New Stalker spy app surely not good idea

There is a mobile application available for iOS that enables the user to snap photos covertly whilst appearing to be on the phone, the app in question is called Stalker, and allows the user to secretly take a picture of anyone without that person knowing you have done so.

The Stalker app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad offers the ability to snap photos instantly and discreetly, with super fast loading and a hidden screen so others don;t know what the user is up to, and once started automatically takes photos.

Apparently the Stalker iOS app is great for super sleuth and candid creativity activity, enabling the user to instantly share those covert photos via email and with social networks, with just two taps starting the camera to continuously snap photos.

With the app, to stop snapping photos you just tap anywhere on the screen and a notification will pop up like a text message so you can continue taking pictures or view those you have snapped thus far.

The Stalker app comes with a disclaimer saying the app has the potential to be seriously sneaky, so please don’t use for real surveillance purposes unless you are actually James Bond.

The Stalker app is available to download to your iOS device from iTunes at a cost of $0.99; however we’d like to ask our readers if they believe the Stalker app could be user to actually spy on real people, and if so, is it really a good idea for the App Store to offer such an app? Feel free to voice your opinions on the Stalker app to our comments area below.


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    AG says:

    Even though the app concept itself is creepy, as long as it doesn’t violate the Developer Terms and Conditions the app shouldn’t be pulled from the store. Let me make clear that I do not approve of this app, but if it made it through the reviewing process then Apple clearly has given it the nod. In terms of actually spying on people, you still have to point the lens at the target in order to snap a photo therefore the app doesn’t conceal the act of aiming a camera lens so it’ll still be pretty obvious that someone is taking a photo.

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