Nokia Lumia 900 Apollo update disappointment

Nokia is currently making a big push with its line up of handsets that come running the Windows Phone operating system, which is a move that the company is hoping, will improve its ailing smartphone fortunes, but today we have news of some Nokia Lumia 900 Apollo disappointment.

Back in April users of the Windows Phone platform were left with the news that current handsets on the platform, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 may not receive the upgrade to Apollo, otherwise known as Windows Phone 8, but as a report on SlashGear is reporting it seems the smartphone definitely won’t be getting the new software.

A T-Mobile employee has mentioned that the update won’t be coming to the handset and comes after T-Mobile customers asked the carrier when the Nokia Lumia 900 was going to be released on the network. The country saw the unlocked version of the handset released last week but it wasn’t available on T-Mobile, and after customers questioned this, an employee said the Lumia 900 won’t be coming.

The reason for its absence is being given as the Apollo update won’t be coming to the handset, and the company believes this will leave its customers frustrated if they purchase a new smartphone that wouldn’t be getting an update sometime after. It was also being claimed that the software will be released during the fourth quarter of this year, and earlier today we told you that Microsoft is expected to be announced today.

This latest news comes shortly after Microsoft developer Nuno Silva hinted that all current Windows Phone hardware would receive the Apollo update later this year, but an anonymous source at Microsoft quickly denied this.

Do you have the Nokia Lumia 900 and disappointed not to be receiving the Windows Phone 8 update?


13 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 900 Apollo update disappointment”

  1. Lumia (shocked) user says:

    If Microsoft wanted to finish up Nokia , they can manage it today, by announcing that the lumia 800 and 900 won’t be getting the next windows phone version. Less than a year in the market, and teh handsets are already obsolete??? and you call this cooperation betwen Microsoft and Nokia?

  2. PissedOff says:

    I just bought my 900 yesterday.  I will be thoroughly pissed.  Enough so to go back to the dreaded proprietary apple products.  This is why Microsoft is trading at $30/share and Apple is at $500/share.  Get a clue microsoft!

  3. I just sold my Nokia stock and Wish I should have waited any bought something else. I bought lumia 900 2 months ago and I am pissed. Nokia should do give cheap upgrade or otherwise they should stop making or selling 900 with out WP8.

  4. Nuno says:

    If this gets confirmed I’ll go back to apple in a minute. My phone received updates for 2 years after being bought. This is very bad. Very dissapointed with Microsoft

  5. Larry Marranzino says:

    I also bought contract free a 900 as I thought it was a great phone. ATT reps stated yes it would get the  update…Then I kept hearing more and then TODAY hit with the news of oh well sucker. I am pissed and also will be going back to DROID or the awful iphone when it hits.

    Just think those on a two year contract feel. I am screwed on value of the phone and system. Yet they are in a 2 year contract with a lousy promise of 7.8 for looks only.
    Nokia you just did yourself in on this one. Microsoft I hope you burn for puling this stunt.

    Just maybe they will give early upgrades or discounts to those that own an 800 or 900 Nokia phone. We’ll See…

  6. Elmer says:

    what a crap phone. i just got lumia 900 for 2 weeks. now it is obsolete! what a disappointing! im planning to give my wife wp8 qwerty keyboard. now im planning to blackberry! boooo nokia! we have benn tricked!

  7. Frank says:

    Not dissapointed at all. When I purchased the phone I realized that this was a possibility. The current software version does what I want it to do. The phone itself is terrific. When my contract runs out in 2014  I’ll just get a phone that runs WP9. By that time I’ll have a phone that is far superior to the phone I’m using now. No big deal.

  8. KageZ says:

    SHAME, NOKIA !!! I bought Lumia 800 two weeks ago… I feel like i has been scammed by Nokia and Microsoft. Why can’t they learn from Anroid or Iphone ??!!! I have been with Nokia for past 5, 10 years… wp 7.8 will not help Nokia gain my trust on them again…….. 

  9. Carlos_kurt_16 says:

    yes… i hope that nokia lumia can be upgraded to apollo… reading this message is very disappointing ope tthey can do something about it…

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