Kevin says:

    To all those saying this is miles better than the One X, please explain how? 

    Screen size is pretty much the same, 0.1 of an inch is barely noticeable. 
    Both have Quad Core processors but One X runs at 1.5ghz whereas S3 is 1.4ghz, plus, the One X has 1 additional core that takes on the less power hungry hungry tasks so it actually has 5 cores not 4.
    HTC One X has a dedicated image processing chip for it’s camera and S3 stole the burst shot mode from the One series. Both are 8mp and have 1080p video recording.
    Same 1gb in ram in both.
    Both have 720p HD Display
    Both run Android 4.0
    The One X is smaller and lighter.
    Voice recognition software on the S3 is clearly an idea stolen from Apple.
    The One X clearly looks better and has better build quality.

    Overall, stop saying the S3 is miles ahead of the One X, It’s not, it’s on par with it!

      1. Reply
        Lewis says:

        He’s not wrong, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about, just buy the phone you like the most.

  24. Reply
    xxx says:

    iphone 4 user here. 3 things why i will switch to s3… 1) battery removal and micro sd exapandability. now i hate disposable phones, and i don’t want to be stuck anymore to 16gb of hdd. 2) unique design. no more copy cat from iphone, compare to the s2, its obvious lol and the last but not the least, 3) can be a 2 in 1 phone and tablet. with its 4.8 inch size, i won’t be bothering myself from buying an iPad 3… lol

  25. Reply
    Bulbul Ahmad Rajon says:

    I too am disappointed with the S3 as an owner of the first series of the galaxy phone. The design is not anything near to a “Woww” factor and sort of looks like the nexus. The material used in the back of the phone looks cheap and what is the big deal with the floating video, I dont see any practical use for that to be honest. And software features like this is nothing but something to show off around your mates. I was expecting Samsung to set a new trend for smartphones and as much as I hate apple but apple really is the smartphone trend setter.
    Samsung could have implemented the 3d technology just like HTC and LG did. I have to be honest that HTC 3d was fantastic but not perfect. 
    Samsung really could have taken this technology to the next step since S3 has this amazing processing power now. 
    So what is the use of this mammoth quad core processor. Is is just to run a lag free phone, camera and to be able to float videos and other apps? Is that all?
    And my phone got super fast after rooting it and flashing rom from MIUI, 99% lag free. It almost seems like upgrading to this phone will be almost to nothing except probably bit bigger screen and a different shaped phone. Ohh wait, no, no, my S1 already is this shape.

  26. Reply
    Elong_122_beaton says:

    I held off from buying the HTC One X till this was announced. The rumours were driving me nuts. The reality is a big disappointment. The HTC in white knocks spots off the S3 in design, and the other specs are quite similar. I’ve played with a One X and the screen is spectacular, and the sense ui is better than ever. Were I someone who bought and carried around spare batteries, then the S3 would win over the HTC, but I’ve never bought a spare battery in my life, and I bet loads of others claiming it important haven’t either.

    I’m sure samsung will sell boatloads of these things, especially to people who had the S2 – it’s certainly a big upgrade – but it just doesn’t look like the most special big-screen android phone out there.

  27. Reply
    jarvis.i says:

    hey guys!!  iam confused btw HTC one x and  SGS3 …..WHICH ONE SHALL I BUY..???     

  28. Reply
    Foggy28 says:

    wow,a lot of samsung s3 haters on here.personally i think the phone looks great and will have everything you need and much more.maybe most of the negative comments are off people who cant afford to get it or aint due an upgrade for a while so they decide to slam the phone hoping that it will put people off,at the end of the day,everyones entitled to an oppinion but surely they should reserve judgement till theyve actually used the phone personally.

  29. Reply
    Anonymous says:

     Does it mean that the standard SGSG S3 handset is 3G enabled only? And that an 4G LTE version will be launched later on? Plz answer this query someone. URGENT.

  30. Reply
    Singhpratik410 says:

    I think this phone hv gr8 functions…but there is a lack of beats audio …nd I don’t lyk the looks of this phone…HTC one x looks more smarter then s3 …nd one x hs more battery life..I hv both one x nd s3…but one x is more attractive nd hv authentic sound..so I use one x more dn s3

  31. Reply
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