Doro PhoneEasy 614 makes life easier

We have news today of a brand-new phone from Doro who specialize in easy-to-use mobile devices. The Doro PhoneEasy 614 has just been unveiled and has many features suitable for those who like a user-friendly device and want a phone for use with a 3G network.

With the PhoneEasy 614 Doro has managed to come up with an easy-to-use phone that is also attractive to look at and the 614 features a very nice clamshell design. Answering and ending calls is easy with this phone and there are some decent extras for those that want them. Some of the key specs and features include 3G connectivity, a colour 49mm x 36mm display, Bluetooth 1.2, FM Radio, high volume hands free loud speaker, big keys with large travel distance, unlocked for any network including ‘3’, 4 direct memory buttons, large and easy-to-read numbers and an Emergency call list and SMS.

The large keys are well-spaced and ringtones are extra-loud and clear. The PhoneEasy 614 is also hearing aid compatible and the phone has a good battery life. The 4 direct memory buttons can be pre-programmed with contact numbers and the direct SMS button will take the user straight to the texting menu. The screen features enhanced easy-to-read text with large font and four colour themes for the best viewing for the individual.

Doro UK & Ireland Managing Director Chris Millington said, “We have taken our award winning PhoneEasy concept & applied 3G technology to it. People using 3G can now benefit from our inclusive design philosophy. I strongly believe that this introduction to our range will create new market opportunities for the channel, retailers & networks.”

The PhoneEasy is available from matobshop.co.uk here and would be an ideal phone for many people looking for an easy-to-use and compact device. Is the Doro PhoneEasy 614 the phone for you?

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