iPhone 5 release date possibly brought forward

Many rumours and speculation on Apple’s next iPhone hit the net waves, and the close a release of the iPhone 5 gets, the more rumours hit the fan, and today’s little iPhone 5 rumours has to do with just when Apple will release the new iOS smartphone to the iPhone hungry populace.

According to an article over on World News Resource, there have been numerous reports originating from Taiwanese media that Apple is to bring forward the release date of the iPhone 5 to August.

Apparently the word is that Apple is bringing forward the release of the iPhone 5 as a response to rival smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3 swallowing up massive market share, with official sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S3 having surpassed 10 million in just 2-months.

Therefore according to the article, if Apple releases the iPhone 5 in the previously rumoured months of September or October, Apple runs the risk of losing a large number of sales to those that might decide not to wait for the next iPhone and opt for the Galaxy S3.

Anonymous sources in the supply chain has said that iPhone 5 assembly has already stepped up a gear, whilst others believe the iPhone 5 was ‘technically’ ready to ship long before the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but Apple held off in order to make sure the iPhone 5 can best the SGS3 in every way.

Obviously this should be taken with a pinch of salt as with all Apple rumours, but if true it could be only four weeks way before we see the iPhone 5 arrive in the mobile space.


13 thoughts on “iPhone 5 release date possibly brought forward”

  1. Michael Nzekwe says:

    Sooner the better…

    I cant wait…
    ever since I lost my IPhone 4 last November my mobile phone life has not been the same.
    Thankfully I had my Iphone 3g to fall back on…
    It took me a while to adjust to the speed (slow)

    With Gods grace it’ll make my wait that much sweeter.

    Come on Apple release the phone mid August  

  2. JosieNYC says:

    My iPhone was stolen in May, so I borrowed a flip phone which is driving me crazy! Have actually started to contemplate buying the Samsung Galaxy S 3, if Apple doesn’t come out with the iPhone 5 soon!

  3. Harmanp83 says:

    I love it how ppl say “Waaah, if you don’t release it soon I’m going over to Samsung or Android…”
    Well do it then, like anyone is going to care! If you’ve just upgraded to the 4S and apple bring out the 5 next month, don’t complain to your networks – its tough sh1t isn’t it?

  4. Matt says:

    I was told by a phone representative who called me regarding an upgrade that the iphone 5 will be released in the UK in 7 weeks. Make of it what you will.

  5. yarrellray says:

    At this stage of the game it really doesn’t matter when now. Samsung has satured the market with major devices that simply make the iphone 5 a has been before ever being released. The Galaxy S3 pimp slaps all smartphones on the market and always will.

  6. Trejo495 says:

    I’m glad people like the samsung Galaxy. I would buy it but it’s way too big. I don’t know why is apple waiting for so long to release the damn phone! I hope people buy the samsung galaxy instead, that’ll teach them!

  7. Kow says:

    My Blackberry is dying on me and I can no longer wait for the IPhone5 release (not to mention the Blackberry 10) as I hoped to.
    Buying the Samsung Galaxy 3 instead which I am now happy to do. Apple miscalculated the Galaxy appeal by waiting too long.

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