iOS 5.1.1 update problems discussed

Just a few days ago Apple issued its latest iOS update, iOS 5.1.1 for users of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The update was released to solve issues with various bugs that needed attention but although some people have managed to update with success it seems that some others have had problems with the software update to iOS 5.1.1 and have noticed issues since installing it.

When iOS 5.1 was issued back in March we told how plenty of people were reporting problems with obtaining the update and seeing error messages instead. Although this does not appear to be a widespread issue this time it’s certainly noticeable that some people are having problems since installing the iOS 5.1.1 update.

The latest update is intended to solve problems such as an iPad network switching issue, minor AirPlay issues and problems syncing Safari bookmarks and with the Reading List. The update also fixes an issue whereby some users were seeing an ‘Unable to purchase’ alert after a successful purchase. Now it seems that while these issues have been fixed for most people some are having whole new problems.

The Apple Support Communities pages currently show plenty of questions about iOS 5.1.1 (here) and many people seem to be having problems of one kind or another. One of the most common complaints seems to be concerning battery life since updating with 5.1.1 and this thread shows quite a few users noticing battery problems with comments of severe battery drainage and some suggestions of possible ways to solve this. Other threads involve users having WiFi problems since downloading the update.

These don’t appear to be isolated incidents as a look at the MacRumors forums show similar complaints notably with comments about the battery draining more quickly again and also people who had problems installing the update and others who say their phones have crashed after the 5.1.1 update.

We’re interested to hear from any readers who have hit difficulties with the iOS 5.1.1 update. Let us know what your problem is so that we can see how widespread the issues are. Also if you have any suggestions for resolving the problems you could share them with our readers. Let us know by sending your comments.


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    Kd Jc07 says:

    This update is definitely not for my i-Touch 4G which was completely fine before the iOS 5.1.1 update.  Wi-fi is terrible, apps gets shut down and freezes, the timer just keeps spinning, resulting in battery drainage.

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        Nikk606 says:

        The updates drains battery, apple should not post updates unless they work. Proba won’t be getting iPhone next time!!!!!!

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    Gus says:

    Definitely seen a drop in overall performance with apps crashing. Battery life also seems poorer.

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    Anonymous says:

    What are the responses of apple to all these problems that presented this new update? Has anyone been able to update and that has not been a problem?

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    Ali Dahmash says:

    Downloaded iOS 5.1.1 and ever since all the applications crash, even Messages and saving new contacts. My iPhone 4 is not jail broken. Can anyone help? How can I downgrade to 5.0.1

  5. Im having trouble since the update, having to tap a app/a letter on the keyboard ect, one to select it and then another double tap to enter it…
    Sometimes it wont let me unlock it and doesnt always respond to the touch screen…

    How can I resolve this or is there any way of down grading?!

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    Lc Riccio says:

    My email has been all messed up since this update, it doesn’t load my new messages and won’t let me delete anything, help!

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      Carol Johnson 1 says:

      I have similar problem. I can delete emails, but am not able to receive or send new ones. Also my Latitude app won’t work – it says there is a network error – but safari is working fine!
      I have no idea what to do. I have done a restart. I have also tried syncing to iTunes again – it will synch, but won’t do a ‘backup’.

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    knickers1974 says:

    My battery life is dredful its using 1% every 3mins for just texting!!! have to charge it now 4 times a day and use 70% overnight in standby whilst i sleep 11-7 , befor the update I only charged it before bed and it used 4% overnight on standby now its 70%

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    Juliejagger63 says:

    Since updating to ios 5.1.1 my battery drains faster and safari drops out quite frequently. Having freeze issues too, where everything freezes and takes awhile to kick back in.

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    Sosg says:

    OK, PPL. Apple Sucks! Why? I applied the new version of ios 5.1.1 and my
    my phone is just a brick. Apple’s (Westfield London) response? “Pay an
    extra £180 and get a new one”. Even though it was their own software
    that caused the issue. Anyone had the same issue??

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    DomB89 says:

    Since doing the update i am constantly asked to sign in to my itunes account whenever trying to do ANYTHING. It is very annoying!

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    Jrustyray says:

    My 1 week old iPad 2, iPhone 4 & 4s, all have considerably less battery life. The iPad 2 takes twice as long to recharge now. I am sick because the iPad 2 charged much faster than my old iPad 2.

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    Lyn says:

    I am having battery problems since updating. Apple replaced my battery in March when I started to just randomly have problems with battery drainage and charging. Then since then with each updte I have the same problem. I have gone through all the forums and done the reset etc to no avail. Now at present after letting the battery drain right down and restart it doesn’t even look like it is recharging. Yesterday took all day just to get to 35% then just drained again to 17% this morning on the charger.

    I love my apply products but this is getting frustrating. My ipad 2 updated fine.

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    Gues says:

    I updated yesterday – prior to that, no problems – now battery is draining rapidly and I barely used it today – it is at 20% and at this time of the day prior to the update I would have had at least 50% — this needs to be fixed…

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    Anonymous says:

    This is actually a problem that started with iOS 5.1 but it got more strange with iOS 5.1.1. When I connect the Apple VGA connector to the iPad 2 it says “This accessory is not compatible with iPad”. It still says the same thing but now it thinks the VGA connector is a dock. This bug is strange and annoying.

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    Cyberbebot says:

    AirPlay issues!! My pocket projector no longer “a supported device”!i invested 600.00 on quality equipment rated high with CNET and CES now e-waste! Please fix

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    Ehaque says:

    I was completly disturb by ios but there was only positive side for my iphone 4s is long time batary life and thats the only thing to love my iphone 4s cz there is nothing special in ios compare to android even android is so many times better.however, after ios 5.1.1 update my battery just going down very quick without use. Its really sad. Suck apple suck iphone

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    worthy42 says:

    Ever since I updated my 4S 2 days ago, I have been unable to send emails. I did everything per usual, no changes were made to my settings so I am at a loss to what went wrong. I can receive emails, tho which is weird. I use this phone for business, so this is not a very good thing for me. Can anyone please work on a fix soon. This is just not acceptable.

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      Fah2 says:

       HI I bought a new iPhone 4S 2 weeks ago and had to re-enter my outgoing server password to all my email accounts.

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    Tylerryan2012 says:

    I updated my iPhone about 6 hours ago and now my battery life sucks every time I exit safari it’s like my whole phone crashes and resets my apps don’t work right it’s just complete iOS hell!

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    Bayliebean says:

    My boyfriend updated his phone and now his phone doesn’t even turn on, he’s at work up north so he had to buy a new phone and did an update on that one and now that one doesn’t work at all either has to wait until he gets back to take them to the apple store to fix them very frustrating!!!!

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      Jacquis591 says:

      i just updated my phone on last night and now my phone wont even turn on. so mad bc i have alot of things that i need to do using my phone. very frustrated

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    Mike says:

    I updated to 5.1.1 and it’s got massive power usage issues now… also I’ve noticed a bug with the WIFI setting.

    It appears the newest iOS update (5.1.1) is garbage and I wouldn’t recommend it until Apple fixes it!

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    Jaykenny1 says:

    I too am noticing seriously increased battery drainage without even using my phone it’s dropped 10%In an hour what is going on is it possible to remove this 5.1.1 update ?????

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    Sweepthish says:

    I had just now updated  my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 and it’s working fine. As far as battery drainage is concerned will have to analyse it and may be able to comment in a day or two. One should not put a question mark on Apple updates and keep comparing it with other platforms. Believe the team of Steve who have a vision to follow and set standards…

    Sweepthish, India

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    Peter Mernik says:

    All that you have a problem with the increased use of batteries, do full restore through iTunes, and then set as new device and do not shinronize with previous Backup(restoring old settings cause battery problems, this Happens from version 5.0 on to my iPhone). I always do that and I have no battery life problems. I noticed one more thing, that if, after of use iTunes I log off from itunes account, the battery life increase by about 50%! Lifespan on my iphone with version 5.1 is between 5 and 8 days depending on usage (if i don’t log off from iTunes account than its around 2-3 days). I hope this will help someone eliminating problems.

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    J Bird says:

    I too am having similar problems.  My phone wont hold it’s charge, my apps wont work and my phone is now resetting itself all the time.  All day yesterday  it was at 35% when charging.  I rang apple care as  restoring my phone from my back up did not work.  To be told that they would send me a new phone but would ear mark £415 from my account which would only be released upon them receiving my phone and them checking that there is no damage to it! 

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    Jeanniemarielee says:

    I haven’t noticed battery issues, but my signal stinks all of the sudden. I have low 3G strength in my house already, but never had a dropped call or people saying I was breaking up until I installed the update. Now, every call is dropped and I’m getting voice mails when the phone never rang. Very frustrating.

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    Dwald01 says:

    Since the update I am unable to use the “open in” feature in mail. Before I coud open attached documents in pages and good reader.

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    Grnthmba says:

    Thanks for all the comments. I think I will wait now before doing the update. Sorry guys best of luck to you keep us posted on the fixes.

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    Stevegibbs says:

    just updated iphone and ipad now cant log in keeps telling me wrong name or password.

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    Kd Jc07 says:

    I was able to restore back to v. 5.1 which was fine for my iTouch 4g (1st post).  For those who want to restore:
    1. Open iTunes and connect device. Back up/sync your device to your pc via iTunes.
    2. Go to your computer’s recycle bin and restore deleted files resulted from the v.5.1.1 update.
    3. On your connected device, open summary page in iTunes.
    4.  Press ‘shift’ key then ‘update’ button.  It will open the computer’s menu to locate file.
    On Windows XP (you will need to double check location as mine is Wins 7) :Documents and SettingsApplication DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates
    On Windows Vista/Windows 7:UsersAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates
    5.  Click on file named ‘iPod4,1_5.1_9B176_Restore’ to begin restore.
    I tried to restore to v. 5.0.1 file named ‘iPod4,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore’ but it came up with an error.  At least I’m back to where it worked before the v.5.1.1.
    Hope this helps.

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    JonGrip says:

    Serious battery drain – from 100% to 1% in 4 hours despite switching off wi-fi and barely using the device – iPad 2 – (probably used it for 40 minutes max just to read my downloaded edition of The Times newspaper.) Very unhappy

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    Chayadevin says:

    When I’m typing an email it runs off the screen so I can’t see what I wrote without scrolling back & forth. Am I missing a setting change or am I just stuck with it?

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    Blizzke says:

    The email thing is solvable by making sure you first terminate the mail app and then fully powering off the ipad. If you turn it back on the mail works again. At least thats how It went here. Since I updated my locations services icon is on at all times. There is no app listed as using the services and disabling all apps in the list has no effect either. Only turning the locatin services off completely works. And yes, faster battery drain too, but not as explicit as some other people…

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    Jake says:

    Touch screen is not working tight cant type certain areas of Ipod touh auto spell helping little

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    Talkerry1 says:

    Im always late to update.  This is one time I wished I was late again!  I just bought my iPhone 4S two months ago and have been bragging on how much I love it.  Now I know a phone is only as good as it’s updates!

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    Deejayhedge says:

    Three of us in household have iphones and updated to 5.1.1 and now we can’t make any calls or receive any. This sux!

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    Lkiersey says:

    Yep since updating to 5.1.1 my battery life has been horrendous. I dropped 7 % of battery power by using the whatsapp app for 10 mins and there has been intermittent issues with the 3G signal, although it shows the 3G signal is available it fails to make a connection.

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    Soccerdoctor says:

    Can’t receive calls either.    The other persons phone hears two rings and then it goes to message.  It doesn’t even show that a call was missed.

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    DiGertsi says:

    iPhone4 crashed completely, not able to restore or anything, pretty pissed at Apple at the moment and wished I waited to update my phone, especially since now I see lots of people having misery and not just crashing, but also battery life that seems worse etc…

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    Upset says:

    I wish I’ve never installed update the battery  drained from 100%  to null within couple of hours. Very very upset.

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    Apple Biter says:

    i have an iPhone 4S 16GB and im currently on iOS 5.1.  My WiFi has stopped working and cannot connect to my WiFi Router Home Network.  My mom and brother and sister all have iPhone 4 and all are running on iOS 5.01 and they are not having any problems connecting.

    I bought my iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1 pre-installed.  This is not good for Apple at all  🙁

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      1indycolts says:

      on your Iphone you must go to setings and discount (“forget this network”) your network and then re-choose your network. It seems to be better now.

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    Anabellbell says:

    tried to update.  iphone 4 completely crashed.  Stuck in restore mode, but iTunes keeps giving me an error message that it can’t restore.  Tried getting it out of restore mode, no luck.  Made earliest available appointment at genius bar for tomorrow….on mothers day. frustrating!!!

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    ducky says:

    Dropped network, unable to utilize wifi although it says I’m connected and my other wifi items (MacBooks, iPads) work fine. Also – my lock screen is perpetually showing 24-hour time, while my regular display shows 12 hour time – and my options are set to 12 hour time, location USA. So it SHOULD work. This prompted my “factory reset” and it’s not going well – it’s unable to connect to wifi to access iCloud (though it actually is connected, it says it’s not).

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    Johkari says:

    I downloaded the update a few days ago and my home button is not working now!  A reset seems to help initially, but then the problem starts again, first I’m just able to double click and then that stops as well.  I am certain this is not a hardware problem, as this was not a problem before and the home button works perfectly initially after reset.  

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    Zyalon_84 says:

    Battery drained from 70% down to 61% in 5 minutes just using saffari on 3g.. So much for that update.. I have a large number of friends who has the same problem after updating to 5.1.1.. And now just as i wrote here i lost 2 more procent..

