iPhone 5 not perfect for public use worry

The mobile space is expecting the next iPhone to come out to play sometime later this year, and no doubt when the iPhone 5 does finally show its head in the mobile space, most of the iOS faithful will laud it up as being the best iPhone yet, but will the iPhone 5 be as perfect as one would expect? Probably not.

As with most new devices, the iPhone 5 will no doubt face problems after its release, after all over here in the United Kingdom the iPhone with Siri is still after all this time in beta, so one does have to wonder if Siri will actually be working fully in iOS 6 by the time the iPhone 5 arrives.

Although obviously with the iPhone 5, specifications for the iOS smartphone haven’t been confirmed, but the speculation is the device could possibly come sporting 4G LTE connectivity, and according to the guys over at Gottabemobile, with 4G LTE the iPhone 5 will be able to pull in data speeds that could reach up to ten times faster than your typical 3G.

A 4G LTE enabled iPhone 5 is nice and dandy for US users, however if you are an iPhone fan elsewhere in the world, 4G LTE probably isn’t the top feature for most, as 4G networks are still lacking in lots of countries such as here in the United Kingdom, although we are working on it.

Another rumour is that the iPhone 5 might possibly come with a quad core processor, which would put the iPhone 5 processing power on par with rival smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3, as according to the guys over at Eweek, Chinese rag DigiTimes has reported that Apple is expected to roll out the iPhone 5 in the 2nd half of the year built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad core processor.

Also there has been rumour that Apple has brought forward the launch of the iPhone 5 due to the success of the Galaxy S3, so perhaps the iPhone 5 needs at least to be on par with the Android rival when it comes to processing power.

Whilst another rumour has it that Apple will finally deliver NFC functionality to the iOS platform with the iPhone 5, somewhat late to the game as usual if true, but then again NFC has been around for quite some time, and is still taking a long time to be fully adopted in the mobile space, so perhaps NFC isn’t all that important for some.

As you probably know, Apple has kicked Google Maps out and opted to go with their own maps solution, Apple Maps, again not perfect and still has some way to go before it can be classed as a good rival to Google Maps, but hopefully Apple Maps will be fully functional by the time the iPhone 5 arrives.

Of course the big rumour with the iPhone 5 is that it will have a bigger display, something I believe most of the iOS faithful are hoping for, after all the display size of the iPhone hasn’t changed in a long time, whilst other devices are sporting bigger displays, so perhaps Apple will up the display size with the iPhone 5, although one has to be reminded nothing is certain when it comes to Apple.

The title of this article does seem to be a tad harsh, but with all the uncertainty as to just what the iPhone 5 will actually offer, it does seem warranted that people could worry that the iPhone 5 wont be perfect for public use, especially if the new iPhone doesn’t offer some of the above features.

Having said that, no doubt the iPhone 5 will include specs and features that none of us have heard about yet, and even if the iPhone 5 doesn’t offer that much different to the current iPhone 4S, most of the iOS faithful will still purchase the next iPhone, no matter what.

So we’ll ask this question of our iOS readers out there, if the iPhone 5 doesn’t offer a bigger display, 4G LTE, NFC, fully functional Apple Maps and more, and still looks the same as the iPhone 4S, will you still be in line to pick it up, or will you consider passing the iPhone 5 by?


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    Mcladge says:

    If what you state in your last paragraph did materialise then wouldn’t you still actually be describing an iPhone 4s ??? I would pass it by if that were true since I have the 4s but it’s not likely ..

    I hope the screen is no bigger than 4″ on the iPhone 5 as the Galaxy s3 screen is too big. You look and feel a little odd trying to hold that plastic monstrosity to the side of your head to make a call. Plus if I stick with Apple at least I know I will be able to connect to my router unlike thousands of Samsungs customers who’s WIFI is not working properly!

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      Onebigjobby says:

      I disagree the screen on the S3 is about perfect for surfing, watching video and games, I would be disappointed with a slightly longer screen on the iPhone, I realise one mans porridge is another mans dogs sick, but Apple needs to up there game as the S3 and the soon to be galaxy note 2 are looking awesome, I’ve always been an Apple O phile, but I am getting sorely tempted by the new crop of smart phones.

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    Drkadzija says:

    hmm, if it comes with same camera, dual core cpu and the same 3.5 inch display like the 4S, then apple is fucked :/

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    Tbirddubin says:

    iOS 6 is still about 5 years behind my overly developed and tweaked out iOS 5, so if there isn’t a complete overhaul on hardware Apple can count me out on the next iPhone; not to mention il be waiting for the jailbreak community to have an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 anyway.

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