iOS 6 virtual bug limit on 500 apps plus

If you like to install hundreds of apps on your Apple iPhone or iPad, you may want to continue reading as there seems to be an iOS 6 virtual bug limit on 500 apps plus. We here at Phones Review always stick to a limit in how many apps we keep on our devices, you will know full well that the more apps you install on your iDevice the more the data storage hates it.

We have found some very interesting news via Mid Atlantic Consulting, any devices running iOS 6 that have more than 500 apps installed will see booting time slow right down. Even worse is when apps going over 1000 installed on your device will result in the smartphone or tablet from booting altogether.

The source above also argues the point that if Apple iPhones and iPads are to replace other handsets, timers, and remote controls and gaming devices, then they should really consider offering unlimited apps.

In iOS 6 Beta 1, 2 and 3 it is not possible to add unlimited apps, although it was in iOS 4 and iOS 5, Mid Atlantic Consulting also reports that Apple are fixing this issue but it will be in the next beta.

Whilst on the subject of iOS 6 Apple is fighting against the Russian hacker Alex Borodin, he was the one behind giving users paid content for free, it seems that the fight has paid off and now Apple has developed a fix for this that will make its way into iOS 6. CultofMac reports that steps to stop the hack happening other than the fix to iOS is having Borodin’s servers shut down and banning his IP addresses.

Over 8,460,017 free purchase transactions have occurred in the last week alone, for more information on this please visit the source above. If you have any comments please do use the area provided below.

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