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    Karakendall says:

    Same as others… Phone doesn’t ring when people call me, I just get a notification saying I have voicemail. Often it doesn’t call when I try calling people, takes around 15 tries before it rings. Text messages aren’t being sent, they take multiple tries as well! Very frustrated!

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    Alla says:

    My phone had full charge i left it like 7 hoyrs while i was sleeping and now it has 10 % wtf

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    B.S. says:

    Screen lags when changing pages. Also had difficulty with sending and receiving text messages. Also noticed phone doesn’t ring sometimes (even with excellent reception) and only know I missed a call when a voicemail notification appears.

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    Luke_howard says:

    When I get a text alert around 15-20% of the time when I tap the banner notification the phone will respring and it’s not even jailbroken, I think I’m going to downgrade to 5.0.1 ….

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    Foxxel Pobieski says:

    iPad 2 will freeze and lock up if on an app that’s in a folder that’s had the screen turned off for more than an hour

  50. Reply
    Fungerande says:

    I updated my Ipad 2 and then when i go down on the page it will continue further down than the actuall page so it get stuck sometimes, and so annoying.

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    Dr23 says:

    Severe battery drain here. Extremely frustrating. Phone needs to be on the charger repeatedly throughout the day.

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    Roopak Sardar says:

    Hi I have the latest Ipad and updated it with ios 5.1.1 on 14th may 2012, as soon as i updated it my wifi is not accessible any more 

  53. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    My iPad 1 3G drops the wifi connection after a few hours of standby. I also (think) the battery life is getting worse.

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    Chad says:

    Since the update, i can not connect to any network. Networks show up, but i will either get a message saying its an invalid network or it will act as if its connecting, ask for network passkey, then just keeps asking for the key.

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    Stefsharpe says:

    I updated and it told me to plug in to itunes, itunes told me I had to restore the phone and when I pressed restore I got an error saying unable to restore. Can anyone help??

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    Yasojoey says:

    I have up dated ios5.1.1 for my iPad2 two days ago,but now safari is disappear!!! I have to download some thing else (browser) to search the Internet. What is going on now? When will safari be able to download again?

    1. Reply
      SDH says:

      If steve jobs were alive today he would of been so pissed off at thess idiots for
      allowing such crap to be let out into the market. Iphone 4 and 4s were rushed
      Into the market not at steves doing, but at the baffoons who were running the
      show after he stepped down and later of course died.

      He must be turning over in his grave at the disgust these idiots are ruining apples
      reputation he fought so hard and long to prosper.

      I have an iphone 4 on order and should arrive this week, but wow with all
      thesw issues although software related. I am not sure of i want to keep it
      I have am iphone 3gs and it works fine, but wanted an upgrade so i decided
      for an iphone 4 not a 4s as it was cheaper to upgrade to through my carrier.

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    Ach1972 says:

    I just updated about an hour ago. I was reading a newspaper app and my phone just started powering down. It’s happened 2x’s so far and I am noticing that my battery is draining quicker then before.

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    Anonymous says:

    I was prompted to update to 5.1.1, and accepted only to find that a system setting had been changed without any authorisation. The SIM card PIN was turned on and set to a value that I had no clue about.
    It took a visit to my friendly telecom shop for them to obtain the PIN that had been turned on and reset the PIN to something I actually know about.
    What’s with Apple arbtirarily turning on settings without warning? If I had been somewhere with no access to my friendly telecom store I would have been in big trouble.

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    Gayleroles says:

    Since I updated my iPhone4 with iOS 5.1.1 I can’t download updates or new apps, any help would be appreciated!

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    fourlegs says:

    Since updating to 5.1.1 on iPhone 4 I have a problem that if I go through a no signal area then the iphone just dispays “No Service” and doesnt try to search for a signal and this remains even when I return to an area with plenty of signal. Only solution I have so far is to remove sim card and reinsert or turn phone off and then on again. Both get the iphone to search for a signal. Turing airplane mode on and off doesnt help.

    1. Reply
      fourlegs says:

      I contacted my service provider (O2) and they suggested doing a Reset. This seems to have solved it.

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    Husky says:

    Updated a couple days ago, iPod touch 4th gen, very noticeable lagging with majority of things, sometimes to the point of freezing. Messages take forever to send and one time showed that a tonne of messages re-sent upon opening app, re-opened app and was fine. Also one time browsing safari, white bars appeared across the screen before completely white-screening and restarting. Survivable issues but still rather irritating.

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    leedsichi says:

    Immediately after update the iphone4 began turning itself on and off continuously. Finally managed to do a full Power Off, then after restart found it had deleted all my app folders (not the apps), deleted all my passwords for various apps, and reset the sound settings. Sucks.

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    Appletizedangie says:

    Constantly get the “enter iTunes password” window popping up, EVERY TIME I OPEN AN APP and often right in the middle of USING an app. Makes the phone useless. Every two minutes, there’s another request for my password. Even when not opening an app I get it.

    1. Reply
      Jason87m says:

      I have the exact same problem. EVERY time i open any thing even messages it asks me for my Password. Really Starting to bug me

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    Jasonkwells says:

    I am having so many issues that it is insane.  Freezing up browser and settings.  When I go from an open text message back to the message list, the keyboard stays open! My battery life is far worse than it was.  I have signal loss issues, and on my ipad 3, it won’t power down.

    1. Reply
      Jo says:

      Same for me. Major signal loss,at a regular period. thank apple for a really robust release (not!)

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    Sc3 says:

    I’m having ridiculous battery drainage and the whole phone is really hot as well thought I was possibly imagining it but I doubt it now.. And plugging it into my dock doesn’t seem to put the percentage up what so ever.

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    The Tentacle says:

    iPhone 4S here. Since the update, my microphone does not work on calls. I have to use a headset or the speakerphone.

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    Tidwelllin says:

    I have the new generation iPad. Two days ago I updated to 5.1.1 OS. Today the touch screen stopped working. The buttons worked, but the touch screen remained frozen. it took several tries with the home button and pause button to get the screen working again. At first the iPad brought up the power off button but the screen was unresponsive to sliding to turn off the power. Finally after pressing both buttons simultaneously the iPad became responsive so that I could slide the button over to powerdown. When the iPad powered up the screen became responsive again.

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    Digbybear says:

    iPhone 4S – can’t really say what effect update has had on it, as the battery drain means I have largely given up on using it. Tried full reset, wipe and reload, closed all apps, killed my iCloud/MobileMe/Email etc. Still has that ‘forget to plug me in’ and ‘I shall be dead next time you touch me’ mode.

  69. iphone 4s – since updating to 5.1.1 … i had issues getting into facebook using the facebook application and altho i can send imessages i cant seem to send sms messages to ppl not on iphone i constantly have no signal what so ever really frustrating seeing as my husband isnt on iphone so i cannot txt him!!

  70. Reply
    Brooke_adair says:

    Hi. After updating my new iPhone 4s I have lost previous events from my calendars. This includes all my previously added birthdays. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  71. Reply
    Hasan Gun says:

    Since updating my IPHONE 4 to 5.1.1 the thrughput is around 100 kbps the maximum value that ı get fron speed test 250 kbps

  72. Reply
    Yongjuni80 says:

    Wifi proble, when calling phone just crashes, and battery drain… why did i upgrade?!!!!

  73. Reply
    Adrian Nicholson says:

    I updated on Sunday 13th and since then I don’t receive any emails to my Ntlworld email account but can still send them. This is my only email account – HELP !!!

  74. Reply
    Vic says:

    I just tried to upgrade to 5.1.1 on my pad 2.   get an error message that download failed.  Happens every time I try.

  75. Reply
    Reddy Santana says:

    I tried to upgrade my software on jail broken iphone,it has since told me to restore – after restoring my phone i can’t access it at all! It only has a start up screen to choose language and country… please advise what needs to be done URGENTLY:(

  76. Reply
    Tmarchy says:

    I have updated the software and now i am unable to click on the camera button when sending a text message?! Any thoughts? thank you

  77. Reply
    kc1954 says:

    I updated my iPhone 4 to 5.1.1. yesterday.  Today it started vibrating for an extended period–maybe 20 seconds  (I don’t have it on vibrate) and then died.  I had to do a hard boot to reset it before it would start up.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  78. Reply
    Ismailzie says:

    I using ipad 2 but i receive a new upgrade ios 5.1.1 but i got a problem to upgrade it… Why i should use wifi to install? Because i using ipad that support wifi 3g and i get my own internet… But even i use wifi connection to upgrade ios 5.1 to 5.1.1 still fail and it will occur a message that tell me your updating fail… Error connection… Sometimes cannot find updates

  79. Reply
    Philippines says:

    Hi I’m still using Iphone 3GS(4.1) right now and i can’t update my phone to any ios 5. it keeps on crashing whenever i updated it. the occurring problem is it doesn’t always read my sim card. can you help me with this? 

  80. Reply
    Jeremyr94 says:

    music will not play on ipod. restored ipod to 5.1.1 and now its asking for passwords from other apple ID accounts. Emails i have never heard of before

  81. Reply
    Markyandnikki says:

    Ever since I updated it keeps saying my memory is full and it won’t let me save pictures so I deleted a lot of pictures then it said the same so I deleted half my music it took it down 2GB and it still says my memory is still full so I deleted every app and data! It’s basically back to where I bought it and still saying memory if full and won’t let me take pictures. Us it can’t save and everything else!

  82. Reply
    asg says:

    Haven’t had any problems with my iPad prior to this update. Now, it won’t charge. And the battery has drained, so I’m pretty much left with a brick. Sucks that a software update kills the device it’s supposed to bring improvements to.

  83. Reply
    Whirlwound says:

    Now I can only download apps on my Mac through iTunes. Neither my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 are doing so, either over their 3G connections or via wifi. Known thing, apparently – tried a sign out-reboot-sign in fix from the Apple forums, but still no joy had.

  84. Reply
    Dansfordranger says:

    Ever since I have done the update my iPhone 4 keeps dropping calls anyone else having this problem

    1. Reply
      Matty says:

      I have the same problem with my iphone 4.  After few minutes of making a call, call is dropped with “called failed”, despite solid signal.  My first update (to 5.1.1) in 1.5 years was a downgrade.  

  85. Reply
    Egalofre says:

    My home button stopped working once I installed iOS 5.1.1. I have tried doing a full system restore and a reset and it sometimes works and sometimes not. SOOOO very frustrating! my phone didnt have any issues before nad now even with the restore I cant go back to iOS 5.1

  86. After I have updated to ios 5.1.1 my phone just hanged on about 75% of the restore par and freeze , it just crashed and didn’t wont to do any thing but restarting it self and shows me the sign of the apple and the cable to reconnect it to ‘ i Tunes ‘ i have tried every thing to make it work but with no success so I have just downgraded to the 5.1 after two and half days of tries and wasted time .  

  87. Reply
    Eaglefoe says:

    recently updated my iphone 3gs to ios 5.1.1.. been encountering problems with my wifi… very poor wifi pick up signal to no signal pick up at all.. battery drains so fast.. seems that apple is loosing their touch since steve passed away…

    1. Reply
      Tyler_scott_marlow says:

      I agree. My iPhone 3Gs will not keep a wifi signal unless I’m in the same room as the AP. as soon as I leave it drops the signal completely and switches back to 3G. This is most annoying. I hope apple comes out with a new update soon to fix the wifi problem.

  88. Reply
    Steveclare says:

    I have tried 5 times today to download the iOS 5.1.1 softwear and it keeps going in to error.

    1. Reply
      Jonesbsa says:

      Consider yourself lucky not having succeeded in down loading 5.1.1.
      Don’t, it’s a piece of junk. Wish I had NEVER updated from 5.0 to 5.1.1!!!

  89. Reply
    Jfinneganesq says:

    recently updated 3gs and iPad2 to iOS 5.1.1.  Have been experiencing dropped wi-fi since the updates.  Although its a “known” network, have to manually rejoin.  VERY frustrating!

  90. Reply
    Anand says:

    Yes, that is right. I too have observed that since the last update 5.1.1 the iPad drains battery quickly and also drops wifi connectivity beyond 15feet, though earlier it was good even upto 30 feet. Is there any solution, anything I can do to downgrade? Thanks.

  91. Reply
    Imamcorvinus says:

    Why is this keep happening “error installing iOS5.1.1 are you sure that the bugs is not u #argghhhhhh

  92. Reply
    Raj says:

    Hi, I have updated 5.1.1 successfully, after update everything working fine except calls.
    when I insert my sim card its searching network sometimes and showing ‘No Service’ and everytime if I turn off my iphone i have reboot by a software. if there is any permanent solution plz reply. Thx in advance….!

    1. Reply
      Bijuantony says:

      Same problem here, I really fed up, only one solution: divert all calls to another mobile. I followed this solution.

  93. Reply
    Deepak Singh says:

    after installing th s/w upgrade my iphone is not working…it keeps cycling between the apple symbol and passcode screen but not entering the main desktop screen…has been doing this constantly for the past 4 hours….help please!!

  94. Reply
    jim says:

    I updated both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2.  Now both have the same problem.  When I receive emails, they do not show on the lock screen.  Email is set to show on lock screen in Notifications.  I have removed accounts and put them back.  Help!

  95. Reply
    May says:

    I can’t update my iPad to iOS 5.1.1 , I have jailbreak on my iPad , is that’s why I can’t update ? Please help me

    1. Reply
      May says:

      I had to mention that I can’t update my iPad alone on the wifi without connecting it to the pc, because when I connect it to pc (I think) it will remove all my app. And I don’t want that to happen

  96. Reply
    Steve says:

    I backed up my ipad 1 prior to upgrading to iOS 5.1.1. The update went fine except my apps are gone as well as my contacts. How do I restore all that? It’s as if I’m stsrting out with a new iPad.


