Jelly Bean possibly spotted in Googe I/O 2012 app

The next update to the Android operating system is of course Android Jelly Bean, an OS that is expected to come out to play on the Google Nexus tablet, and although previously thought to be Android 5.0, recent reports have it that Android Jelly Bean is Android 4.1. However, as I am sure you know Google I/O 2012 kicks off soon, and the Google I/0 2012 companion app might have given a little look at what Jelly Bean looks like.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, a report by the guys at Phandroid have come up with a screen shot that was delivered with the application on Google Play, and apparently the search bar in the image is different than the one on Android Ice Cream Sandwich handsets, so this could possible be a sneak peek at Android Jelly Bean.

Apparently ICS was designed with the ‘Holo’ theme, so it is possible that Android Jelly Bean has been given a bit of a less sci-fi style facelift, but of course the guys could be way off the mark with their assumption, and simply reading too much into the photo.

The other thing with the Google I/O 2012 app image, as one of Phandroid reader’s points out, the clock is somewhat off as it shows 25:10, strange considering there is only 24-hours in a day, but as another reader says, in Mountain View they work overtime literally.

Have the guys simply caught the Google I/O fever, or do you think there is something in this that isn’t really there? Whatever the case we should find out a week today.