O2 network down time prompts 10 percent off freebie

Last week many O2 UK customers experienced loss of network for a while, the network down time was fixed in the end and now O2 are offering its customers something in return for their loss of service.

The coverage disruption was a complete nightmare for many customers, we also got the blunt end of no service in Bristol UK. We have been with O2 for many years now and have always been provided with a great service, and the network providers are proving to its customers how good of a service they provide by giving customers a 10 percent of their July subscription, which basically is the equivalent of three days back for the disruption as a gesture of goodwill and to say sorry.

The service outage caused frustration and was inconvenient to many, O2 are offering the following: Pay Monthly customers will be getting 10% off their July subscription, which will be taken of their September bill, this is equivalent to 3 days back. Pay & Go customers will get an extra 10% on their first top-up in September.

What does this mean? If you are a Pay Monthly customer and paying £32.00 a month (£26.00 subscription / £6.00 a month 500mb data bolt on) this will give you back £3.20 off your September’s bill.

O2 are very sorry for the down time, and to show you that they care for its customers they are also offering everyone on O2 a £10 O2 voucher to spend in store, this can be redeemed via the O2 Priority Moments app or online at www.o2.co.uk/priority and runs between 1st and 30th September to download through Priority Moments and use in store. Customers will receive a text message by the end of Friday 27th July that contains the full details.

WARNING: If you receive an O2 email asking you to enter your security details!!! DON’T!!! O2 will never ask you to enter such details via an email.

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