Alien Scanner app searches for extraterrestrial life

Life is always about having fun, but are we really the only ones living in the universe? Well now you can find out with the cool and unique Alien Scanner app by Lowell Duke, this application was released April 20, 2012 and we thought we would bring your attention to it seeing as we have never mentioned it before.

We would like to point out that this app is for entertainment purposes only; even the developer advertises this on the App Store. Still good to use as it will play around with your friends and families heads; use this alien scanner app and dial out in a new alien communication from outer space.

We all know how the police scanner works, well this app works using the same principle but uses frequencies from around the universe. If you are in search for extraterrestrial life then this app will not do it for real, ok it will do it but only for fun. Do you believe that aliens exist? Maybe this app is for fun but other life forms in the universe might see you trying to call them and come down and abduct you, ok probably not but hey it was worth a thought.

The app has many cool features including “signal enhancing” hand gestures to amplify your Apple iOS device radio antennae; it also comes with stunning and realistic pattern recognition algorithms and cutting-edge speech. Get ready for the highly encoded audio data and have your fun.

The app comes with an in-app video tutorial, use your hand gestures and the app will find a clean signal, hold your position well to get the scanner working to its full potential. Man first landed on the moon in 1969 using Apollo 12, NASA has had many successful missions to the moon and apparently during the Apollo 20 mission an alien aircraft wreck was found in a crater on the moon.

Apparently the Alien Scanner app will scan the radio frequencies of the above surrounding the top-secret extraterrestrial chatter. Hope you have fun with this applications, please remember this is a fun app though. Please visit the App Store to install this Alien Scanner app.

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