Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet is 4.1 not 5.0

For a while now there have been rumours that Google would be delivering a Google Nexus Jelly Bean tablet, with the most recent being that the Nexus tablet would make its debut during Google I/O, whilst popular speculation was that the Jelly Bean operating system would be Android 5.0 and the Google slate would be unveiled running Jelly Bean.

However, apparently the Android Jelly Bean OS is not the speculated Android 5.0, as according to the guys over on Gotta Be Mobile, by way of Android And Me, the Google Nexus tablet showed up on Rightware’s Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark test with the result being Android 4.1.

Rightware say the the tablet is the only device to date to go through their benchmarking with the Android 4.1 label, and has a software build number of JRN51B, with that ‘J’ denoting Jelly Bean.

Thus it would appear that Jelly Bean could be a minor update labelled Android 4.1 rather than a major release of Android 5.0, and further revealed that the device sports the handle Nexus 7, which could mean this is the final product name.

Apparently Android And Me also spoke with another source that has seen the Google Nexus 7 tablet, and confirms that the device is running Android 4.1.

Furthermore the guys are informed that Android 4.1 sports a user experience similar to that of the Amazon Kindle Fire, and that the slate will have multiple home screens with differing content.

The benchmarking also reveals that most of the previous rumours on the Google Nexus tablet seem to be right, with Asus making the slate, with a 7-inch 1280 x 768 resolution display, and 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor.

So there you have it, if this is sport on then you can expect Jelly Bean to be Android 4.1 and not Android 5.0, does this disappoint any of the Android faithful out there?

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