Doro first easy-to-use apps & partners

European leader in easy to use mobile phones, Swedish company Doro has now revealed the Doro Experience, the company’ fist smart device and mobile app strategy with an easy to use mobile interface that provides recommended apps and content for the senior mobile phone user.

One of Doro’s first easy to use apps is Euronews, which offers a live feed covering latest breaking news and headlines in 11 languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and Persian.

Apparently the Doro Selection further offers a range of local language “in-country” apps that have been created in partnership with such brands that are relevant to the specific requirements of seniors such as in France there are several easy apps available such as one app developed with national newspaper Le Figaro.

Whilst for the Swedish the Medication For Private People app is a library of medicine and enables the user to search for their prescription medication to discover further info. Doro has also developed a Facebook app to deliver the Facebook experience to senior people in an easy way and is called Doro Friends and delivers a lite version of Facebook to seniors.

The Doro Experience, including Doro Selection will apparently come pre-installed on the firm’s own smart products as they launch throughout this year, and the Doro Experience is also available to 3rd-party manufactures and can be downloaded to existing mobile devices.

The CEO of Doro, Jerome Arnaud said that Doro’s strategy is to deliver a range of recommended mobile apps and services via Doro Selection that have been tailored to the specific requirements of the senior segment.

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