Jelly Bean Nexus 7 tablet in-depth review video

If you are still dragging your tail, and pondering on whether to snap up the first Jelly Bean product from the Google guys, in the form of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, perhaps an in-depth video review of the Android slate will go some way to helping you make that decision, thus that is what we have for our readers consideration below.

The Google Nexus 7 review video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena who got hold of the Android Jelly Bean slate and put it through its paces in this in-depth video review, and of course they do have a full written review if you wish to read that on their website, but if you don’t have the time for that, you can head on down and hit that play button.

They do say in the video that the Google Nexus 7 is the only Android slate out there to sport Android Jelly Bean with new features that make the slate pretty slick, is no slouch in the hardware department, and may seemingly be the best Android tablet thus far.

The guys also say, when it comes to the build, they cannot stress enough that Asus has done an excellent job with the design of the Google Nexus 7, and although the Nexus 7 isn’t the first well built 7-inch slate, the Nexus 7 does inch out rivals such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and B&N Nook tablet.

So let’s skip right to the chase, as the guys have come up with a few Pros and Cons for the Google Nexus 7, and those Pros are the tablet sports Android Jelly Bean, has great battery life, a uniform responsive performance, and a very affordable price point of 200-bucks. However, those Cons are, the Nexus 7 doesn’t sport any storage expansion, is not available in 3G/4G versions, and lacks any rear camera.

Anyway I’ll leave it right there and simply let you head on down to mash that play button to check our the Google Nexus 7 tablet review, to see if it helps you make up your mind whether to pick up the Android slate or not…enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Nexus 7 tablet in-depth review video”

  1. Reply
    Chris says:

    There are also apps to enable rotation on the home screen. That’s what great about Android, it’s flexible enough to do that.

    1. Reply
      TheSmegHead says:

      I use Nova Launcher and I can rotate anything, including my home screens. Apex does this as well, as do most launchers…

  2. Reply
    Whatcom says:

    Great Review…EXCEPT….. Dead Trigger?! REALLY?! Think about the date and then using an app that shows blowing people’s head’s off.

    1. Reply
      Guest says:

      Oh come on, you think the whole world should be temporarily censored every time something bad happens? Sure there are people suffering but the rest of the world goes on.

  3. Reply
    Gmanvegas says:

    Cant you use a mini to full USB dongle to use USB thumb drives for more storage? With the free app for that if its not in the tablets ability to start with, Should work, does with my Samsung android smartphone.

    1. Reply
      TheSmegHead says:

      You are absolutely correct. With StickMount, I can have all the movies and such on either my 32gig or 64gig flash drive, and it works great. The Nexus 7 really is a nice beast!

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