Scalado Photobeamer for iPhone available

If you are one of the iOS faithful out there that loves to show their photographs on other displays than just the iPhone, there is a new iOS app available called Scalado Photobeamer, that let’s you do just that, the application allows the user to show their images from their camera roll on any screen.

Apparently with the Scalado Photobeamer app on your iPhone you will be able to share your images with friends and family in a social way simply by pointing your iOS smartphone at any screen displaying www.photobeamer.com.

The Scalado Photobeamer app for iPhone is what they call a modern era slide projector that is available any time and anywhere, and will work on any display that sports a modern web browser such as laptops, tablets, desktops, projector screen, internet TV and such.

The Scalado Photobeamer iOS app requires no configuration and no registration and will work over all connections including WiFi and 3G, with no network set-up, no pairing, bumping or otherwise and works straight out of the box.

We have a couple of promo videos of the Scalado Photobeamer for the iPhone for your viewing consideration below that basically let you know all about the iOS app, so don’t forget to hit up those play buttons and check out the footage.

For those iOS faithful that would like to take advantage of what the Scalado Photobeamer iPhone app has to offer, you can purchase the application from iTunes at a cost of $0.99.


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