Come back teasing with Retro iPhone Brick case

Many of us if we are old enough will remember those first mobile phones that more resembled a house brick compared to the sleek smartphones we know today, and the Retro iPhone brick case could get some come back teasing from friends and family.

Back in October 2008 the mobile phone celebrated its 25th anniversary and the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, which back then cost an eye watering $3,995, so at the time it was only the rich who owned mobile phones. Now as an article on Cnet is reporting if you are a fan of retro mobile phones than the ThinkGeek Retro iPhone Case is for you.

As soon as you slip your modern iPhone into the case you will be transformed back to the 1980s when the likes of the original Miami Vice series was first making its appearance. This huge case is big enough to protect your Apple iPhone from the bumps and scrapes life throws at it, but you still have perfect access to the handsets touch screen.

You may have trouble fitting the handset inside your pocket though, and come to think of it many bags as well. You will surely draw a lot of attention to yourself walking down the street talking to your friends though, and will surely open you up to some ridicule from passers-by.

It will be like when mobile phones first started to appear in public with everyone staring at people shouting down a brick sized handset while holding a conversation, but this time people will just be thinking you have walked out of the local museum. The Retro iPhone Case is available for $14.99 here.

What was your first mobile phone?

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