  97. Ok… I restored my iPhone a week ago and it wouldn’t restore. I had to download the new iTunes, and edit the Hosts file. I did and it didn’t work. My phone would keep turning off and on every 2 seconds. I then got it to restore and it messed up again when I was playing a app called shift 2 unleashed… the car game lol. It turned off, then turned on and soon went into an infinite reboot mode. I plugged it into the computer and restored it. It took me nearly 3 hours to get it to work. It would also show the apple logo and some yellow lines going through it… like a glitch. I, today, have not put any apps on my phone. I will try to take it to apple next week and see if i can get another phone. I hope i don’t have to pay hence it is a hardware issue… i think. I did jailbreak it, but i don’t think that was the problem. It was jailbroken since the ios 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak first came out. Has anyone else had any of these issues? Send an email at hajiile24@yahoo.com to me and ill see what i can do.

    1. Reply
      Ratneesh Nijjar says:

      I have iphone 4 with firmware 5.0.1 and baseband 4.11.08.Its jailbreaked with i am unable to unlock it.Any suggestions .?

  98. Reply
    Liam_noel41 says:

    Since i bought the new ipad (ipad3) i never experience to have a 3g signal
    Only Edge.. Im in PNG. Hope somebody can help me…

  99. Reply
    Valkor0981 says:

    I have the same problem Liam_noel41 in my iphone 4, i never have a 3g signal and just before the update i used the 3g to download the update so it has to be the ios 5.1.1

    Don’t know what to do… T_T

  100. Reply
    Bawnjamaicanprogrammer says:

    unable to update location services as it is greyed out, as well is icloud option and mail options are greyed out.  Unable to modify mail settings or change passwords since the 5.1.1 upgrade.

  101. Reply
    Jonesbsa says:

    I updated my iPhone 4s to 5.1.1. Battery life is being used up vey fast. I wished I had not upgraded to 5.1.1 and would not recommend 5.1.1 to any of my friends with iPhones.

  102. Reply
    Carey415 says:

    After updating iPad 3 to 5.1.1 it cant be charged. It will not show it’s even plugged in. I know it’s not cord because iPod 4 that has NOT been updated charges fine. After googling problem it looks like a lot of people are having same charging issue after update. Anyone know if a fix?

  103. Reply
    Dayalanp says:

    Hi, I have updated to iOS 5.1.1 and now find that some apps appear not to run. Tap it and the screen flashes and nothing! They appear to run in the background but cannot be accessed or viewed.

    Apps include Evernote, Google Earth and Simplenote.
    Any suggestions for a solution?

  104. Reply
    IPhone says:

    Hey, ever since I updated to 5.1.1, I have be unable to connect to my wifi network. Other iPhones can connect on 5.1 and my mac, but my iPhone can’t.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

  105. Reply
    javed akhtar says:

    Since I updated 5.1.1 on iphone 4S am unable to browse the net on 3G. But I can browse on WIFI. Please let me know if there is a fix for this

  106. Reply
    Tamer haddadin says:

    My iphone 4s after the update to IOS 5.1.1 , my WIFI is unable to connect to any network ( home , work ) nothing , my iphone is like a dead body without WIFI , i tried to downgrade the software to IOS 5.1.0 but i couldn’t , i made network reset but without any result , i restore my iphone to factory sittings but no results as well , please let me know what can i do cuz this issue has been killing me for more than two weeks , HELP , please PLEASE 

  107. Reply
    Wilm Boerhout says:

    Am also experiencing power drain after 5.1.1 upgrade on iPhone 4. None of the other probs thought

  108. Reply
    Rostdt says:

    My phone wont connect to my network and stay connected for more than five minutes. I can’t recieve calls and Im concerned that If incase of an emergency I wont be able to contact anyone due to this update. Its really starting to irritate me and apple may end up losing a customer.

  109. Reply
    Eyesmesmerize says:

    My phone won’t connect to my home network. It was connected, now I can’t get wifi. grrr!!!

  110. Reply
    Kelliskards says:

    I could charge through my Ipod dock and ipod alarm clock dock and not anymore – am so mad!

  111. Reply
    Ru Kate says:

    Updated iPhone to 5.1.1 and now I have to reboot my phone every hour or so to get mobile internet to work for a couple of minutes (just enough to get all my emails sent). Very annoying. AT&T says everything works perfectly on their end.

  112. Reply
    Bijuantony says:

    when update the iOS 5.1.1 in iPhone 4s, i am not getting proper reception of the network, its very weak, what will do resolve this issue?

  113. Reply
    Lindaeliasson says:

    Since I updated the the IOS, the phone crashes every time I use it!!! Crashes in every program I have on the phone

  114. Reply
    Lionhbs says:

    My IPOD Touch 3rd Gen has constant issues since updating. Apps continually crash, and it does not matter which app. The home button does dont work correctly either: it randomly pulls up the search screen, or the app bar at the bottom will appear and then disappear. Sometimes the app bar appears across the middle of the screen. Never had the issues before 5.1.1.

  115. Reply
    C Yoxall says:

    Since doing the update when I receive a call the caller cannot hear me speaking. If I call back all is resolved. I’m now suffering poor reception despite having good signal strength calls will not connect.

  116. Reply
    Gregallen78118 says:

    I updated to the latest iOS 5.1.1 it did this fine but now when I go to open a app it closes as soon as I click to open I have a 3GS.
    Any ideas what this is?

    1. Reply
      KernelPone says:

      It just means that the app isn’t functional with iOS 5.1.1. Every time Apple releases an update, things change, some apps might be looking for a missing dependency or API. Look for updates for your app in a few days.

  117. Reply
    Mylenetam says:

    Before the upgrade to iOS 5.1.1, I can see my photos after connecting the USB to the PC.  After the upgraded, I can see the drive on my computer, but no videos or photos for me to retrieve.  And there are more than hundreds of photos on my iPhone 4.  Is there a fix for this?

  118. Reply
    Sacham8 says:

    I just updated to my iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 and now my “music” says it contains no music, but when plugged in to my computer the library is full of my music.  The songs have not appeared to transfer to my iPhone.  The other problem is that my contents says I have 5.5GB of “other” data, what does that mean and why is there so much of it?  I barely have anything on my phone.
    Re-syncing did not work, reseting did not work.  I am thinking about restoring but I am afraid it might just loose my data and not work anyway.  Why did I bother with the update?, it was working just fine before this!

  119. Reply
    Stevenkopenhaver says:

    i am getting a can’t comply error because of dependencies. and a http error. what does this mean

  120. Reply
    Carolynandy says:

    We have noticed problems with app changing when my son ( with motor movement issues , ie not always accurate in touch) is playing his apps. Will randomly move to another app in library. Tried putting in folder, but doesn’t resolve. Just upgraded today – very frustrated.

    1. Reply
      Johnnyringo says:

      So what your saying he is playing a game then it switches to another app? Try turning off muti touch gesture, hopefully that fixes it

  121. Reply
    KernelPone says:

    I’ve figured out, that despite how much I love Apple, they don’t test their updates enough, and pretty much take a dump on their older customers. They don’t care about older devices they still support. If your not on their new iPad or on the iPhone 4s, you can go die for all they care. They only want profit. It really pisses me off. I have a problem every freakin’ time I update, restore, or anything. My iPod currently is “Bricked” (Meaning it’s as entertaining to use as a brick, because it does nothing). Do you want to know how I bricked it? Trying to update! I did everything right, and it froze up, and is bricked. If you think that I’m overlooking something, I assure you I’m not. I am really good with Apple products, But sometimes, you just have to realize, the company is the one that sucks. In this case, it’s Apple, And they suck really hard.

  122. Reply
    Gaj. Hernandez says:

    Hello everybody my name is Junior H. I updated my iphone few moments ago. I had wifi problems like many other people. Wifi would drop and wouldn’t connect to my home network. Didn”t had any problems running ios 4.3.3 I have been searching for hours for a solution but nothing that would work for me.  So I started brainwashing and I start looking at the solutions others used to get back their wifi. I figured out it has something to do with the router settings. So I connected to my router settings trough ip adress I changed the channel from 6 to 7 in setttings and in the ‘LAN’ configuration I changed my ip adress (example: to ) I rebooted my router. I jumped into my iphone 4 running ios 5.1.1, went into settings -> wi-fi ->I pressed the blue arrow icon on my network, scrolled down to renew release. So it changed my routers ip to, and BOOMM connected !!! Not having any issues whats so ever anymore, rebooted my device several times and still connected. Been online now without any drops or problems for more then 12 hours now. I think and I hope this will work for all of you that have the same problem as I did. And if i doesn’t work I would suggest to try change some settings in your router maybe upgrading newest firmwire for your router. Anyways I’m almost 100% positive that it has something to do with the router.  Well good luck to everybody having issues. If this solution worked for you pls spread the word, because there are alot of people having this problem. And if it worked I’m glad that I could make your day 🙂 Bye greeting from aruba!! 

  123. Reply
    Ming_chaan says:

    does any1 experience any changes with the ringtone volume???it seems not as loud as b4 and the sound is jus coming out from the right speaker onli…

  124. Reply
    Rajohns5 says:

    I updated today and had difficulty gettig it to finish loading my apps.  67 apps were incomplete and needed “updates”/  So I clicked update in the apps window and the ipad started the updates and completed a few, but it seems to have left the majority of them in limbo–it says all apps are up to date, but all of these apps still say “waiting” on the ipad screen.  Hard and soft reboots did not help.  It is a mess!

  125. Reply
    H_ash1 says:

    Updated to 5.0 signalbar dropped to 1 now updated to 5.1.1 thinking will fix but still same is Apple IS THERE A REAL FIX????

  126. Reply
    Radcliffeworld says:

    iphone 4 running ios 5.1.1 now my phone crashes whenever I open apps and I have needed to restore it almost every other day. Soon I’ll crack and go android!

    1. Reply
      M_i says:

      My 8 gig 3GS iPhone does not register the SIM card so no longer works. The Genius Bar manager at Regent St said that if I read the terms before uploading 5.1.1 I would have read that this might happen and they wanted me to pay £119 to replace the phone. When I bought the 4S phone I was advised to add the Cloud to the 3GS phone to improve its functionality. I was not told of any possible malfunctions.

      When they offered me the new phone for £119 I did ask how it was my fault if I only did why they told me to do but they were not interested. I did ask if they would refurbish my phone and re sell it but the manager said that is not something they do!

  127. Reply
    Radcliffeworld says:

    iphone 4 updae to 5.1.1 now phone is useless. This is CRAP from Apple (‘Crapple’) and feel really let down. Will beheading to Android as my phone is next to redundant. Every app I use including Safari and Photos flash up and then dont load returning to the home screen. Internet connectivity is a game of roulette – will it or won’t it? Worse still is the constant need to restore. Been restoring almost every other day for the last two weeks and yes Apple I am really very tired of it. But then Apple is the friedly corporation that buys up smaller software houses just to kill them off so what do you expect. No Android and that also means that I am cancelling my Ipad order and will get a tablet somewhere else. Sorry Apple you lose! Fed up!

  128. Reply
    FedUp WithApple says:

    Arrghh… I am so mad!
    I have been giving hundreds of dollars to Apple for the longest time!I am experiencing all kinds of problems, connectivity issues, apps not working, signal loss.
    I am fed up – it’s time to consider another stable platform.  bye Apple!

  129. Reply
    Duff515 says:

    The iOS 5.1.1 is horrid!!! Wifi is almost non-existant, have to stand within 5 foot of the AP to get a connection, so much for mobile use. Battery life is terrible and takes forever to charge using the wall charger. My iPad 2 is just about useless now. Thanks Apple for “fixing” the bugs… NOT!!

    1. Reply
      Tyler_scott_marlow says:

      I’m having the same problem! I will have wifi signal as long as im in the same room, but as soon as I leave it changes back to 3G

  130. Reply
    Jonathan N Booth says:

    Since upgrading both stumble upon and calendar crash. Calendar does not crash on iPhone only on iPad:
    30 May 2012 05:58:58 – MobileCal [9873] (Error): *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil’
    *** First throw call stack:
    (0x3788788f 0x318fc259 0x377dc1d7 0x3277de3b 0xee4a7 0xed32f 0xeb885 0xeb641 0xebfe9 0xebd87 0xebccb 0xeaf6d 0xb4b39 0x333984ff 0x37853547 0x377df097 0x3330c3eb 0x8b96d 0x108b35 0x34a36c59 0x34a38ee7 0x3785a2ad 0x377dd4a5 0x377dd36d 0x379d6439 0x309e9cd5 0x852ed 0x85260)

  131. Reply
    Wl says:

    I have an ipad3 and iphone4. Ipad did not have problems connecting to my wifi network via airport extreme, but does sometimes just not see the network. Restarting wifi on ipad resolves this temporarily. Mail on ipad freezes, and when replying the address part of the window flashes and you cannot see any fields if you want to add another address. Iphoto also hangs, but usually recovers.

    On iphone, no wifi issues but very unstable performance. Suddenly after the update many websites say i cannot view them since my software is too old and that i should upgrade to a newer browser.

    Those are my few issues which i do hope apple will resolve soonest. I have never had to reboot any of their devices but this is beginning to become common practise after the last update.

  132. Reply
    Abberly2 says:

    I installed the iOS 5.1.1 update 2 weeks ago and I have had problems ever since. The battery drains when I’m not even using the phone I charge it to 100 percent and after sitting and not being used at all for 4 hours I only had 68 percent of the battery left. I never had these problems before this stupid update. Apple needs to fix this ASAP!!!!

