The Project, a new mobile MMORPG announced

Leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games, WeMade Entertainment has now announced a new mobile MMORPG game called ‘The Project’ for both the iOS and Android platforms, which will be unveiled and available to play during the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angles Convention Centre from the 5th to the 7th of June 2012.

Apparently ‘the Project’ is the work of seasoned MMORPG developers, with a grand scale equal to any client based MMORPG, and is ready to prove that a gamer doesn’t require a PC to experience the grandeur of online gaming.

‘The Project’ allows for multiplayer gaming via a mobile network, and apparently the tech utilised to enable this true multiplayer function is what makes WeMade take mobile MMORPG to the next level.

Apparently ‘The Project’ combines all the benefits of mobile gaming such as convenience, direct interaction via touch based commands and multiple platform, with high graphical quality and fluent animation, whilst challenging the limits of a mobile device by enabling the servers to give an immediate response.

Basically multiple mobile gamers will be able to move around the map and battle monsters simultaneously just like a true MMO game, but in your pocket.

As mentioned earlier, ‘the Project’ for both the iOS platform and the Android platform will be demonstrated during E3 at booth 2847 in the South Hall, and more information can be found by hitting up WeMade’s Facebook page.

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