Alleged thief starts Stolen iPhone Adventures on Facebook

Although here at Phones Review we usually give you specific news about smartphones and tablets, every now and then we hear a quirky mobile-related story that we want to share with you. Today we want to tell you about a woman who used Facebook to document her stolen iPhone adventures.

It all began when Katy McCaffrey’s iPhone was lost while she was on a Disney cruise last month and as you might expect she then assumed she would hear no more about it or what happened to it. However what the alleged thief hadn’t realized is that McCaffrey’s iPhone would automatically upload photos taken using it to her Apple iCloud account. Therefore she soon began receiving photos of the person who appeared to have stolen her iPhone posing with his mates and his girlfriend on his travels.

In an ingenious move McCaffrey decided to place these photographs on Facebook entitling the gallery “Stolen iPhone Adventures” and even adding witty captions, according to TIME. If only the guy who had her iPhone had been as clever he would have wiped the phone before using it and according to the Facebook album some of the photos he took of himself showed a Disney Cruise employee badge and even his first name of Nelson.

Initially McCaffrey had placed the snaps in an album but spurred on by friends the album went public last week and it has now been shared over 3,000 times. What’s more it has now been confirmed by Disney Cruises that they have retrieved McCaffrey’s phone and that one of their employee’s is now on ‘administrative leave.’ McCaffrey has said to MSNBC that she’s hoping for some free Disneyland passes, meanwhile Disney said that they are “working on making it right with her.”

This is a cautionary tale indeed for any potential thieves out there and shows how smart mobile technology has become that it can be the unraveling of someone up to no good. It certainly amused us though and we’d like to hear what you think of the ‘Stolen iPhone Adventures.’ Send us your comments about this unusual story.


One thought on “Alleged thief starts Stolen iPhone Adventures on Facebook”

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    Kjay says:

    the owner of the phone has posted all these pictures up on Facebook without asking there permission, she even goes so far as to say that the girlfriend of the alleged thief is also a recipient to stolen goods, surely this is slander right? 
    why didn’t she report the phone stolen then?? instead of allowing the guy to make full use of it.
    i wonder if she even had it stolen and didn’t just loose it herself..

    to my knowledge no one yet has been prosecuted regarding the theft of the mobile phone, so for her to openly call someone a thief is definitely slander, 

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