iPhone 5 vs Facebook vs Android in social challenge

My, my, talk about an age old rumour that simply wont lay down and die. Of course I am speaking about the latest speculation that the Facebook phone, a device more illusive that the Scarlet Pimpernel, has again reared its phantom head with word that the social networking site is again planning to launch a Facebook phone.

According to an article over on Pop Herald, the news of plans for the Facebook phone reared its head on The New York Times, that said Facebook has hired several ex-Apple hardware and software engineers that worked on the iPhone, and one that worked on the Apple iPad, and obviously this info was from people that wish to remain unnamed.

Over on In Entertainment however, they are asking whether the arrival of the Facebook phone would have an effect on sales of the iPhone 5, as they know both the iPhone 5 and Facebook phone would have a battle to gain the hearts of teens. They say that many teens will want to upgrade their smartphone to the next iPhone, but if the Facebook phone should appear then perhaps those teens just might turn away from the new iPhone in favour of the Facebook phone.

Both Apple gear and Facebook have a huge following, with Facebook having some 900 million active users, so the big question here is, if Facebook does finally deliver the Facebook phone, will many transfer their loyalty over to the Facebook phone, and abandon iOS, Windows Phone and Android?

Apparently Facebook is working with HTC on the rumoured Facebook phone, which apparently has the codename of Buffy, a codename we have previously heard of way back in the November of 2011, a smartphone rumoured to run a custom version of the Android operating system, and be heavily integrated with Facebook services.

If the Facebook Buffy smartphone does materialise and sports the Android operating system, then really the Android faithful wouldn’t be shifting their loyalty from the platform, but as many simply love accessing their Facebook account via their phone, there is a possibility that people will move from the iPhone, and Windows Phone to get the Facebook phone, although in what quantities obviously remains to be seen.

Having said that, as Facebook has apps on most platforms that lets the user pretty much do whatever they wish on the social networking site, is there really a need for a Facebook phone, and if so would it do as well as anticipated, would there be a mass exodus from other devices just to own the Facebook phone?

Personally I doubt it, I have been an Android user from the start, and doing whatever you want to do on Facebook doesn’t mean you need a Facebook phone.

Of course, Facebook hasn’t actually come out and said they are delivering the Facebook phone to the mobile space, and as such the Facebook phone still remains one of life’s little mysteries, so there may never be that social challenge.

So we ask our readers this question, would you ditch a smartphone such as the iPhone 5, a Nokia Lumia phone, or an Android handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 in favour of a Facebook phone for your social network needs?


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    Mansoor says:

    I will never switch to any Facebook or social network phone, just to fulfil my social network needs. iPhone is way too much for everything I do and I am sure iPhone 5 will be even better. The interface, design, look and feel iPhone introduced in 2007, is still the best in the market and reason why they didn’t need to change anything major in their iOS apart from slight improvements, and this thing shows that iPhone is years ahead of anything available in the market. Other companies are still copying THAT iphone  which was introduced in 2007. Why? Because iPhone is so complete, and cool and user friendly and loaded with everything you may ever need.

    I was not iPhone fan before, but now I think I can never use any other phone.

    You don’t believe me? Use it… when I say use, it means, use it for couple of months at least and then try to switch to any other phone and you will feel the difference.

    I own HTC phone as well, which I use for my business purpose, but let me tell you, HTC/Anroid is no way near than iOS. 

    So facebook phone? Never… !!!

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      Jarrod Bush says:

      Perhaps you didn’t give Android a fair shake as I can do things with my phone that iPhone can’t even begin to do.  I can make phone calls on my computer and then switch to my phone, I can send an receive text messages from my PC.  I can download Tasker and almost completely automate my phone to do things like automatically set my alarm each night, turn on wi-fi when I get home, turn on GPS when I open maps and disable it when I am done are a few among literally thousands of other functions.  iPhone can’t do ANY of those things and because of Apples vice like grip on it, it never will.  I’d say by default, Android id a far more complete phone.  And I had an iPhone for years…it sucks compared to Android.

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        Johnjuan says:

         Fragmentation along with the constant freezes and battery pulls that plague Android caused me to switch. All of what you said I can achieve on an iPhone as well it just takes a bit more work but works better than an app from Android. I also like receiving the most current versions that IOS puts out, unlike most phones that run Android and wont see the light of day of ICS. I used Android for 3 years and made the switch and wont look back. 

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          L Q says:

          it all comes down to preference… android, iOS, windows. i had all models of iPhone until the 4S. the day i bought the 4, jailbroke it before even leaving the store, kept it for a month then sold it for $700 to leave at&t and go with sprint. of course the iPhone wasn’t available on sprint at that time, so i only had an option for android, bought a HTC Evo and a Samsung Epic. to me, iOS is very user friendly, but i also love android because i love the expandable memory in most of their devices as well as the fact that i can switch out batteries if i’m on the go. right now i’m on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, 16gb on board memory with a 32gb micro SD card. wife switched back to the iPhone so i get the best of both worlds. people just need to stop saying which system is better than the other. just get what you prefer and who cares what anybody else wants to use for themselves.

          1. Jarrod Bush says:

            I agree.  I’m just saying that I prefer Android because of the customization.  My phone has ICS and to do any of those things on an iPhone you have to jailbreak it.  So, if that is “allowed” in this sense of what a phone can or can’t do then I could just say root your Android and then they almost ALL would have ICS available.  I’m talking about the average layman with stock ROM, no rooting or jail breaking.  Only 3rd party apps that are available in respective app stores.  Android wins that hands down.  But, again, I agree.  Get what you like and move on.  Just for my money and my UX…iPhone sucks.

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      D8c4t1996 says:

      You do realize that Apple copied Palm that came out back in 2003?  You’re so full of it. I used to be an Iphone user from the first one to 4S, and sold the 4s to buy a Nexus.  Let me tell you iOS is garbage compared to Android especially ICS.  People keep talking about fragmentation and yet they don’t know what it means.  Let’s see what iOS copied from Android, widgets, drop down notification, Siri (yeah even my old Froyo has voice command), now iOS is patenting facial recognition.  News flash Apple invented facial recognition, oh wait a minute, my Nexus with ICS already have that.  LOL.

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    Jarrod Bush says:

    I’d ditch iPhone and Windows phones for a Facebook phone but not a Galaxy SIII.  I mean come on, that phone is going to put most others to shame right out of the gate and like the SII will continue to stay ahead, or at least even , with the curve for awhile to come.

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    sthompse says:

    BlackBerry is the best phone for social. It is fully integrated with BBM, Facebook, Twitter. It has a great app called Social Feeds. I am going to say that you didn’t research this article much. 

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    [anonymous] says:

    Facebook cannot possible last another 3 years. It is already going downhill in its stock. A Facebook phone is as useless as an Apple TV, not like I have anything against either.

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    Aadam Gibson says:

    Android social networking Applications likes facebook, twitter and Skype all application available in free for android with all features which available in other smart phone’s paid apps.  So, I prefer Android handset to fulfill social networking related requirement.

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