  133. Reply
    Tpahr says:

    Didn’t have problems but installed it anyways by mistake.  Now have several problems:  volume control is now controlling the camera.  And can’t increase camera volume unless increase volume at ipod first. Also headphones don’t work as usual (as it supposed to): can’t control from the headphones and can’t pick up the phone from the headphone either…. other problems too.

  134. Reply
    Maddy says:

    Battery life is being drained even if not being used. I have to charge it everyday since i updated the software. Does take a long time to open apps. That is just not right. I hope Apple fixes this…. and FAST!!!!

  135. Reply
    K_morash says:

    With the 5.1.1 update Battery Life is not my major concern. What is is the iMessage issues. on 5.1 iMessage would send over the better signal i.e Wifi over 1 bar of service. Now, on the 5.1.1 update, iMessage just drops my texts and picks my barely 1 bar signal over my full signal wifi. 

  136. Reply
    Joel says:

    I cannot connect to Wifi at my house.  I upgraded two iPhones and they both are getting the “Unable to join network message.”  My Apple TV was also due for an upgrade and after that, I have not been able to connect to Wifi with that either.  My laptops, Xbox, DVD player all connect to the same Wifi connection with no problems.  It has to be this update.  Anyone have a fix for this?  Ive reset network settings, rebooted the phone, router, etc.  Ive tried all of the simple stuff.  I dont want to reset my phone to factory settings because I cant sync anything either and I dont want to lose everything!  Extremely frustrating.  

  137. Reply
    Julius says:

    I installed 5.1.1 a couple of days ago and since i’ve gotten serious battery problems – i charge the battery to 100% in the morning, leave my ipad at home and go to work, and when i’m back 8h later and try to open the untouched ipad the battery has drained out completely, i can’t even get it to show the home screen without having it charged. This happened both days since the update….

  138. Reply
    Dannydude98 says:

    Whenever it asks me to reboot my device as a result to downloading a tweak, it bricks my ipad, how do I stop it doing this

  139. Reply
    Krazie1824 says:

    I can’t update my iPhone 4s to iOS 5.1.1 it keeps giving me an error I’ve tried all the fixed listed an still can’t even through iTunes it won’t let me someone help

  140. Reply
    Daniel_ryan says:

    I don’t know if it is related, but, yesterday and today(I just updated this week) my iPhone 4 is not sending sound consistently during calls. I can hear the other person, but they cannot hear me. Before the update, I never had a problem with connection or reception in the areas where this was happening.

  141. Reply
    Bruno D says:

    I have an apple iPod 4g 16gb. Since I got the update the tilt doesn’t work on safari and camera ,even though it works perfectly on games. I turned on and off the screen orientation ,reset and restored the iPod. Still doesn’t work

  142. Reply
    Gulufz_214 says:

    i have an iphone 4 update to ios 5.1.1 9b206  but apple apps like youtube,mail are not working and i cannot log in my apple_id,i hard reset and reset all settings my phone but still not working …i clean restore to ios 5.1.1 9b208 still doesnt work,how can i fix this problem?

  143. Reply
    Jayj5686 says:

    I have an iPod 4g an it will lock itself and pull up the “slide to power off” screen without me touching it and when I try to lock it it doesn’t want to & it switches my song at any point. Also my apps won’t load this update completely messed up the use of my iPod.

  144. Reply
    Chrissy says:

    Some of my apps sounds don’t work & unlocking phone sound ether. Like for example, I open up my fart machine app (random I know) I shake to unleash and I hear nothing, but when I put my headphones in, I hear it. If I turn on any music of any kind it works with headphones or without, but not other things & sounds. Also, I have been having problems with settings, when I open it, I cant open wifi and fix that or anything. I touch it and nothing happens. Also I cant open textfree anymore, but this happened 2 days after I updated it, & I can occasionally open messages. This is really frustrating. Also, my iphone’s right speaker works better than the left. I dont know why.. The left works but its really quiet… I hope apple fixes all of this soon & updates everyones phone to fix the bugs… Blah :/ 

    1. Reply
      Jaysta says:

      I think you’ll find that one of your speakers is actually a microphone and not a speaker 😉

      My reception is awful and often drops out altogether. Texting often takes about 10 attempts before it sends after the update.

  145. Reply
    Chrissy says:

    I have a IPhone 4s. Some of my apps sounds don’t work & unlocking phone sound ether. Like for example, I open up my fart machine app (random I know) I shake to unleash and I hear nothing, but when I put my headphones in, I hear it. If I turn on any music of any kind it works with headphones or without, but not other things & sounds. Also, I have been having problems with settings, when I open it, I cant open wifi and fix that or anything. I touch it and nothing happens. Also I cant open textfree anymore, but this happened 2 days after I updated it, & I can occasionally open messages. This is really frustrating. Also, my iphone’s right speaker works better than the left. I dont know why.. The left works but its really quiet… I hope apple fixes all of this soon & updates everyones phone to fix the bugs… Blah :/ 

  146. Reply
    Chrissy says:

    I also don’t hear the keyboard clicks or the lock screen sounds, but those are turned on for me to hear….

  147. Reply
    Vimlesh says:

    I did updated my iPhone from 5.0.1 to v5.1.1 and my application started crashing at every launch.
    i also upgraded my application from my device and the upgrade was successful but the problem still persists.
    Lastly i have to delete my application from the device and re install it again and this resolved my issue.

    Is anyone experiencing such problem. My app is available on applestore and this upgrade issue had cost my rating to go down to 2.5 from 5.

    Is there an issue with iOS 5.1.1 update ? Would appreciate if anyone can suggest me some solution or redirects me to an important thread. 

  148. Reply
    M5craw says:

    Since update keep getting SIM Failure notices. Happened 6 times today, first day of update.

    1. Reply
      Brownomat says:

      i am experiencing this same issue on my iphone 4s and it has been going on for the past 24 hours..my iphone is now useless …thanks to apple 🙁

  149. Reply
    Juliefdca 202 says:

    After update of original iPad to iOS5.1.1 a few minutes ago, various news organization web pages (NPR, Washington Post) have crashed multiple times a few seconds after entering them, and video on Was Post had no sound. What’s up? How can this be fixed?

  150. Reply
    Jenwil says:

    Since updating my Ipod touch to the new software my Wi-Fi has dropped off and I have no way of turning it back on since the software is not longer present on the device. I have resync’d, restored and reloaded it several times. What is the point of purchasing Icloud when I no longer have access to it? Several of my downloaded songs from Itunes skip or will not play at all. Half the songs on my playlists that were present on the Ipod prior to the download now will not sync and my battery life is in the crapper. Someone at Apple needs a raise because this new software doesn’t work at all. Way to go Apple!

  151. Reply
    Michaelmurray3000 says:

    Ever since I updated to ios 5.1.1 I have had problems with outgoing calls taking up to 60 seconds plus, before it connects and starts ringing or get a call failed message, my 3G is also extremely impaired ever since the update, Not cool!!

  152. Reply
    Mrdawah says:

    i can not connect to any internet with my ipod 4 since i downloaded the update 5.1.1
    and i pretty sure my blue tooth does not work ether

  153. Reply
    Ilene Hoffman says:

    I just updated to 5.1.1 yesterday, after I synced and removed a bunch of photos. Today, I cannot sync or remove any apps, nor access the new photos I took today. Seriously annoying!

  154. Reply
    Mac going down the pan says:

    increased missed calls when the phone didn’t ring. Dropped calls or unable to hear me so I end up using the landline.

    When I hang up the phone the caller id stays on visible for more than 30 sec before going back Also I found network status on phone changing frequently when previously that never happened or noticed it before.Losing half of my contacts when the phone was going into a paddy and then coming back

  155. Reply
    Fourmessier says:

    Battery life crashed. Drains from 100% to 11% in 6 hours. The day before the update my battery life was at least 12+ hours. My screen is also not as responsive and freezes. I did do the reset, drain, and recharge trick and that did nothing to improve it. Going to apple store tomorrow!!!! Sucks!!!

  156. Reply
    Nicholas_1001 says:

    after updated version 5.1.1 , it failed SMS . And im restore again and again also is the same problem.  

  157. Reply
    Kamry_2005 says:

    Updated today. No problems getting on wifi, but that is the only way I can have I Internet now. 3G has been rendered useless. Horrible update!

  158. Reply
    Tasremzo says:

    3G having serious issues since update. I have done several restores, changed the sim and even got a new replacement from apple for my 4s. Replacement was fine until I stupidly preformed the update to 5.1.1 and now its also not working.

  159. Reply
    Sonic says:

    I also have problems with the 3g, but the most annoying is that push messages in the email is not working. The battery also is draining faster (but not so fast as I noticed at other users). Some applications are crushing. 

  160. Reply
    Mhenry says:

    I updated 2 hours ago and cant send email now.  Also deleted all my saved emails.  I have hard reboot, check all mail settings and nothing fixes it.  Thanks for the upgrade Apple

  161. Reply
    TokEtin says:

    i have an ipod 4g and WAS on ios 5.0 hoping that i could avoid the 5.1 battery draining problem so i waited for the 5.1.1 which WAS suppose to fix this problem, i only see that this was a huge mistake for my battery and i fear my internal battery is going to suffer in future use :/ i have though had no problems with my sound, keyboard ticks, music…but i have noticed once exiting an app and going to the springboard my device pauses for about 5 seconds before being responsive, and no matter what notification app i have under settings>notification center, i dont get notifications, im fine with that, id still like to be able to do something on my ipod than have it constantly dying while on sleep mode, i really hope apple starts fixing bugs for iphone/ipod firmware first, as far as i was aware of it, when ipad updates and fixes starting “fixing” ipad related bugs, it has screwed over the user of iphone/ipod user, thanks apple for the amazing fix, it really helped everyone didnt it….

    1. Reply
      TokEtin says:

      and ive had this firmware for a few weeks now and also havent had a wofi problem, in short i have notification center problems, springboard pausing momentarily, and extewme battery drainage….

      1. Reply
        TokEtin says:

        another update for people who use wifi on 5.1.1 , i have noticed turning off my wifi has saved my battery life EXTREMELY..it was able to last 8hours of constant gaming and listening to music while in sleep mode, (1-9pm) and was at 10-20% battery life..as soon as i had arrived home and turned wifi toggle on, battery died from 75% for 25 minutes of gaming/music, it seems wifi transmitted is killing my battery more than usual b4 5.1.1

  162. Reply
    Lisahunt71 says:

    Since update I have noticed that the phone freezes while I’m using an app and have to keep turning it on and off to get it going again. I have also noticed battery life not lasting as long as before the update. Also there is a prob when I’m trying to share a contact. The recipient can’t see it. It comes thru as a pxt and they can’t open it.

  163. Reply
    Freeworld says:

    I Have an iphone 4 and since updating to IOS 5.1.1 the battery drainiage is
    extreme, I now how to keep the phone plugged into the USB when in the office ,
    if I am out of the office the battery will last 1/2 a day if im lucky and that
    is with mild use…. 
    I Have reinstalled IOS 5.1.1 several times even setting the phone up as a new phone….still no improvement

    From what i have read online this seems to be an issue
    affecting iphone 4 not iphone 4S….

    I hope Apple get there act together soon as a lot of iphone 4 users are already upset at being denied Siri, and now to add insult to injury we are left with a phone that wont last half a day under normal use…….because of an update that apple wont let us downgrade from.

  164. Reply
    Tirelo_lejos says:

    We have two iPhone 4s and iTouch. All have issues with WiFi after upgrade to 5.1.1
    Constantly renewing network connection and draining the battery
    Have to turn off WiFi.

  165. Reply
    Chaseneiz says:

    Ok I have an iPod touch 4g I have ios 5.1.1 and sometimes I have apps that won’t open. I click on it and it flashes black. Reinstalling is a pain.

  166. Reply
    Edward Richards40 says:

    Cant do software update 5.1.1. Keep on telling me im not connected to internet.Im doing it from my laptop and im connected to my internet via 3G.
    Please help.

  167. Reply
    Brownomat says:

    after i upgraded my iphone 4s to ios 5.1.1, my phones as not been seeing network again..it says searching and the ends with No Service…please help me with this issue and i will appreciate it if i can get a solution on how to restore it back to factory setting with my former ios on it

    1. Reply
      Tingles251 says:

      Same problem. Have had it ever since upgraded. Have tried pretty much everything. Full reset. Apparently it’s the firmware, and that can’t be downgraded. Solution pretty much seems to be ‘get a new phone’. So annoyed  with Apple. 

  168. Reply
    Cynical Steve says:

    I never update my software this close to a new hardware release.  The cynic in me believes it’s deliberate to “encourage” hardware upgrades.  I’ll put money on the new iPhone working just fine with this version of the OS!

  169. Reply
    JaxMak says:

    Starting point:  iPhone 3gs with iOS 4.1

    Problems with initial install/restore:
    1) Took multiple attempts to complete iOS 5.1.1 download/upgrade2) Took multiple attempts to complete restore

    Problems after successful iOS install/restore
    1) Music files appeared intact but wouldn’t play
        (fixed with disconnect, hard reboot, reconnect, restore, hard reboot)
    2) Initially would not connect to WiFi router
        (fixed with:
         a) reboot WiFi router
         b) iPhone Settings/General/Reset -> Reset Network Settings
         c) iPhone hard reboot
        My WiFi router can now be manually selected, but after getting out of range
        (leaving the house) network has to again be manually selected,
        autoconnect to known network not working

  170. Reply
    Sbrab1 says:

    I updated to IOS 5.1 on my 3GS iphone.  I lost my contacts, was only able to re-enter those contacts manually that I sent texts to.  Now my e-mail will send e-mail to my own account when I hit reply to another email from my in box.  I have deleted and re-entered my email account information with no fix.  I am frustrated that I upgraded.  I lost my ringtones, had to repurchase them.  Please post how to fix these issues.

