Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.8 start screen videos

During the Windows Phone Summit it came to light that existing Windows Phone smartphone will not gain the Windows Phone 8 update, which no doubt will annoy current Windows Phone owners; however apparently existing Windows Phone users will gain some features of Windows Phone 8 by way of the Windows Phone 7.8 update. One such feature coming in WP 7.8 is the start screen, and we have a couple of videos showing off that star screen for your viewing consideration below.

The first video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at The Verge, and shows the updated start screen running on the Nokia Lumia 900 in a very early build of Windows Phone 7.8. The second video comes via the guys over at Slash Gear and again shows the windows Phone 7.8 start screen on an upgraded Nokia Lumia 900.

In the footage you will see that with the updated Windows Phone 7.8, Microsoft has replaced the 2-column layout and has now opted for a 4-column with the Live Tiles being movable and resizeable so you can either have lots of small tiles or a few large tiles.

When it comes to existing users getting Windows Phone 7.8 rather than the full on Windows Phone 8 OS, it appears Microsoft isn’t that worried about it, as apparently a spokesperson for Microsoft told the Slash gear guys that ‘they don’t believe the general consumer will be particularly concerned about it.’

So with that last part in mind, we’d like any of our Windows Phone readers out there to let us know what they think about not getting Windows Phone 8, so feel free to hit those play buttons below and then voice your opinions on the matter to our comments area below.


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    Dan Pearch says:

    In all fairness I think we should at least take into account microsoft has thought about current windows phone users, with that said as we all know current hardware wont support the new WP8 OS but with 7.8 i think we will get a set of sub features that dont rely on the same hardware. Most likely WP7.8 will be based on the tango 7.5 refresh but adding features that can utilize current hardware effectively as well as include the new UI.

    So i’m happy to adopt the new 7.8 update when its released and when the time comes to upgrade ill get a WP8 device. 

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    StoryFirst says:

    I don’t know why people are so upset. WP7 is barely a year old.  I mean, the Lumia phones are not high end phones at the end of the day. They probably couldn’t handle the upgrade to complete satisfaction. I know the Iphone 3.5 was really sluggish when it got upgraded IOS. The WP7 OS is a fine software and I don’t see why people are upset. I mean, those with the Android phones often found they couldnt upgrade to new OS. Alot of users won’t get Ice Cream. My Hero was stuck on 2.1. I could go no further. I really don’t see what the fuss is about. Like I say, by the time WP8 comes out and is good to go with new phones, most people will have upgraded by then.

  3. It’s great. And one more thing the entire Windows Phone 7.x apps will work in Windows Phone 8, and nearly all Windows Phone 8 apps will work on Windows Phone 7.x, with the exception of one’s coded in C / C++, just since the old kernel doesn’t support those languages. So will compare the Windows 7.8 phone to windows 8.

  4. I currently am using a Nokia Lumia 710 and am finding it to be superior to any other phone I have ever used. With Windows 7.8 latest features it will make an already excellent phone even better.
    I would say that the 710 performs better than my wifes iPhone 4 with a few less features at 33% of the cost. For the price these Nokia Windows phones are a steal, get one you won’t regret it.

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    Greycloud says:

    So six months after the release of WP8 the next version WP8.5 will be out and then another six months for a whole new range of handsets. It’s like the phone equivalent of The call of duty series 🙁 I have only had my Lumia 900 for a few weeks as I’ve just upgraded from my LG optimus 7 into a two year contract….at least give us the option to have custom text tones.

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    Stocklone says:

    Tech writers seem to be crying foul left and right about the no upgrade to WP8.  But the comment sections of these articles seem to be loaded with Microsoft did the right move.  

    WP7 runs insanely smooth.  Nobody is stuck with a phone that won’t get them through a two year contract.  It’s not like my HTC Hero where I got stuck on 2.1 and it was an absolute mess.  The 2.1 update from HTC trashed the dialer. I was on the verge of throwing that phone out the damn window. Then I discovered CyanogenMod and everything was fine for the remainder of my contract.

    I’ve personally moved 3 people to WP7 devices.  None of them are crying foul.  None of them care.  They are happy because they love their current phone.

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