O2 network service down prompts complaints page

We do not like to report too much of the same news in one single day, but with the O2 network service down for customers we decided to give you a round-up on what’s happening as well as start our very own complaints page. With thousands of customers affected by the outage it would be good to hear your views on how this issue is affecting you.

Earlier today we reported on the ongoing UK outage with O2 and many are still without data and voice services. As Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff also share O2 masts the problem is also affecting some of their subscribers too. It appears to be a non-geographic issue and not everybody has been affected and as well as complaints we’d like to also hear from those who have their usual services. Although the problem is not thought to be connected with location if you place a comment we would still find it interesting to hear whereabouts in the country you are.

So far O2 has said that the issue that first arose around noon yesterday (Wednesday) and relates to a network system fault and the O2 service update page here tells how the company is trying to restore service. At 8am this morning an update was posted to say that 2G service has been restored and that a restoration of the 3G service is underway and hopefully will bring data services back as the day goes on. O2 has also said sorry for the inconvenience but a quick glance on Twitter shows thousands of people tweeting their frustration and upset over the ongoing problem. Other advice from O2 is that affected customers try switching their devices on and off during the day while service is coming back.

In another post we informed readers of a possible solution for now that seems to have worked for some. If you want to check that out to try it then please head to our previous article here which explains how to adjust settings and use the 2G service for now instead. However anomalies exist with this solution as it appears to have worked for some people in Kent for instance, but not for others in Bristol.

We know from previous comments already made from readers that this is a huge inconvenience for many of you. Although faults can and do happen, this situation is now into its second day and for many there are still no signs of improvement. We’d like to act as a one-stop shop for your complaints about what is happening, as well as keeping in touch with what is happening around the country for other people. It’s always comforting to know for example that you are not the only person affected by a problem such as this.

If you have anything you wish to say about the outage, whether your service is now restored or not, or how you feel about the time a fix is taking then send us your comments using the box below. Remember it would also be interesting if you could supply your location.


14 thoughts on “O2 network service down prompts complaints page”

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    Nikkismith172 says:

    I think that it has been a outrage not been able to use my phone and many were affected by it I think we all should receive some sort of compensation for this and my phone still fails to work…

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    Krooners56 says:

    I’m in mid Hampshire and still have no service although it came back for short time at about 7am when I got some txts through. Dead since!!

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    Becky_mcconnell says:

    I am in Bristol,my phone went down yesterday lunch time wed 11th july and was restored this morning thurs 12th,I could ring out and send text but couldn’t receive calls/text/internet. I think some sort of compensation should be given ie vouchers or money off this months bill. This problem has highlighted to me just how much we rely on technology,I don’t think it’s a good thing and will be looking into changing my way of life regarding phones/internet and tecnology in general…..Rebecca McConnell.

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    Karrolis says:

    Wednesday 11.07.12 16:00 heard a strong thunder near my house in south east, maidstone kent and my phone service went down as usualy every single day it does so i turned my phone off and on but nothing worked until 12.07.12 5:30 in early morning so that was really disapointing, hope it wont happen again otherwise i will go for virgin services, phone internet etc.. Try do your best better o2!

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    Fff says:

    Meh, can’t use my mobile phone. Not the end of the world, very low impact on my life, its just a phone.

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    Npayne says:

    I’m in North Kent and my phone was completely out all day Weds and first thing Thurs although I hardly noticed because the signal strength I recieve anyway is so weak, the phone is pretty much useless.

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    MG says:

    I am in Birmingham and I havent had any signal for over 24 hours now….I can’t send or receive texts and cant make or recieve any phone calls…this is very frustrating and annoying

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    Honeybaby231uk says:

    Im on the giffgaff network which runs on o2 and i have had full service as normal. I live in central Brighton and work at Gatwick Airport and have had no trouble in either places.

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    Catherinesk says:

    I live in north manchester and had no signal all night got it back about 10am this morning

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    David P Callaghan says:

    and al keep this page up so i no that someone cares and reads my comment so all keep the page up 

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    Jason Bull1 says:

    called Tesco at 14:00hrs on 10/07/12 to have my existing number ported to my new sim card. It is now 22:00hrs on13/07/12 and still waiting. totaly disgusted at the service, Tesco and O2 could offer no explanation.

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    Ettagaughan says:

    No network all weekend and same today very annoyed – tried phoning Glasgow shops for advice – no answer – What is happening?

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    josiema says:

    I live in Caterham on the Hill in Surrey. The O2 signal has been virtually non-existent here since 13th July. They insist that it’s fine! We meanwhile have phones that, when they do manage to work, shut down in seconds. Even O2 technical staff (who called me on my phone) agree that th service is not working. The live chat staff are taught to “stroke” but not refer problems. If they tell me one more time that “a senior person will call on my landline within the next 24 hours” one more time i’ll scream. I’ve now bought a T Mobile phone but have credit on an O2 phone – which I can only use away from home.

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