Final iPhone 5 design possibility and Verizon release hint

We get many emails covering the next generation Apple iPhone, apparently going to be called the iPhone 5. Today we have two things to share with you covering the final iPhone 5 render design based on what we know about the smartphones rumours as well as a little information covering the release date hint via Verizon.

No one on earth knows what the next iPhone will look like, but we received an email with a photo (Shown Below) of what the iPhone 5 will look like giving a good approximation of its design and appearance based on a few rumours, such as a redesigned faceplate, 4-inch display screen, 19-Pin mini pin dock connector, and dimensions of 120mm x 58.6mm x 7.9mm. We would like to thank InventHelp for their photo rendering, so here it is — thanks.

Now let’s move onto the Verizon release hint via Cnet, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo believes that the next-gen iPhone by Apple expects it to get a fourth-quarter launch, this was mentioned in the company’s quarterly conference call yesterday.

The new handset is believed to have a new design, may possibly tap into the faster 4G LTE network and a bigger display. If the Q4 launch does come true then that means we could all see an October release just like the iPhone 4S in 2011. Apple is as usual keeping its lips shut, as soon as we know more we will notify you.

We had a massive response when we reported the news covering the “iPhone 5 threatens to embarrass the Samsung Galaxy S3”, please read more about this here and let us know what your views are. You may be interested about the production and price point strategy, we always report what we get sent to us via email and of course news related sources. We all have to use our imagination until Apple decides to reveal all at its next WWDC 2012 event.

What do you think the name of the new Apple smartphone will be? For everything on the iPhone 5 please visit our dedicated section.


26 thoughts on “Final iPhone 5 design possibility and Verizon release hint”

  1. Qwerty says:

    It better not be the final design it looks like an iPhone 4 no sorry 4s no sorry OMG I thought they were going to do something radicle with the design, if it looks like that I ain’t buying that baby

    1. Qwerty says:

      Great build quality, check. Great support check. Great updates check. Design and innovation, questionable. Would you buy a Ferrari if it had a skoda body over it, NO. Pulling out a similar brick to the last one and putting it on a table will be very disappointing when someone comments, “hey is that an iPhone 4 or 4s or 5? I’m so sorry I can’t tell the difference” I’m sorry but it won’t be cool to know I’ve spent a wad of cash on something that isn’t distinguishable from the last 2, it will be pointless saying but look what it can do once you’ve lost their attention

  2. It has taken Apple 3 years to come up with this ? Im not being funny but im not going to purchase something that looks like the cool phone of 2009! This is 2012 and im not going to upgrade my handset to that pile of junk, if anything I will just get a new back cover for my iPhone 4 (off ebay) to make it look like the iphone 5 – Sorted. Maybe at the same time ill go buy a tube tv, as I love going backwards with technology and design APPLE!

  3. Jmramirez82 says:

    First off if u were a “diehard iPhone fan” then you’d never defect to any android handset secondly what can any company really do that is revolutionary design wise.They seem to have addressed all the major android fan boy complaints a more durable metal back and a larger screen. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a better wheel. And apple knows this better than anyone. They are masters of industrial design and take form and function very seriously. Would you be happy if it had sparklers and streamers flying off it that would look new it would also look like crap. I too was disappointed when they didn’t give us a new design lastvyear mainly because of all the hype leading up to the launch but instill bout a 4s and it’s is was faster than my old 4 espicalky while jailbroken it runs very smoothly. And I’m sure that ” the new iPhone ” will go even further in blowing me away with it performance and speed.

    1. I have to say, but I dont want to be rude. Im guessing your not a designer, and buy that I mean when you say “What can any company really do that is revolutionary design wise” – This must mean I will expect to see the iPhone 15 looking pretty much the same as this then ? There is plenty that can be done to change the overall look. just google future phone designs for instanse or pop down your local college and have a chat with somebody on a design course, im sure you will be suprised.

  4. The
    main reason Apple is the front runner in the consumer phone market is the
    design, a lot of people who have iPhone’s don’t really care about the
    technology and how many gadgets they have crammed under the hood, it’s all
    about the cool factor when you pull it out of your handbag or place it on a
    table. The phone is like a fashion accessory these days, Samsung does
    everything an iPhone can do, it just doesn’t look as good as an iPhone. But
    with this design I feel Apple are really struggling, they have effectively
    changed the back cover and pierced the bottom a few times with a cocktail stick
    🙁 I really think that this could now be a turning point for Apple and their
    phone’s business, firstly a very poor design that has taken them 3 years to
    come up with and secondly, everybody you see these days has an iPhone ? I mean
    the Mini Cooper car is cool as you like, but can you imagine if the only car on
    the road was a Mini Cooper? It’s not cool any more – right!? I think if Samsung
    splashed the cash on design and ditched the dodgy plastic covers or brushed
    metal look plastic and got the look and feel right with some alternative
    metals, or something different, then I think they really could win this race.
    But we shall see… When Apple eventually decide to talk iPhone in the next
    month or 2, and Tim Cook takes to the stage as says… Some of you might
    already be familiar with this and pulls that out of his back burner – then is
    its ta-ra Apple! Hello Samsung….

  5. Thomas Livingstone says:

    I’m an android user….waiting to swap for an Iphone 5.  If Appleholics out there allready have Iphones then yes maybe the design is a bit dissapointing, however its apple, were talking about here, wouldnt be suprised thats is somethings completely different to what were reading on here and websites.  Apple are famous for making us predict something because they always take so long however be patient and apple will give you with an amazing design IOs 6 and an amazing phone.

  6. Qwerty says:

    Would you buy a Ferrari if it had a skoda body shell? NO so the iPhone 5 can be as fast as it likes and do as much as it likes but it still looks the same, like someone said google iPhone designs and have a look some of these are awesome, come on Apple get with the program, I sold my 4 and got a htc one x, awesome looking phone just a shame it wasn’t as good under the hood as it was on top, it has been returned and I was going to wait for the 5 but OMG not if it looks like this.

  7. Derp says:

    Maybe time they removed the physical home button with a touch sens one?? After all this double tapping the home button with my current iphone 4 which, I’ve had since release, is causing the button to become less responsive!

  8. GWizz says:

    As a huge fan of Apple products, I would be severely disappointed if this was the iPhone 5. Why would I want to upgrade to a phone barely different in looks to the one I own now? It’s time for something fresh from Apple!

  9. Rtran9 says:

    oh my God, i’ve been waiting for the new iphone5 for so long I hope this is not apple new innovative devices, if this truth then Steve Jobs need to wake up, galaxy s3 will be my second phone

  10. QJ says:

    i doubt if iphone 5 will look as the picture above, just check out the charging slot its a mni usb. Apple will not change their charging slot as they will require to change alot of accessorize 

  11. yarrellray says:

    Better than Samsung that won’t be possible. Being the owner the Galaxy S3 i already know apple is looking up to Samsung. And from an software standpoint apple is a joke and so is it’s platform in general.

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