Nokia Lumia handsets heading to Sprint & Verizon

Nokia has seen its slice of the smartphone market virtually disappear around the world especially in the US, but the Finnish company is looking to change the situation with its move to the Windows Phone platform after ditching the Symbian operating system. Today we have news that Nokia Lumia handsets will be reaching US carriers Sprint and Verizon Wireless soon.

Previously the company had revealed that the PureView camera technology would be reaching other Lumia Windows Phones handsets in the future, and as Device Magazine are reporting Nokia’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, Richard Kerris, has again confirmed the technology will soon be seen on a number of Windows Phones devices.

Kerris stated that the company is looking at innovations to separate itself from its rivals, and in turn create a niche in the market. Nokia is also working on features such as bendable screens with complete wrap around displays, which will help the user turn the handset into any device they want it to be.

It was also revealed that Lumia devices will become available to customers on both Sprint and Verizon soon, and the company should overcome its current troubles when a new set of handsets become available this fall.

Nokia are also looking to make their hardware more intelligent with features that will enable handsets to hide business mails and other content while the user is relaxing at home, and when children may pick the device up it will lock the hardware down by detecting small hands.

No time frame was given for Nokia Lumia handsets to become available on the two networks except for Richard Kerris saying “very soon”, but this could possibly mean we will hear an announcement in September at Nokia World. The company has come under some criticism recently when it was announced that all current Windows Phone handsets such as the Lumia 900 would miss out on the Apollo update when it is released.

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