  171. Reply
    Asd says:

    Screen was unresponsive to unlocking.

    Tried to reset but home button dosnt work. When i could it would restart and crash again.

    Restored to factory 5.1.1 as new phone

    Problem stopped overnight then resurfaced again in the morning

    tried to restore to old backup but now screen has gone black and is vibrating.

    I hate you apple.

  172. Reply
    Stupid Believer says:

    Ipod touch 3gen Upgrade to OS 5.1.1
    1. Wi Fi option is greyed out and cannot be selected, shows ‘No WiFi’
    2. Bluetooth option also greyed out shows ‘unavailable’
    3. Battery life, well what can I say but call for the undertaker.
    Note to self, never never never update just after a software release.
    What a fool I am to trust Apple. 

  173. Reply
    N Kirby309 says:

    The layout of safari has changed, before 5.1.1 update you could see the web pages you had open, now you just have tabs. Can this be changed back.

    Nick Kirby

  174. Reply
    Citizenme says:

    Can’t make or take a call and surf the internet simultaneously any more.  Soon as I hang up the call, I have internet connectivity resumes….  what the?

  175. Reply
    BLing says:

    just upgrading the OS to 5.1.1. After upgrading to 5.1.1, my IP4S crashed all the time and became very unstable. the phone is not always success to start when I am resetting or rebooting…

  176. i am downloading ios 5.1.1 on my iphone 4…in the last few moments of installion an error occurs and the whole process cancels…can anyone help me about this eror??

  177. Reply
    Jarvis255 says:

    My iphone is draining now after 5.1.1 and doing nothing at all will drain to 7% battery by lunchtime, this is the second phone to do this after one of their updates, they replaced the last one last time it did this, drives me mad, it uses battery too fast at the best of times, I now have a useless phone again that can’t be trusted

  178. Reply
    Virgopearl says:

    I unawarely updated my 3GS to iOS 5.1.1 recently and found that my safari crashes constantly even when I’m reading or surfing the net. I heard watching YouTube clips that are over an hour long can do that but I’m just reading a web page. It has never happened before until I updated to 5.1.1. Also the typing is a bit weird now. The auto correction does t always work like it does and the sensitivity is a bit worse. I’m not sure if that’s just due to wear n tear or the update but it seemed to have surfaced since the update. Haven’t noticed the battery drain or wifi problems. Also now when I press the lock button, the click comes at least 3 or more seconds later. Why is that so??

    1. Reply
      Cosmopolitan Virgo says:

      I seem to have the same problem with safari crashing and when I type it or open the phone from the lock screen it lags. But then again it could just be a virgo thing :-p

  179. Reply
    Rlee says:

    Has anyone ever had there apps open up 1/4 screen on the top left corner? Happend to me but managed to fix it, I now have another problem all my apps are static yet my background moves around has anyone ever had this problem and how did they resolve this help please.

  180. Reply
    Mohitbajaj says:

    After updating to5.1.1 I lost my preloaded apple wallpapers. Ringing volume is aprrox 20% slower than before. Try to help and sort it out in next update fast.

  181. Reply
    angel says:

    if you are planning to update to 5.1.1, dont. the battery drains very fast. the wife is not AT ALL good. 

    is there a way to go back to the previous version?

  182. Reply
    Drepacino_17 says:

    Very disappointed…severe issues with battery life, phone freezing and crashing. Phone is useless at this point…I can’t even access my contacts without crashing.

  183. Reply
    Shangkar says:

    I’m having problems as well after updating my Iphone 4 to 5.1.1 OS. Having problem with network is the worst. Always trying to find network and most of the time no service. Regretted that I have upgraded my IOS. Ear volume tend to become lower to atleast 20%.  

  184. Reply
    Gericoarabia says:

    My 3Gs is always no service or searching,. and now it just turned off and i cant open it anymore :(( any solution for this thing? plsss :((((

    1. Reply
      Guest says:

      Have you found anything further about your problem? I’m having a similar issue (my phone will be in “No Service” mode for an hour and then all of a sudden go to 4 or 5 bars of signals strength (my spouse has a phone on the same network with no such issues, so I know this isn’t a carrier problem). I went by the Apple Store and they first told me to reset my network (System Preferences > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings). I tried that for a few days but that didn’t solve anything. So back I go, and this time the folks at Apple swapped my SIM — but the problem has persisted (it actually might be worse, but I haven’t had the new SIM long, so it is too soon for me to tell).

    1. Reply
      Kapta7 says:

      Mine the same. 
      all apps crash seconds after opening, are draining too much battery, and so on. Anyone else with this problem?

  185. Reply
    SMA says:

    I have an iPad 2 and it drains the battery very much… before when i bought the iPad 2 in ios 4 the battery was so good but now its the worst.Is it because of me or ios 5.1.1 ???

  186.  i am downloading ios 5.1.1 on my iphone 4…in the last few moments of
    installion an error occurs and the whole process cancels…can anyone
    help me about this eror??

    1. Reply
      Kmsr says:

      Faced the same issue. First download 5.1.1 through itunes and then upgrade separately. worked for me.

  187. Reply
    Tanya L Soucy says:

    I just downloaded iOS 5.1.1 and some of my apps are in French. Help anyone????? I don’t know if it’s because I’m in Canada or what but some I my apps are just completely in French. I just HAD to get the new update…

  188. Reply
    Christianrobinson says:

    i am trying to jailbreak my ipod touch 5.1.1 and it is not letting me jailbreak even know i backed up my device

  189. Reply
    Tonja says:

    The latest iOS update, 5.1.1, is bricking iPhone 4’s.  It happened to a friend of mine and I’ve seen various posts at other sites, including Apple Support.  Apple employees in B&M stores apparently aren’t admitting there is a problem with the update and are advising customers that the only way to get a working phone is to purchase another one for $150US.

    1. Reply
      Rikimaru Asuma says:

      That is wrong, mine does the same and they made me pay extra $229.00 for replacement. I suppose thats how they making money..

  190. Reply
    c.tiggerg1 says:

    My problems are 1. Power button not working 2. Camera also not working after I updated my ipod touch 4g to their new ios5.1.1. I am truely disappointed in apple.

  191. Reply
    Tiffany says:

    My IPod Touch crashes every time I put it on standby. Which also resets my date and time to 12:00 am Decenber 1969 which can be a huge pain when using apps like Twitter. Battery drainage and my battery not even charging all the way after HOURS.

    1. Reply
      Chris says:

      Same, I just updated mine and it shuts down when I go on standby. The time was set to 7:00 AM December. -______- not cool, and I just got the iPod 4G white from a friend because I just wanted to replace my iPod 4G black because the screen is cracked! I first thought she chipped me out at first!

  192. Reply
    c.s. says:

    Upgraded my iPod 3G to 5.1.1. After that it just freezes at home then restarts, and then freezes at home again. Never have a change to even slide it to unlock. Tried to jailbreak it, but it’s still the same. I could’ve downgraded it to 5.0.1, but there’s no tutorial for Mac. 🙁 I’m frustrated right now.

  193. Reply
    Monish Arora says:

    My iPhone 4S mostly shows the message “can not determine location” on using Maps application. It works fine on using net by wifi..

  194. Horrible Wi-Fi and battery is crap now. I tried doing a complete wipe and install…there are no fixes really. They pretty much just made their products useless for me. I guess I’m ready to try Android now…if anyone makes a half decent phone that doesn’t die in 4 hours lol.

  195. Reply
    Rikimaru Asuma says:

    Mine was shutting down by itself. I normally leave my iphone 4s in my desk after a few hours or a 22 music played, it stopped and tried turning it on but it wouldn’t. I also tried pressing the home button but no luck. So I pressed the sleep button and home button at the same time for 40seconds then it came on. This happened three time already and I’m concern, its seems all of the update has been made that never did change abything at al. beside, It made things even more worst. I can’t imagine that this kind of product could cost so much despite all of its bugs, errors and glicthes. I’m afraid I have no choice but to switch to the professionally done product such as Android.. Sorry Apple…

  196. Reply
    Pissed_off says:

    I’m having the same issues apps crashing with on warning…this did not start until
    I upgraded to 5.1.1 …can anyone help?

  197. Reply
    Iliana says:

    Well after I jailbreak my phone to 5.1.1 I have been having problems with my music from iTunes and some apple apps such as chase, photobucket, etc

  198. Reply
    Guest says:

    Our employee has the iphone 4s with iOS 5.0.1 and he was prompted to download and update to 5.1.1 since Verizon pushed it out wirelessly to the network.  His phone isn’t able to install the update and he is now complaining about the data on the phone not working at all.  It looks like we’ll have to update the phone from itunes and possibly wipe the phone..

  199. Reply
    Gfunkw says:

    Iphone 3GS with latest update iOS 5.1.1 on Rogers Network will open from camera icon slider upwards, but not with slider going to right (springboard won’t work). This happens both when trying to answer calls and open the phone’s main screen.

  200. Reply
    Skye says:

    I updated my iphone 4 which had previously never had a single issue, and like many others the battery (or displayed battery life) is shot, but worse was the fact that within 10 minutes of running an app my phone was so hot I couldn’t hold it, and had to shut it down. Replies to similar problems on the apple forums suggest that ‘devices get hot’, but that phone was perfect and had never even got vaguely warm before no matter what was running or for how long. 🙁

  201. Reply
    Gymnastjenna19 says:

    Havnt seen anyone else with the same problem…but I’m no longer able to delete apps from my iPod touch (4th gen.). The little black x that normally will appear when you hold an app no longer shows up the app just jiggles around and I can move and arrange them still. I havnt noticed any other problems with the new iOS, other then im not able to charge it in my iPhone any more

  202. Reply
    Shiva says:

    no sim card installed after Iphone 4 updated to ios 5.1.1. 
    used givey sim .
    How can I downgrade to the previous ios ??

  203. Reply
    Ipad User.x says:

    My ipad constantly turning itself on and of and now wifi isnt working since upgrading.. i am upsetwith apple-

  204. Reply
    FN says:

    After installing 5.1..1 my ipad2 and iphone 3G will load email. Very frustrating, since they are both used for work.

  205. Reply
    Faizanfarooqui23 says:

    Slam friends … I ve purchase a new handset but having some problem with it that it shows no service problem and i m unable to call or sms .. if anybody knows the solution plz do tell me..

  206. Reply
    Reaper66626 says:

    My ipod touch will not connect to wifi at all no matter where i go to connect. Also my iTunes has updated 16 apps but my touch says i have 23 more updates after i tryed to install 40+ apps a 2 weeks ago and non of them will update after trying again and again but it won’t update anything and now i can’t play half my games my touch tells me i have to wait for the app to update i’m very pissed off about this so i’m going to try and downgrade to the previous ios untill this problem gets dealt with. Thanks for your B/S ios.

  207. Reply
    Anon says:

    I finally decided to update to the new software two days ago and now I can’t even watch a YouTube video and or load something without severe lagging on my iPhone4s

  208. Reply
    Anaroylagura says:

    after i updated to new ios 5.1, the battery is too short unlike before and also dont have any signal for the network

  209. Reply
    Larry says:

    After I restored my iPhone 4 5.1.1 which is using a Straight Talk sim card, the phone would no longer recognize the sim card. I tried putting in the AT&T sim card and it still didn’t work. Does anyone have any idea why this is happens? It seems to be completely defective, and is the second time this has happened to me.

  210. Reply
    Thomas Nagels says:

    i have a problem with my ipod touch 4th gen , after my battery went down i recharged and started it up again  the background went black and a few apps disappeared. and it won’t let me set another backgroudn except black.

  211. Reply
    Kaylynngrace says:

    Hi I’m kaylynn and I can’t download the ios5.1.1 onto my iPod. It does not show the update button In my general settings and it shows and error message halfway through the update when I try to update on my computer. Why is this?

    1. Reply
      Dave says:

      I’ve had this problem updating from my PC. I found out it was due to my antivirus program. I knocked the antivirus off and the update completed ok.

  212. Reply
    Taylor says:

    I have a iPad 2 and after the iOS 5.1.1 update I can not open apps and can’t download them.

    1. Reply
      Lau says:

      Having the same problem. Have an ipad 2 and have just done my update… All my apps are stuck on waiting.. Have tried restarting, have installed apps since and they have downloaded fine … Still have about 10 apps suck on waiting… Am about to restore to original settings after backing p to icloud… Very worried i will lose my diary entries on my notepad app though…

      Anyone got any fixes? Makes me reluctant to update ever again!

  213. Reply
    LilMissSunshine says:

    Finally updated my iPhone 3GS to the 5.1.1 & now the phone keeps freezing up. B4 it started freezing all of my contacts were empty & apps removed. The screen shows the screensaver but when I try to slide my finger across the screen to unlock the phone it gives me a black screen w/ the loading symbol….been about 4 hours now & it’s still doing the same thing! So now I can’t use my phone at all! Talk about frustrating!!! 

  214. Reply
    Surya Majet says:

    i updated my iphone 3gs 4.1 to 5.1 from then its showing insert sim what will be the problem

    1. Reply
      Lm0289 says:

      Same thing with me, updated from 4.1 to 5.1.1 now I get unplug and put in sim. It’s in there.
      Now it’s junk!!!

  215. Reply
    James Pittman says:

    Very Conserned!

    Just got my ipod touch for christmas, I don’t use it much but after this last update my both PC and Itunes dosen’t detect my my device. I have no other problems, it works fine. It even charges, but a little slow. I’ve uninstalled all apple products and reinstalled them but nothing. Hope they resolve this problem soon.

