Newcomer Google Nexus 7 vs new iPad in build quality test

It’s fair to say that the Google Nexus 7 tablet has taken off and is already seeing the success that many thought it would. Many people may feel the Nexus 7 is more likely to take on the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet rather than the much costlier Apple iPad. However in a Google Nexus 7 vs. new iPad build quality test, you may be surprised to hear that the newcomer was the winner.

While the Nexus 7 can’t match the Retina Display of the new iPad we have to remember the huge price difference between these Android and iOS tablets. The Nexus 7 starts at $199 while the new iPad is currently priced from $499. You might be excused then for assuming that the build quality of the iPad would far exceed that of the Nexus 7 but that wasn’t what independent third-party testing found. You can see a video below this story that shows exactly what happened when testing took place.

The test was conducted by SquareTrade, a warranty service provider, and brought to our attention by BGR. A drop test involved the Nexus 7 and iPad being dropped from standing and also from a table. From the standing drop test the Nexus 7 was slightly scuffed on the back but the screen and glass received no major damage. However the new iPad took a beating and the screen was cracked right the way up.

Both devices were also dropped into a bathtub of water and although both tablets survived reasonably well it was clearly Google’s Nexus 7 that came out of it best. Following the water test the speakers on the iPad ceased working although the device did still function. However the Nexus 7 not only still functioned but also played video with sound after its dunk in the water. Pretty impressive stuff and if you want to see it all for yourself remember to check out the video below. You may also be interested in our recent look at the funniest Google Nexus 7 unboxing video here.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the drop test and water test results where the Google Nexus 7 not only came out top but also was a clear winner in all aspects. Are you impressed by how such a low-cost device managed to stand up against the much more expensive iPad? Maybe you were considering purchasing a Nexus 7 and these build tests have helped you make up your mind? Let us know with your comments.


3 thoughts on “Newcomer Google Nexus 7 vs new iPad in build quality test”

  1. Lastfirst says:

    Those SQUARE trade dudes give new meaning to the term
    “crash test dummies”. Try watching in slo mo and see the iPad
    land squarely on a corner while the nexus does not.
    Also check out the clear tape over the nexus ports. Square Trade
    should be sued for not vetting this vid. I guess Square Trade didn’t
    hear about the nexus screens falling off.

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