Secure Your Android Phone with These Apps

There is many apps on the market that can help secure your Android device, you will see below 5 different apps that will offer you the protection you need. All you need to do is remember the name and then search the Google Play Store. Here are some apps that can help you get protection for your Android phones.

Lookout Mobile Security

You can use the free version first, and then invest in the premium version once you know you need more protection for your phone. You can scan for malware, back up your files, restore the old data, and then even track your phone when it gets lost. The premium account is $3 per month or you can opt to save more money by getting the $30 per year subscription.

Norton Mobile Security Beta
With this free security app, you can lock your phone and delete the data that you have in there even if you are in a remote area. All you need to do is send a special text message. You can also have the option to lock the SIM card so that the thief can’t use your phone even if he changes the SIM card. Other features are malware scan, call and text message blocking, and full phone wipeout.

Wave Secure Mobile Security
This app will require a £12 subscription fee that is valid for one year and the big question is: is it worth it? It has almost all the features that you can get from Norton except the malware scan. However, your phone can have the ability to back up data as well as restore the files that you had to another device such as a computer. It also has the option to add the Wave Secure Uninstall Protection for those thieves who are smart enough to delete security apps like this.

AVG Antivirus
AVG has opened their doors to giving security for mobile phone users. The AVG Antivirus app is free and it has features that help you scan your phone for any suspicious data. You can also lock apps that should have restricted access as well as create back up for the data that you have on your phone.

NetQin Antivirus
While this free app is quite the same as the Lookout app, its main strength is in the ability for you to recover your phone after it has been lost or stolen. It has an Anti-Lost feature, which can give you the ability to track your phone, delete all the data in it, and then lock it down so that the phone will not be used for any illegal activities. This is a great app for those who are prone to losing their phones every now and then.

This article was written by Richard who currently works as an editor at mobile phone recycling price comparison website, sellmymobile.com. A tip that Richard would like to share is that if you are looking at sending your phone off for recycling, not to forget to wipe any personal information you have off the phone for peace of mind.


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    Mark says:

    Nice list ! Another great app for Spyware scanning is Anti Spy Mobile. A must have for every android user !

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