  216. Reply
    Rohitpania1993 says:

    By updating iOS 5.0 to 5.1.1 I have got a serious problem that when I use my iphone for more than 1 hour my phone shut downs what should I do please help me!!

    1. Reply
      Hajiile24 says:

      Ok. When i first got my iPhone in 2011, i didn’t know much about apple, or any apple products of that matter. I was only 13… i didnt waste my time looking up when the next own was coming out. But today, i am lol. Even though this is not a correct response, i can give you one. I have been having this isue with my iPhone 4. Not to long ago, it was jailbroken. It did a crazy thing where it would go into a infinite reboot mode. It was on IOS 5.0.1. I decided to update to IOS 5.1.1, and that didnt help. It seems to be both a hardware problem, and a ios probelm. The hardware problem deals with the battery. sometimes this peoblem trigures the phone to just randomly shut down on its own. the IOS probelm is within ios 5. Ive come across people who have actually hade no problems when updating to the new ios 5. They told me nothing has occured. I digged in further to do a thural investigation, and it seemed people experienced this problem after updating to ios 5. Some even said they replaced the battery, and nothing has happened after they replaced it. My advice… if you realy need a phone, replace your battery. As for me, im 14. im just gonna wait untill the next iPhone comes out. As of right now, i dont have a working phone, but i could get one. I hope this problem doesnt happen again to you or anyone my friend. BEST OF LUCK!!!

  217. Reply
    Binod_nepali77 says:

    i tried to update to iOS 5.1.1 but i could not do that because of unability to down load 802 MB file resulted from internet connection problem. and my iphone is  crashed i can not use it now. help pls

  218. Reply
    Darknazo says:

    I updated my iPod 4th Gen flawlessly from ios 5.0.1 ro 5.1.1 and now when ever i try to update an app iy saya cannot connect to itunes, i have like 35 updates to do…

    1. Reply
      Guest1 says:

      I recently was trying to see the updates available but even though I could browse apps my phone “could not connect to iTunes”. I saw the updates later that day but I do not know what prevented me from doing that earlier.

  219. Reply
    ALxoxoxoxo says:

    Im having a problem with my images turning into grey boxes with JPG written in them
    I know its probably irrelevant to this
    But does anyone know of a solution?
    Hundreds of my pictures have done this
    And i dont want to loose any more
    I dont have access to a computer either so this might complicate things

  220. Reply
    Karimurph says:

    Since the update, my iphone 4 and my ipod touch drain battery life very quickly. Also, for the first time ever, I can’t receive or make calls from in my house. This is my only phone!

    1. Reply
      side_winder_1 says:

      I’m having same issue. Only seems to happen when I’m at home? Have you had any resolve on this issue?

  221. Reply
    Ipod Touch user says:

    I have an IPOD touch 4th gen and since upgrading to 5.1.1 OS, I am unable to use iMesage with my friend who has an iPhone (also in 5.1.1 OS).

  222. Reply
    Yuzupondepon says:

    since my update, my home button became unresponsive.
    sometimes it works and other times I would have to press a multiple times…

  223. Reply
    rjr says:

    Just bought an iPod Touch 4 for my daughter. What a piece. Unit came with OS 5.1.1. The unit hung multiple times during setup (no less than a dozen times). Wifi is essentially non functional as it always says “Unable to connect” even though all other wireless devices connect with no issues. Manual config of Wifi settings are no help. (oh and the error messages are worthless).

    In short, this is my first experience with an apple product since Apple IIe and I have to say Apply has nothing on anyone and certainly not reliability.

    This said, it’s possible that there is some obscure router setting that apple is dependent upon but All other wireless devices (including our new thermostat) work right out of the box including the China made Android Tablet so why not Apple. Don’t know and don’t care any more. It’s back to the store and off to buy a 7″ Android tablet for the same price or less and I’ll Never touch an Apple again.

    BTW, anyone at apple know what “testing” is???

    Any way, My first exp with Apply OS 5.1.1.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x is that it’s CRAP.

  224. Reply
    Hamfisted says:

    Tried to upgrade the OS due to general unresponsiveness, wiped everything from the phone. Had to connect to iTunes to restore (a FIVE HOUR download!), which failed (another FIVE HOUR download!) Fingers crossed. Apple need to stop letting their (pretty loyal) customers down.

  225. Reply
    Froglovinlady says:

    I updated to 5.1.1 and all of my text messages disappear and all of my images disappear.  I take a picture with my camera, it makes the normal click sound, shows a picture in the small image box and when I click on the box it says no images are on my phone.  With the texting, it shows I have a message on the home screen but when I click it takes me to no message.  I send a message and it doesn’t show anything on my thread.

  226. Reply
    Fire_ice_queen says:

    iphone 3gs updated to 5 now it won’t send picture messages, drops calls then lose signal. it is very unnerving. how can this be fixed?

  227. Reply
    Silva says:

    Since the 5.1.1 update my ipod doesn’t sync properly.  When I try to syc music albums only some tracks  are accepted.  I had no problems before the upgrade so as far as I’m concerned 5.1.1 is crap

    1. Reply
      Benjo says:

      Me too – cannot sync mp4 videos – used to be fine before the 5.1.1 update – now it says “sync” but these videos cannot be found ANYWHERE on my iPod (3gen) – any ideas??

  228. Reply
    Clarebear72 says:

    my iphone keeps changing screens by itself and randomly types messages, searches web, makes calls and games freeze….also the functions run slow and the battery flattens alot….any suggestions?

  229. Reply
    Tentetsu says:

    my iphone shuts itself down anytime i use internet or more than one program that isnt texting or calling.
    anyone else having this issue?

  230. Reply
    Fofo_donis says:

    I updates 2 iPhones 4, one from 4.3.3, the other from 5.0.1, both 32GB, to iOS 5.1.1.
    Both devices present HOME BUTTON problems, it do not respond when i pressed. sometimes work fine, sometimes i hit it top 20-30 times without working…
    I updated 2 iPhones 4 8GB and 2 iPhones 4S 16GB having no problem…

  231. Reply
    Chelacouture says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and since my update tu 5.1.1 everything has been wrong.
    I can’t take pictures because it will reboot the phone, can’t use apps because it reboots the phone, can’t talk or use data because it’s the same problem. And of course, the battery life has reduced over 50%.
    The only way the phone works fine is plugged to the computer or during a charge. (connected)

  232. Reply
    Jason says:

    i backup my iphone before i update my iTunes and iphone to 5.1.1,after i finish backup and update,my photo all gone,than i try many time restart my phone and also plug in to iTune also no use.Why???

  233. Reply
    veena b says:

    Hi, My Iphone 3gs has whatsapp installed.  last night while messaging, the phone batt got low so i stopped messaging and plugged it in.  when i tried to use the Whatsapp..the latest installed version of this app out there, it tells me that optimizing this application is 0% and there is a failure to load messages or chat history.  Furthermore i cant message out at all as it has blocked all the people on diabled me from messaging out although no one is blocked.  can anyone help with this problem…

  234. Reply
    Guest says:

    Both my husband and I have iphone 3gs and ever since we updated to 5.1.1, both our cell phones have developed signal problems. Since the update, neither phone ever goes past 3 signal bars.  At our home, we used to get full bars and the 3G worked wonderfully.  Good luck now browsing the net when the bars are at 3 or lower. Sometimes the phones even show NO SERVICE rather than a low signal.   This is unbelievable!!!  How can they issue defective software to this extend????   I mentioned this to their support people, and they said that there must be damage to the antenna inside the phone. REALLY??????????????? two phone at the same time somehow got their antennas damaged, and what a coincidence…it was after the phones were updated to 5.1.1 that we suddenly broke both our antennas on the same week!

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Be responsible for your programming mistakes! That’s called working under deadlines that wouldnt have been met unless they threw out the update at us as it came… problems and all!  Thanks a lot APPLE!

    now we’re using SAMSUNGS until they get the next update for the iphones.

    oh wait….. maybe we should buy a new iPhone instead that doesn’t suffer of this sort of trouble.. Oh wait….that’s no possible, cuz it’s still the same company behind it. lol   wow…. too bad google doesnt have a phone….;) lol

    1. mine too my phone is virtually unusable same thing mine only one bar or no service yet when i went to ibiza 10 days ago my movistar signal was constantly 5 bars )” net work provider . I have had my phone looked at and declared ok so naffed off its basically an ipod touch now. Any iideas anyone

  235. Reply
    Rbond22 says:

    I tried updating my 3GS and, when the update was finished, it failed to restore (I didn’t even know it would have to restore). So I ended up wiping the whole thing clean, hoping to just resync everything from scratch. But it wouldn’t sync. Fortunately, I was able to use an older restore and get everything back, but now I’m stuck using the old iOS. However, from what I’m reading below, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

  236. Reply
    Nekh4n says:

    when im ringing ppl they cant hear me and im finding it hard to hear them???? the speakers seem to be on a really low volume een when i try to increase the volume its not letting me???? what do i do in case of emergncys il b really struggling iv had health problems and have needed to contact emergency services 3 times this week i cnt have a major fault like this on my phone!!! im so angry

  237. Reply
    Rohit says:

    hi yesterday i had a problem while restoring my 3gs to 5.1.1. it got stuck in the middle while restoring and when i used tiny umbrella to see if any informatiom was in my iphone. it was all blank. now my 3gs shows apple logo atlest and itunes recognized my iphone in recovery mode and can’t restore from my downloaded firmware 5.1.1……need serious help

  238. Reply
    Roygough1 says:

    Since the upgrade, itunes on my computer keeps losing all music and apps and so creates a problem with my ipad. Itunes seems to be unable to remember previous downloads/purchases. I keep re-downloading but it still loses them

  239. Reply
    Joe says:

    While the latest itunes would not upgrade or reset the firmware on my iphone 4g from ver 4.2.1 to 5.1.1 using my windows PC using the USB 2 and USB 3 connection …When connected to my Macbook Pro it upgraded without a problem. So if you get an error when updating your firmware using a PC, then use a Mac or go to the Apple Store.

  240. Reply
    Adolfo Melo says:

    The moment i am writing the day before today i was upgrading my IPAD 1 to IOS 5.1.1 and all i know is suddenly my IPAD crshed: the screen is black with the aplle symbol and line that seems to me that was upagreding and stopped. I cannot swicth it off because no matter how long i press the bottom to switch off it doesn´t.  so I dont´t who has experienced the same problem and solved it, please to help me

  241. Reply
    Bec says:

    my iphone 3gs keeps shutting down, the battery life is awful and it over heats…  i also have problems where i cannot call or text or receive calls and texts…  i thought it was the phone but after reading the comments it appears it is the recent update to 5.1.1…  if anyone can advise how to correct this problem i would very much appreciate it…  is it worth contacting apple?  i really don’t understand how they can release a program that is so dysfunctional!!!

  242. Reply
    Chris says:

    Hey, I’m on O2 with an iPhone 4. My signal hasn’t dropped that much since the update. However, has done more now since the O2 blackout. It started off similar to other peoples phones, I could hear people on my phone when I called them, but they can’t hear me. Then the blackout, I do not get any signal and ALWAYS No Service everywhere I go. If I’m walking about my phone will receive a text and to my excitement of finally getting service, I whip my phone out of my pocket and guess what?.NO SERVICE. I have tried various “fixes” but no joy. No Service for me is literally 23 hours and 50 minutes a day. I see the light for about 10 minutes sometimes.. Not often enough.
    It’s really annoying and after reading many posts about this on many forums, I think it’s a problem with O2, not my phone, which I thought it was to start with. They’re poop, putting it very politely. Also, since the blackout they offered me (and everyone else) £10 voucher to spend in store. This means travelling to a store and finding something that is £10, which is very unlikely to happen since the majority of products they sell is over £10. They’re excluding any top ups so we can’t even buy a top up to gain any additional 10% back every quarter. BarStools is what I think. Switching to T-Mobile shortly. Most of my friends are on T-Mobile and have never complained. Think I’ll migrate.

  243. Reply
    Rockypooluvsu says:

    I updated my iPod touch 4.1 to 5.1.1 and now i’m having charging problems such as “Charging is not supported with this accessory >:( HELP PLEASE! My big sister ordered me a new charger off amazon, and it’s still on the way, hope that work! I got a medium sized crack on the top left of my screen, (Which i’m fixing this week) );

  244. Reply
    Mark says:

    I updated my iPod touch 4g to the iOS 5.1.1 and my battery has been draining VERY quickly also, my iPod WILL NOT SYNC at all. What could you possibly do to fix this? Also can or will this ever be fixed?

  245. Reply
    hu7chinson says:

    After updating a new iPod which i had never used before, the camera will refuse to work. Although the app will open, it either stays with the shutter closed or the screen stays completely black. Even if I change to the front camera. I thought the iPod must be broken and thought nothing of it however afterwards I updated another iPod touch, the camera refuses to work again however on the second iPod it is possible by choosing the camera option on the locked screen. I have tried resetting them both, numerous times. The second iPod never used to do it as I had used it in the past therefore the only thing linking the two is the update. Is anyone else having problems with the camera?

  246. Reply
    Ladyclairejc says:

    Our wifi tanked with 5.1.1. I have a new router and my service provider has confirmed service is uninterrupted. The phones (4s) and iPad 3 won’t stay connected. It’s awful. Apple really needs to address this issue.

  247. Reply
    Coyhn1001 says:

    I am having problems accessing wifi and managing aps since updating to 5.1.1. my iphone 4 overall runs slower and does not respond as quickly to input i.e. pressing home button and tapping screen. I thought it may be because I was running too close to my storage/memory capacity but I deleted several mp3 files and aps and the phone performance did not improve whatsoever. Sure wish there was a way to downgrade the iOS

  248. Reply
    Lorrainemcqueen says:

    my iphone 3Gs is receiving emails from hotmail but I cant scroll/delete seems to be frozen apart from receiving?

