Mobo iPhone stand hands-on review

There are millions of iPhone accessories on the market, and today we here at Phones Review will give you our very own hands-on review of the Mobo iPhone Stand, this product is good enough for most smartphones out there not just the iPhone.

Thanks to fancyGearBox we have the Mobo Stand, we will hit many areas covering introduction, key features, design and much more, finishing with our own overall summary.

The Mobo Stand is best suited for the Apple iPhone, even though it will suit other smartphones you will have to be careful what size that handset is. We have also included pictures of our HTC Desire HD, as this is a larger smartphone than the iPhone. The packaging is rather plain but could be different as this is a review product; please do read on to learn more about this stand.

In the Box
If you decide to purchase this item the package will include the Mobo Stand, and a keychain housing with keychain attachment.

First Impressions
The Mobo Stand at first thought, before we received it was “Do you really need a stand for a smartphone”, once we had the stand in our hands we have to say it has been made with quality in mind. So far so good as they say, keep on reading as we have plenty more to say.

The Design
It is made with good quality steel materials, and it is this that gives the stand its sturdy feel. It also comes with little rubber feet to give the overall durability and strength. It opens and folds away with ease to make things easier when carrying around with you.

We do have one little problem, well not so much as a problem, rather a design refresh should we say, please read about this in our negative section below.

The Key Features
Good quality materials, only weighs 110 grams and tripod stand is 75X65X75mm, in its housing it is 84.5×25.5x15mm. It is compatible with many smartphones and MP3/MP4/MP5 players etc. NOT for iPads or tablets.

The Positives
The weight is light but yet has the quality weight you would expect; it has been designed and built to last to put it bluntly. Great for watching videos or making a FaceTime call, good enough to use when typing, but not for the heavy finger type.

The Negatives
Housing is a little loose, when the stand is in its housing and hanging on its material keychain, sudden movements will sometimes result in you losing the housing leaving the stand still attached.

Phones Review Overall Summary
We love the fact that the Mobo Stand has the same Apple quality about it, they come in either white or black, which means it is sticking with Apple’s tradition. We believe it is perfect for most smartphones but best suited for the iPhone, we used our HTC Desire HD and say this is the max size handset you would want to use with the Mobo Stand. DO NOT even attempt to use an iPad, we know the stand is not designed for this but hey it was worth a shot.

To be honest we have no need for this type of product as we have a docking station already to house our smartphones, but it is perfect for those that view plenty of movies, YouTube clips and those that FaceTime a lot. We have to be totally honest and have to say it is fairly cheap for the quality of build and materials used, but a little expensive just for a stand to house a phone.

Where to Buy and Price
Please visit fancyGearBox for more information and option to buy, if you are within US / Canada the price is $24.99 with Shipping, outside of these and it is $25.99 with Shipping (International).

Please do check out more photos we have taken below.