Samsung Galaxy Note display problem could be kernel glitch

Away from its various court battles with Apple over patent disputes, Samsung has been enjoying a great time of it lately with sales of its smartphones breaking records for the company, as it now poses a serious threat to Apple’s crown. Today though we have some news of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note and a display problem that could be a kernel glitch.

Since it was released the Samsung Galaxy Note has gained a huge following and thoughts recently have been turning to its replacement model being released, but as an article over at GSM Arena is reporting the Galaxy Note isn’t problem free. It seems that the smartphone tablet PC crossover is being plagued by issues to its 5.3-inch display, which has only recently been discovered by the XDA community.

The problem with the display consists of black clipping and banding in images and videos that have dark shadows. One owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note has contacted the site and has suggested the problem may not be down to a hardware problem, but instead due to a kernel level software issue or poor Gamma calibration on the affected displays.

Below we have embedded a video that demonstrates the problem and in the darker scenes you will be able to see the blown patches appear. Samsung has been contacted about the matter but have so far not responded with an answer or possible fix.

To find out more information on the problem and to see if your Samsung Galaxy Note has the problem click here, but it has to be remembered that the device has sold millions of units so the issue can’t be too wide spread or bothering owners that much. Have you noticed any issues with your Galaxy Note?


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      Sdnative1 says:

       The Note was released in Feb 2012 so how could you have had it since Nov 2011? The Galaxy nexus was released Nov 2011.

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    Tgcid00 says:

    My galaxy note has a problem with displaying very dark images and I talked to people at my local att store but they deny the problem if you Google black crush you will see this is a problem that affects all notes its just more obvious on some units. There is a lot of speculation about what is the cause of the problem is some people say its the amoled screen this problem has also been reported on the s3

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    Isbath says:

    All notes have this issue but the severity differs. Samsung have tried to dismiss this and leave all note owners behind

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    Emceecontact says:

    Mine had the issue. I was advised to exchange it. I have done that twice now and even my latest one has the issue. So I spoke to the samsung service centre, they advised it was a software problem and that I should wait for ICS which should resolve the problem, so I waited, and ICS dis not fix it. So I called samsung, who said that it was normal behaviour and a ” feature” . After explaining that it was not a feature (lol) they agreed for the device to be sent in for repair (which will take 2 weeks at least according to the rep I spoke to). But why should I bother sending it in if they have not worked out what is causing this issue? As it is likley that they will just change the screen and send it back to me with the same problem ( which has happened to many others I have spoken to on the net). All I want is for samsung to identify the problem and to make assurances that when we do send our devices in for repair or exchange that the new unit we receive will not continue ti have this problem.

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    Sappyoda says:

    I want to thank phonesreview for posting the issue. With this maybe samsung will start looking at the issue.

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    Eazy says:

    Its crazy that samsung just stick their heads in the sand when you start asking questions about this, and that articles like this are nessesery to hopefully make them act!

    This screen issues are a real problem, and not the only one on the note, so come on samsung, Take responsebility an find a solution for the 7 million note users, that have paid good money for their devices.

    This is not acceptable!!!

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    SilverHelmut says:

    I am on my second note as a result of an issue with random reboots (also alarmingly common).

    Both of them have this issue.

    The fact that few people are talking about it has nothing to do with it being rare, just that many users haven’t had reason to notice it.

    I can alleviate the effect by using an app to drop out the display contrast but the side effect is washing out the display blacks particularly.

  7. Guys ..did you tried any other video player or Gallery app.. I just tried 
    gallery and the test picture is looking just fine.. it’s an software issue for sure…

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    qwerty says:

    Even i have the same problem:-(
    And its really irritating…….didnt expect this from samsung!!!!

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    ellen says:

    i have this problem with my galaxy note, quite annoying as i have payed a lot of money for it, i expected the screen to be near on perfect by the way everyone was boasting about it!

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