  249. Reply
    Mandipsaini87 says:

     After update the ios to 5.1.1 ,itstops detecting the wifi signals but working as a wifi hotspot.

    Pls suggest ..

  250. Reply
    Lewis2211 says:

    I put 5.1.1 on my ipad2 3G and have lost the ability to connect to t-mobile. I have tested the sim in my iPhone and it is working fine. It’s about time apple got there software right. Apples products are not the cheapest and this constant glitch fixing is pathetic. Zx81’s ran better.

  251. Reply
    Girlsunday32 says:

    I try to update my IPhone 4 but there is always an error message. My camera no longer works, it’s stuck on shutter too, although the app opens.

  252. Reply
    Freckles0004 says:

    Aghhhh! I have so many issues ever since I updated! My music keeps starting independently, especially when I make or receive a phone call. Also voice control keeps opening by itself and my volume turns all the way down…my Netflix app keeps stopping for no reason at all..,I could go on for days. The worst thing is that I called and went to the apple store and I JUST went over my warranty two monts ago and when I told them this is the second time this has happened to a device(ipod4 previously) they said some phones can’t handle the upgrades! Great! Now I am stuck with a phone that won’t work because I upgraded by accident…,,grrr.

  253. Reply
    Ktjslick says:

    ive looked at alot of the comments and i had called apple and told them about the comments from people and they said to go to the clostest apple store buy you and let them upgrade to 5.1

  254. Reply
    Naveed Iqbal Barlas says:

    i have update iPhone 3gs 4.1 to 5.1.1 every thing running well but YouTube is not connected. Pls give me sujestion

  255. Reply
    Gus South Africa says:

    My Iphone 4 5.1.1 shows full 3g signal but is not connected to the internet. This happens constantly. A reboot helps but only for a while. Have reset all settings and basically restored to factory settings but to no avail.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Reply
      Meredith Cane says:

      Yep, same problem – 3g working but safari will not load and no other Internet apps will work. Oddly, email still downloads, and everything is fine over a wifi connection.

  256. Reply
    Elainekbarron says:

    Sound issue since update.  No sound in any apps, youtube, incoming text alert sound.  When volume selected the ringer appears but no sliding volume control. 

  257. Reply
    Ihabhamdan11 says:

    I use iphone 32GB China made.  It was working perfectly fine, then iTunes suggested I update my iPhone, so I clicked on it.  After letting it update for a while it finished and then when I turned my phone back on it came up with a grey background first saying choose language, then country or region, then Wi-Fi networks and after that it stays on the Connect to iTunes screen.  When it is connected to iTunes it says “There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate. Please disconnect and insert a SIM card in the iPhone.”  Someone please help me. I have no idea what to do.

      1. Reply
        lehcarrox says:

        I had the same issue. After many frustrating hours in the Apple Store and on the phone with tech support, I finally had another Apply Store swap out my handset for a new one and I was able to complete the setup. Frustrating fix, but it was the only was to complete the restore and have a working phone.

  258. Reply
    yvyc says:

    i have updated my 3gs to 5.1.1 and i cant go to some links or uodate some apps, it says that safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid

  259. Reply
    Josed says:

    My iPAD2 was working fine, until I tried to upload iOS5.1.1, and it crashed. Now the only thing on the screen is the restore function. I tried to restore the computer, and it loads the software, but it stops when it tries to confirm the firmware. I’ve called Apple and stoped by the store, and the only thing that they can come up is that my iPAD is broke. Something does not sound right, since it loads up the program and recognizes the iPAD, not to mention that it was working fine just two days ago. Can anyone help me with this.

  260. Reply
    Ed Martin78 says:

    another victim of the “charging not supported with this device” bug. phone now useless in the draw and i’m using an old nokia. Even if they brought a fix I wouldn’t be able to update because it won’t go above 7% battery. Don’t think i’ll buy that iphone 5. very disappointed..

  261. Reply
    Watchmoviefree2012 says:

    what happening on me is the caller cannot hear me while I still can hear them. It’s microphone problem. but when I used and test with voice memo, mike is working. Worse when I went to my carrier, they said repairing will cost 350SGD with 90 days grantee. Sigh. I shouldn’t upgrade ios 5.1.1. Before that all fine, but now my phone is useless.

  262. Reply
    Gild says:

    My iPhone 4s will not automaticaly pick up 3G. If i want to connect, i have to go to airplane mode mode turn it off and on allowing it to reboot, then it works! What a nusance. Is there a fix? it has nothing to do with OS 5.1.1 as its always been like that!!

  263. Reply
    Crash says:


    I had a problem with Safari crashing in iOS 5.0.1, which
    seemed to be corrected in 5.1.  However,
    after updating to iOS 5.1.1, my problem with Safari crashing not only has
    returned, but  has become HORRIBLE and
    worse than I have ever seen it.  I have
    to re-launch the app at least 4 or 5 times in any session.

  264. Reply
    Becwest8474 says:

    Hi there, I did an update for my husbands Iphone last night and updated to softward 5.1.1 and now I have lost all his contacts as for some reason it didn’t backup properly before the software update was done.  How can I find the contacts and restore the missing files?  HELP PLEASE!

  265. Reply
    Imvumoviemaker says:

    My iPhone 4 Only Has 1 Bar Of Internet Signal And Does not Work In Part Of My House. I Got My iPhone Fixed And I Got The Update … About 2 Weeks Maybe 3 Weeks Apart . Im Not Sure . But Then I Got My Phone Fixed And The Wifi Signal Has Been Terrible !! 1 or 2 Bars . And It Stopped Asking If I Want To Join Wifi Connections . Someone Help .

    1. Reply
      Swanza says:

      Your wifi connectivity will be terrible if they when they fixed your iPhone, had to take the screen off. As they disconnect the wifi cable. My brother had a broken screen for both an iPhone and iPod 4g and when he fixed it, when put the cable back on the wifi connection was resulted in terrible connectivity both time I don’t reccomend fixing borking if still able to use.

  266. Reply
    ihate5.1.1 says:

    I updated from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 everything was fine now after update I can’t hear anyone during calls speaker and headset work fine but not when talking on the handset. Before update everything was fine and I’ve only had the phone for one day and it is the 64GB so you know how expensive that is!!!!

  267. Reply
    John duckworth says:

    I have had my iphone since January but in the last few weeks I have been unable to transfer photos to my PC, whereas I could before. Now when I connect via USB the PC wants to setup another network [home, work, or public] and also prompts an HP back-up service screen. The phone is listed in the PC auto play options but does NOT appear as a device in windows explorer, hence I cannot see the iphone drive from where I would normally copy photos.

    I have no imported photos in my camera roll and the phone is unlocked. I do get the familiar ‘beep’ signalling some level of device recognition.

    Any suggestions?

  268. Reply
    Paul4892 says:

    I recently began experiencing WiFi problems, also – i.e. the phone won’t maintain the connection and when it’s lost, it won’t recognize any WiFi signals around me. Today, a new problem emerged after I tried a reset on my network setting. Now the phone won’t let me set my lock screen with my own picture selection. For me, the problems began since I downloaded the new OS X Mountain Lion a few days ago. Clearly, Apple has some debugging to do!

    1. Reply
      Guest says:

      One correction to the above post: I had a serious brain f…t regarding the set lock screen procedure. I forgot it was charging when I was checking the screen. However, the WiFi problem is quite real. Sorry for the error on the lock screen report.

  269. Reply
    WattoAdonis says:

    ios 5.1.1 4th Generation iPod Touch Camera app will not function and remains at the closed shutter and constant flashing on the switch to choose between still images and video… ( going to restore and jb all over again now ;-((  )

  270. Reply
    Pwjohn1 says:

    Hello all,

    I have recently upgraded to to ISP 5.2.1 on my iPhone 4. This has caused my home button to be intermittent or not work at all. I have tried to recalibrate the home button, but to no success also I have tried a restore and setup the iPhone as new with a new name. I am still unable to use the home button. I am currently using assitive touh which gives me a onscreen home button. My girl friend also has ISP 5.1.1 and her iPhone has been working fine, but recently it crashed, no apps and the home button did not work. Was working for calls. This has been restored 5 times now and still the home button does not work. This is using assitive touh presently but this phone is only 4 months old.

    Any advice you can give would be great. My advice to other iPhone users is not to upgrade unless you have to 🙂

    1. Reply
      Dubbsy says:

      ive had 2 iphone 4 (non-s) with home button failure and both had to be replaced (hardware issue) nothing more frustrating than no home button on an iphone….good luck

  271. Reply
    Ali_gondal77 says:

    Since I upgraded to ios 5.1.1 .. Facebook app is not working proprly… No pictures are showing and only a blue question mark comes……. Same is the case when I use safari for Facebook… Please help

  272. Reply
    guest says:

    Since updating to 5.1.1 I have had serious problems trying to maintain an internet connection (using wifi or cellular), and my battery life has dramatically decreased.  🙁

  273. Reply
    dubbsy says:

    since the update my iphone 4 will barely charge runs out super fast and keeps getting incredibly hot while plugged in! phone is unusable i have to go to apple tomorrow

  274. Reply
    Roy Rogers says:

    8/5/2012  Today, upgraded my 3GS to 5.1.  Everything seems to still work except..I lost all my contacts.  My entire ITunes-contacts was the only page was completely greyed-out.  My Home WiFi appears to be working. Tomorrow, will know more about Work-WiFi and any ExtremeBatteryDrainage possibilities.

  275. Reply
    Trinity says:

    Since updating my iPhone 4 to iOS5.1.1, I lost all my contacts.  In addition, I cant save people’s phone numbers from their text messages (ie. there is now no option at the top of the screen to “call” or “add to contacts”).  Anyone else with this problem and/or know how to resolve?  Apple Support were no help to me.  

  276. Reply
    Karen says:

    Sometime in the last 3 weeks all of my calendar appointments just disappeared from my iPhone 3G. I’m not techie by any means, so how can I get them all back? Help!

  277. Reply
    nik says:

    i dowloaded 5.1 version,and it has restored my phone to nothing?…saying there is no sim card in it?…i now have no phone?

  278. Reply
    Meep says:

    when I updated to 5.1.1 my wifi would only work on networks I had already used, I couldn’t add any new networks at all. Plus, some of the apps that use wifi to operate (namely the itunes and app stores and instagram) don’t work anymore because they can’t seem to ever connect to wifi. I don’t know if the second bit is because of the 5.1.1 update, but it started about a week after updating.

  279. Reply
    Kerri M. says:

    I have experienced the nightmare of losing contacts , various game progress on apps downloaded, and battery drainage on my iPhone as well. Im scared to plug it into my pc anymore and I avoid “Syncing” my iphone with the fear of the Plague! I do not intend to renew another contract with apple for my next phone!

  280. Reply
    elf says:

    Since updating to 5.1.1 my Netflix will not work on the new iPad, ever! I have also noticed some of the game apps crashing, but unlike Netflix they will initially boot and run for a while, where as Netflix goes to the title screen and then just bombs out.

  281. Reply
    555nix says:

    Since updating to 5.1.1, my iphone constantly crashes, seemingly draining my battery. I have never had a single problem before but now it is constant. Are Apple doing anything to address this mighty inconvenience? Having loved it and bought iphone
    4s’s for my sons, I’m so fed up with it, I am thinking of abandoning iphones altogether and going with Samsung or Nokia. So so very disappointing that Apple have abandoned their huge number of customers who pay good money for the phone and the service its meant to provide.

  282. Reply
    guest1050 says:

    I have an IPAD and was trying to get game “Smule” but needed 5.1.1 to load it. I don’t hook up to the computer often and did not know it was out of date. However, I have not gotten past the backup, where it just sits there and times out. Judging by this thread, perhaps that is a good thing, but my daughter had the game and I really enjoyed it.

  283. Reply
    Dave Poynter says:

    I upgraded to 5.1.1 and immediately lost all wifi. Nothing at all, even next door’s that always showed up is missing. It came back after about 24 hours and I thought all was OK but it drops regularly and now has gone completely for two days. Tried all the suggestions on the forums bar a complete reset and reinstall. Will take it back to the shop today as still under warranty. It was an over the air upgrade rather than via iTunes if that makes a difference.

  284. Reply
    JTB36 says:

    Poor wifi and bluetooth reception following update to IOS 5.1.1
    Battery life worsened, I think because the phone is always searching for wireless signal and trying to connect.
    No fix identified as working permanently.
    No rollback to previous IOS supported by apple.
    No statement from apple recognising the problem.

  285. Reply
    Sovann says:

    Throught iTune told me that my iPhone4: The SIM card inserted in this iPHone does not appear to be supported. Where can i find the Supported SIMcard from a Supported carrier?

  286. Reply
    Nik J says:

    I dropped my 3GS down the loo ( a classic I know!) fished it out and dried it in a bag of rice for a day ( it helped that I had an Otterbox with port covers on) and hey presto, it worked again!, then it died… 🙁 so I trundled off to Apple, and they gave me a new one (3GS) for £119 with 5.1.1 installed, I asked if there were any issues with 5.1.1,guess what they told me? “NO” !!!! that’s where the fun starts, as for the past week I’ve had about 6hrs where I’ve been able to use the iphone, as a phone!
    Now that I’ve found out it’s a rather large issue, I’m a bit miffed to say the least, as I need my phone to be contactable as my son suffers from febrile seizures, so if he’s at nursery, and I’m not home, I need to be contactable! likewise if I’m out with him and need to call an ambulance…. that’s before I even get to the fact that I work freelance, and need to be contactable for work!!!!

    Good news is, that iOS 6 will be here very soon, and hopefully, they’ll sort this issue out.
    I’m off to Apple tomorrow and I’m not leaving until I have a phone that works, otherwise I’ll be going to trading standards and kicking up one hell of a stink!
    I’ve just bought a new ipad, which thankfully seems to work fine on 5.1.1 so I’ve just shelled out £518 and will need to upgrade my imac later this year, so that’s another £1000+ so they better sort me out!

  287. Reply
    XxgabexX says:

    Ive had problems with icloud, if documents and data is set to off some apps like safari and heavy games crash when loading, also been noticing low memory on diagnistics alot since the update i hate icloud i dont want it on my ipod anymore but if i turn it off everything f…ks up.

  288. Reply
    Chris says:

    Can’t download apps even with proper wifi and apple I’d. The response from the keyboard is slow!! ( lag) , aswell as the message “can’t connect to iTunes store pops up when I attempt to download an app in the AppStore . ( I have the latest update iOS 5- itouch 4g. Just bought it. Someone Please help !!!

  289. Reply
    michael says:

    Since updating 5.1 I can not play itunes music through any Sony docking systems now only works through the ihomes….unbelievable.

  290. Reply
    natalie says:

    my iphone 4 has just totlly crashed there has been no software update no nothing and bam just crashes wont charge, wont connect nothing… i need some help as to what to do as i cant survive without my phone

  291. Reply
    Vamoes says:

    Well phone is basically useless after uploading 5.1.1. Continuos missed calls and phone always searching for network!!! Battery life now half of what it is normally. Time to throw it into the sea!!!!

  292. Reply
    Glenn says:

    I installed ios 5.1.1 and had dramas with
    Loading carsales page also typing
    Words coming up slow delayed
    Wish i had left old system on it

  293. Reply
    Bulldoghines says:

    After installing the new iOS 5.1.1 update, now the password to my iPad won’t work. I’ve even done a restore and reset the password but if I turn off my iPad or it goes to sleep, when I try to get back in, is says the password is wrong (although on occasion it actually works). Any ideas?

  294. Reply
    dustin black says:

    phone also changes settings without me doing anything? text keyboard works horrible most times seems its partly. blocked? erases text without notice. the neg list g on and on! out of one months service its cost over400 in phone charges and unlnown amount at itunes since i cant access and all my security to websites. big pain in ass is all ive gotten in return. phones werent. working properly 4 days after purchased. can i wipe all data off and replace software or what? jailbeeak? is it worth more of my time or should i destroy and shop for new devices?

  295. Reply
    dustin black says:

    my itunes account is comprimised i cant access? called tech dozen times and i grt dorected to web. site that i cant get to work ? my security questions is wrong doesnt even have my. irthday info right. itunes is not even who i want to deal with right now! hell i cant even get the few music albums out of there without a major production! being told i must pay for apps i dont even posses? and to speak to legal council? are you kidding me! cant even type a message without it ggoing off page and hav

  296. Reply
    dustin black says:

    if viagra worked anything like my phone and my luck with itunes fhere would be alot of pissed old men with peckers as limp as overcooked linguine! be like charging for boner medicine and when it doesnt work read the unreadable package and dont forget to pau the. bill and if ya dont like it call an attorney! ?”

  297. Reply
    dustin black says:

    think at this point its either find a jailbreak that cuts apple out of the picture or just use as toilet paper? couldnt be anymore unproductive as asswipe as for phone and we b use! phone store reset to factory and after it made a call he said hey look nothing wrong see it makes calls. i was like wow really go figure that wasnt what i was here for how bout when i access the web? its good as new he says but guess again? still junk been reset atleast 5 times in one month and then ya gotta try to put apps and info back on it which doesnt last long? so any other routes without itunes ap

  298. Reply
    dustin black says:

    forced to itunes store without my doing anything just what ive come to expect out of rhese things! of course it doesnt do me any good since i have no freakin access!!!! guess i can read about what it should be able to do or look at the music albums paid for that i cant even listen to while i sit there waiting for nothing? trust me i wish i woulda bought the cd’s ! same cost and the work? go figure

  299. Reply
    dustin black says:

    oh and my phone treats javascript like its ap calculous! it just loads it up in a notification center and smokes alil maybe a alil vibration and excessive heat? doesnt tell ya whats wrong and looking up every code for problems its having would take a team working three shifts 7 days a week, wtf over! will the big apple please stand up so i can install my boot to ass software

  300. Reply
    dustin black says:

    not enough space in googles processors to express my discontent with my current phone experience!

  301. Reply
    jtpeluso says:

    I have an iphone 4 and while syncing, discovered I was supposed to upgrade to 5.1.1. When I tried to update the software, it ran a backup first, which failed repeatedly. Finally, after several attempts over several days, the backup went through (a multi-hour process in itself). Then as the process continued, I began getting various repeated error messages about unknown errors and being unable to connect, being unable to sync because not enough space was available to store all of the items in the itunes library. After multiple attempts to start sync, it finally went through once, but left my phone in a factory default set-up mode. Now it seems to have about 1/4 of the pictures I had, all of the apps, but none of the contacts, calendars, or messages. I keep all of my business calendars and contacts on there, and since it is backed up into itunes, I figured the information was safe. Now I have a phone I can’t use, my appointment calendar has been wiped, and my contacts are gone from my phone. I can’t seem to get itunes to revert to an earlier restore point than the post-FUBAR one. Any suggestions aside from continuing to curse apple/itunes?

  302. Reply
    fred fuchs says:

    apple is dead to me now. this update wiped absolutely everything from my phone, including the apps i already paid for. thankfully, my pictures survived it, but all my apps are gone and everything got fucked up.

  303. Reply
    Guest1 says:

    Whenever I attempt to crop specific photos in my camera roll directly from the camera app or the photos app, my iPhone 3GS turns off the second I touch the button. This only happens with one or two photos at a time out of about 270 photos, and the first time I noticed it was soon after I updated to iOS 5.1, but I just deleted the photo causing trouble.
    It seems to be happening again, but I do not want to delete the pic this time and I would like to know what is causing this. Also, the pic that was doing that last time was a screenshot, as is the pic this time.

  304. Reply
    Diva says:

    Same deal – sporadic updating, checking for mail, no safari, severe battery drainage, for the last 2 months. Forcing us all to buy iphone 5????? Reboot, changing parameters does not solve MAJOR issues.

  305. Reply
    birdonawire says:

    I tried to upgrade my 3G from 4.1 to 5.1.1 and halfway through upgrading itunes announced that the iphone cannot be upgraded and quit leaving the phone totally unusable and wiped. Even attempts to restore didnt work. I had to take it to a service centre to be repaired back to the 4.1 version. Im never upgrading again even though it means i cant use most of the cool new apps out there!

  306. Reply
    Jacques B says:

    Since updating 5.1.1 on my iphone 4 started give problem I’ve been on iPhone from the start and never experience anything like this 1. When working in multiple apps the phone will just close by itself and I have to shutdown the phone and restart for the app to work again. 2. My phone have now twice in two weeks started flickering and then switch to a black screen with the apple start up pic and a download bar at the bottom of it. Then the phone switch of by it self once I start it again the phone by itself have deleted my contacts on the phone today it did it again, however this time it also deleted all messages. Absolute crap, what should I do to fix this?

  307. Reply
    Awalk says:

    I have had a decreased battery life but my most annoying issue is that safari no longer works on my iPhone. I downloaded a secondary browser app and this app works; however, it has no history or bookmarks in this app. It is really frustrating!! Also the connectivity issues seem to be with the network and wifi. On the network safari just doesn’t work at all and on wifi it will not connect to whatever network I am trying to connect to at that time. HELP??!?

    1. Reply
      Awalk says:

      Also I am having issues with downloading apps. I have plent if GBs left on my phone, but when I try to download most apps it gets about half way done downloading and quits and comes up with an error message. I am on the sprint network, just changed over from another worthless iPhone carrier. Any sprint customers noticing this is an issue or is this an issue with apple and the new OS5.1.1???

  308. Reply
    chiqui says:

    I just downloaded the iOS 5.1.1 to my 3GS and have not yet updated it but it already cut my carrier service with a notice that sim is not provisioned. How can I revert back to the carrier and phone/message function of my 3GS iPhone? Please help, I’m desperate to restore my iPhone’s primary function as a phone and message system!

  309. Reply
    Needing Help says:

    After the update I can’t go on safari, I can’t save any pictures, I can’t use ANY apps for more then 3-4 minutes before it force closes, I have maybe an hour of battery life and i feel like I’m troubleshooting more then its worth for the I-Pod. Is there a way to go back before the update? It at least worked properly before the update and I feel like the last two updates went for nothing with this new one which makes the I-Pod unusable. Fix this please otherwise I have to buy a new mp3 player. ):

  310. Reply
    Leleboo says:

    My 4g is a lot slower and usin the web isn’t as easy anymore in places I go. My iPhone would also freeze up so I’d have to turn off and turn on the screen everytime it happens.

  311. Reply
    thug says:

    after updaing my iphone 3gs to ios 5.1 its asking for compatible sim to activate……and i dnt have da sim so what should i do???????????pls help me

  312. Reply
    Brian says:

    Since the IOS 5.1.1 update on both my iPhone and iPad I am unable to drag and drop my songs and am also having other “minor” issues. When is Apple going to remediate these issues????

  313. Reply
    Gav says:

    I have had no problem since the 5.1.1 update but for the last few days my signal drops from 4 bars down to 1 bar when refreshing or loading an app or page on the net. I have also noticed my battery life draining faster than usual, not sure wether it’s because ios6 is due out or because t-mobile orange uk are rolling out 4g in the uk does anyone else have the same problem if so please help

  314. Reply
    Amy says:

    Bought a new 4S in April and after i upgraded to iOS 5.1.1,i noticed the volume button was malfunctioned. Thinking it was a device problem,i got it replaced under warranty claim. 2nd new 4S-after upgraded to iOS 5.1.1,my camera’s shutters were closed and left the screen blank n black. Within a month i got the 2nd time iP4S replaced under r warranty and now i am having volume button malfunction with no sound for any videos or YouTube and other apps like games,right after iOS 5.1.1. Triple whammy! Coincidence? NOT!

  315. I just updated my ipod touch and now itsays that i have to restore it to be able to turn it on but i´m over sas and really dont want to loose all my music 🙁 is there anyway i ca get my itouch to start working again without restoring it?

  316. Reply
    Bev says:

    I were update my I phone 4s fews days ago , now everything wrong sooo bad .and now I don’t now how to fix it .. I’m so mad

  317. Reply
    F'king pissed off! says:

    i tried to update my phone and it shows a plug and then the itunes symbol. I plugged it in to my computer, now my wifi isnt working and it couldnt connect to the server. Now I am in an internet cafe and it wont go past 4 hours remaining. The symbol and the plug still on the screen and I cant use the phone…. well done apple… You just ruined my whole day. who has time for this……. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  318. Reply
    Annoyed as hell says:

    Okay so it seems my problem is unique…
    Friggin downloaded 5.1.1 thrice within the last 24 hours…
    Everytime download goes without a sinch.. But when click install and agree… Its says “update failed because there is no internet connection” rebooted my router twice… Reset and started ipad2 twice…
    Fun oart about it is, when it says “no internet connection” i open safari or anything network is perfect, so evrytime i wonder, WTF?!

  319. Reply
    Negotiator53 says:

    Since update:

    Battery Drainage.Internet doesn’t work due to signal even if I’m in a Wifi zone.No signal shows up instead of low bars on 3G network.Programs can’t upload/download.Can’t back up iphone which means I can’t reboot it without losing info.

  320. Reply
    Soren says:

    I get an “network error” on ipad ios 5.1.1. BUT only on Facebook “News feed” all other facebook features seems to work? Have anyone found out what that is about?

  321. Reply
    Linda Morris says:

    I cannot get my mail at all since updating, after trying the tips from other users I am now able to connect to wifi, not sure about the battery yet, but I do wish I had not updated, was quite happy before this, most of all I have lost you tube icon

  322. Reply
    Glitter58 says:

    I am frustrated trying to tap the screen with no response, also typing a message the letters are delayed by 3/4 seconds meaning I think it’s not worked so I repeat the word and hey presto I have repeated myself again.
    Also the highlight / copy n paste only works when it feels like it.

  323. Reply
    Gin says:

    The bf has an iPhone 4, we both upgraded software last night. Mine is fine and his stopped working. He went to Apple this morning and they told him he needs a new phone.

  324. Reply
    sleandrousa says:

    I have iOS 5.1 jailbreak tethered on my 3gs working fine. I was able to downgrade the baseband to 5.13.04 w/o issues. However, my issue is that I am trying to update to 5.1.1, but I keep getting the message “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build” Error
    in iTunes When Updating iOS 5.1.1 (i’m using a custom NO_BB file). I did all I think I could do: edit the host file, rebuild network settings; the problem still persists.

    Can anyone help me to upgrade to 5.1.1 PLEASE?

  325. Reply
    Guest says:

    Since updating my battery life has significantly decreased, I have trouble obtaining a wifi signal, and everything seems to be running slower. I’m also noticing some sound issues.

  326. Reply
    grubg says:

    apps crashing appstore and safari and others the update was not a fix but its a nightmare and they still cant do anything about it what a shame

  327. Reply
    Ipad user00987 says:

    I have had recent trouble updating apps I updated a game a month ago and it is frozen and hasen’t finished downloading yet, what kind of issue is this I have everything updated and I have it’s 5.1.1

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